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  1. jolpn

    Its horrible to ask this question here but

    Well, as a mother of an 18 & 20 year old, I think you should date and there should be no question about it, but as for your mother not allowing you to date, maybe you need to rephrase that statement to yourself. That sounds ridiculous, but I think you need to get it out of your head that your going to lie to your mom. You need to tell her where your going and tell her she needs to trust you. You also need to give her the address and phone number to where your going and reassure her that when you get there you will call her. And you need to tell yourself, that you are not going pass first base with a stranger!! I'm assuming you are a nurse, so I do not have to go into all the whys as to my reasoning. Your mom should be just as excited as you are about you meeting someone that wants to spend time with you. You just have to use your brain, and not check it out, and lower your standards for the thought of love. Remember sex and love are not the same! good luck!
  2. jolpn

    I need some advice regarding my job...and parenting.

    Your 7 yr old will only be 7 once. What is more important. Since you already have a family to care for and evidently your husband is willing to help out, then maybe you should think of doing adult foster care, or residential care in your home for the DD/MR population. They go to school during the day, and then you can go to school while they are in school.

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