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  1. AlabamaBelle

    Nurses Who Love Guns?

    I find my range time very therapeutic. I do have a CCW. I have 2 guns with me at all times ( not in my work facility). Guns are but one of many weapons. Just look at cars and the idiots behind the wheel. Knives are dangerous. Fists are pretty dangerous as well. Quite the little merry go round.
  2. AlabamaBelle

    Songs about Old Folks

    My favorite is "Remember When" by Alan Jackson.
  3. AlabamaBelle

    Watch out for those Southern Tigerettes

    I'm with leslie, I can get down, it's the getting up that's problematic! Yoga is out for me, I think. I have a problem with balance. I can just see myself falling (been doing a lot of that without the help of bizarre positions.
  4. AlabamaBelle

    My mom died yesterday

    I'm so sorry. Words are so inadequate when a loved one dies, especially a parent. My mom died nearly a year ago. It was a peaceful, easy passing from this earth to a better place. Her face was so serene, a beautiful smile on her lips. Hurting with you.
  5. AlabamaBelle

    So, I'm starting P90x...

    My brother did P90X and he looks fabulous. He had gained a little weight, was just a tad pudgy - he had always been fairly slender, so any amount of weight was noticed. It's been well over a year and he still looks fabulous! He was very serious and commited to the program. Other family members have tried but didn't stick with it, so they did not reap the rewards he did.
  6. We started taking our children out to restuarants at a very early age. We began with family friendly establishments. Even at those places, rules were rules and I always took things along for distraction. As they grew, we went to more upscale restuarants and they were always well behaved. We always received many compliments on our childrens' behavior. Once, on a trip, I stopped at a fast food restuarant. The older two were given very explicit instructions on expectations for behavior and the consequences if they did not comply. The place was very busy, and lines unusually long. As things would happen, the two "broke" a rule. I told, okay, that was it, we were leaving. Begging ensued and I was not dissuaded by grandiose promises. They were quiet as church mice for the rest of the trip. We did stop and eat about 30 minutes, no misbehavior anywhere in sight. What they still don't know is that the first place we stopped had lost power! Never had any problem with them on planes. Again, a little planning went a long way. They could always pinpoint bad behavior and would ask me why that mommy didn't make their children behave. Lately, I've witnessed more bad behavior by adults than children. BTW, love John Rosemond. I cannot condone a person slapping a child, whether a parent or someone else. I've seen too much abuse in the hospital. I have left stores with a screaming child and had to go back later for my items.
  7. AlabamaBelle

    A Christian Rational For Abortion

    I usually don't do debates, either. But, I've always wondered what people think that humans conceive. We acknowledge that dogs produce dogs, etc... I also find it ironic that in one part of a health care facility that a team of doctors is fighting to save that 23 weeker, but another part is aborting the same age baby.
  8. AlabamaBelle

    Is it "yoor-uh-nuhs" or "yoo-rey-nuhs"?

    My middle sister's name was, briefly **** Golden Brown
  9. AlabamaBelle

    Not Wearing Makeup

    Well, this week was a total waste of make-up. All four days I worked, I had to wear a mask (that icky H1N1) all day long! I don't know why I bothered. My older daughter does not wear much make-up at all. She's gorgeous without it. I, too, have gone to make-up counters and come away looking like a hooker. Couldn't wait to get home and get that stuff off.
  10. AlabamaBelle

    Any Odin worshippers here?

    I wasn't sure what you meant. I did get the Odin's day reference. Had a great mythology teacher in high school. The days of the week thing was really cool. I guess if I worked a regular work week, it would be a great day! Cindy
  11. AlabamaBelle

    HCG Weight Loss Injections

    I did this years ago. Personally, I think it's the 500 calories per day that produced the weight loss. Once I started eating again, the pounds I lost found me again. Just my :twocents:.
  12. AlabamaBelle

    jesus freak nurses

    dc Talk is one of my all time favorite groups. Love "Jesus Freak", "My Will", and "Colored People." Petra is up there, too - "No Doubt" has gotten me through a lot. I like my mom's and her dad's favorite: "Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God; trust also in me. In my Father's house are many mansions; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you. And If go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you with me that you also may be where I am. You know the way to the place where I am going." John 14:1-4. Momma's got her mansion, now. I also love the Psalms, especially Psalm 8, Psalm 121.
  13. I totally agree. I was always the outsider getting teased for one thing or the other. It was always other girls. To this day (I'm 51) I find being friends with other women extremely difficult and am still the outsider. Betrayal hurts. I'd really love to be able to have a close female friend, but the distrust lingers.
  14. AlabamaBelle

    Not Wearing Makeup

    I always wear make-up to work. I have very sparse eyebrows so I never go anywhere without my "brows". I do the whole thing - but with a light hand and tending toward pink toned neutral. On my days off, however, I may or may not put my face on. It's my day and I take it. Just appalled my mother. My mother never went without hers until the last week of her life - she just didn't have the strength. We fixed her face for her. She always got up first and put her makeup on and took it off last thing at night. Middle sister is the same way - she goes to work with the whole shooting match. They both wore makeup to lay out when we went to the beach.
  15. AlabamaBelle

    A Long Way to Go, But I'm Getting There

    Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration!

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