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  1. weetziebat

    Most memorable New Years Eve

    Me too, Leslie. Have never liked New Year's Eve and have gone to only one N.Y.'s party, and once my ex actually gave a party, but there weren't many people and I knew them all well, so it wasn't too bad. I just find it far too depressing and prefer to be asleep by midnight, Another year gone, my birthday's coming up, and have to make the same resolutions I made last year and the year before. I vote we do away with New Year's Eve celebrations and instead go back to starting the year in the spring, when at least you can celebrate the coming of nice weather.:)
  2. weetziebat

    It's a GIRL!!!!!!!!

    Oh, Gompers, she is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations to you and your hubby. You got the best Christmas gift ever. Get some rest and enjoy your bundle of joy. :Present1:
  3. weetziebat


    talaxandra, where have you been??? i've missed you! sooooo nice to see ya back again. don't be such a stranger, o.k?
  4. weetziebat


    couldn't have said it better, grace. wishing you and your family a very merry christmas, and best wishes for a wonderful, blessed and happy new year. :icon_hug: :kiss :cheers: and i'd like to extend those wishes to everyone here on allnurses. i love you all and thank you for your friendship, great advice and warm hugs when needed. :holly3: :dance: :dance: :santa3: :dance: :dance: :dance: :ball: :dance: :dance: :dance: :snowman2: :dance: :dance: :holly2:
  5. weetziebat

    An Aussie Night Before Christmas

    Oh, Grace, I love it! Is it as famous in Oz as our version is in the States? Thanks so much for sharing it. Gotta send a copy to my dd and her bf - they'll get a real kick out of it. I'm sitting here with the fireplace on, Christmas tree twinkling, carols playing and I'm enjoying a beer. Merry Christmas to you and your family, Grace. Love ya :Ball:
  6. weetziebat

    Christmas gifts

    This is such a wonderful idea. In the real spirit of Christmas - rather than feeling obligated to give gifts and always receiving at least one from someone you didn't give to. The last thing I want or need is another Christmas ornament or trinket. The idea of sponsoring a deserving person is something that needs to spread, as I imagine most of us would feel lots better about doing this.
  7. weetziebat

    A Promotion for Christmas :-)

    That's fantastic news, Marla. Congratulations!! I know you will 'raise the bar' and make your facility an example of what all long term care facilities should be. Hooray for you:yeah: :w00t: :flowersfo
  8. weetziebat

    Y'all come look!!!

    :balloons: ahhhhh, isn't it the best feeling? knowing you're finished with living in textbooks and can actually get paid for your time now?? congratulations! :balloons: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance: :dance:
  9. weetziebat

    Eating Tips for The Holidays

    Oh, Don - I love it! You're a person after my own heart. If you have a Christmas party, I've drive all the way cross country to attend.....:)
  10. weetziebat

    What would you like Santa to bring you?

    Awww, that's so nice of you, sanctuary! He's been gone a month now but I just keep hoping we'll find him safe and sound soon. Miss him sooooo much.:o
  11. weetziebat

    What would you like Santa to bring you?

    A little cabin, tucked in the trees, up the McKenzie River. All paid for, of course. Oh, and Santa, can you find my lost doggie too, please!
  12. weetziebat

    Would you buy the ring.

    Just my opinion, you understand, but I think he's already given you his answer. The excuse about being traumatized by a girlfriend years ago just doesn't wash anymore. No ultimatums. I think you just need to sit down and decide if you really want marriage and legal babies so badly you are willing to leave Marc in an attempt to find someone who agrees with that choice. If you truly don't want to leave him, then I'd suggest you get used to living single, with all the insecurities that presents, and deciding if you want to bring children into the relationship as it is. You don't mention how he feels about having kids... Yes, the divorce rate may be 62% but the action of gettting married - telling each other, family, friends, the world, that you are committed to another person and willing to give up the option of taking off whenever you may get the itch, says a lot about a person. Why would one be so opposed to marriage if they didn't have even a tiny spot in the back of their mind where they know they can walk out at any time without consequences? And, IMHO, do not buy yourself a ring. Unless its a diamond cocktail type ring worn on your right hand. It would simply look too desperate and tacky - and you don't want to look desperate, even if you are. If it were me, I'd print this thread out and give it to him, letting him know that you need to know if he ever does plan to marry you. You deserve to know that much anyway. Good luck! :icon_hug:
  13. weetziebat

    Sunday Morning, 12/03

    :wavey: good morning, y'all well, i'm not at work - just still awake. not surprising seeing as i slept all day. just can't change my night owl ways! dog left me long ago. she knows when its time to sleep, and just heads for the bedroom. got errands to run today, and have to clean house i guess. exciting, huh? mary ann, can't believe you've finished your christmas decorations and cards. where do you find the time? thanks for the coffee and tea, but you know its really time for :beercuphe here on the west coast. will save the coffee for later. adrienurse, hope someone doesn't grab the newspaper before you get to look at it. give 'pumpkin' a hug from me, o.k? and hope we all have a fantastic sunday :d had to edit to say hi to tweets. hope you don't work too hard today.
  14. weetziebat

    Gee My Hair Smells Terrific

    All I remember were guys selling encyclopedias. Somehow I don't think Welcome Wagon came to the Bronx. :rolleyes: And I was one of those Girl Scouts going door to door selling cookies. Seems like we were always going door to door selling stuff or trying to collect money. The Catholic school I went to was always sending us out to try to get money. My father used to take the stuff to work cause he didn't want me going door to door. And boy was he pissed about it too. Before I was old enough to join the Girl Scouts I belonged to P.A.L - the Police Athletic League. Don't remember a bloody thing about it though.
  15. weetziebat

    How long will you live? Check it out...

    Well, they predict I'll live to be 83. What does the elective cosmetic surgery question have to do with anything? Also, I had a grandfather die of T.B. and a grandmother die of pernecious anemia when they were young. Now these are curable. So does that add years to my life???