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  1. anotherone

    MTV profiles Nursing?

    Who cares if some think less of nurses because of this. Those are lost likely half wits who base their thoughts on a reality tv show! 20 something nurses are just like anyone else. Just like there are lawyers who party afterhours and doctors, and cops , and hairdressers etc.
  2. Although different than what OP is describing... once health care becomes self pay for care or government pay for care those paying will get to decide .... resources are limited and in many places care is great if you can pay for it, if not good luck... .... I don't see this country getting to the euthanasia point any time soon. But insurance companies already deny treatments. wouldn't surprise me to see alot more things being denied based on overall pt prognosis.
  3. anotherone

    British Soldier Hacked to death

    The why to this killing was given by the killer. Time to start taking them at face value and stop burying our heads in the sand. All I want is to live my life in peace. Believe what you want, I don't care. BUT DO not try to change my life, kill people "defending" yours. ( even if the defense argument is debatable ....... even if it means oppressing another or defending its imperialistic nature ).
  4. anotherone

    When do I get to cry?

    I read the first and second post and scanned the rest. I was surprised when you mentioned that your mother is only in her 60s. I am only in my 20s so take what you read with a grain of salt. Remember you have to care for yourself. None of these people sound like they will be doing it for you. Sometimes you have to let people fail on their own and let the cards fall where they may. Easier said then done but you have your life to live too. Seems like you have been quilted into being the hero now. It is hard to watch people suffer when we can help and plenty of them thrive off of that and the manipulation they can use .
  5. anotherone

    British Soldier Hacked to death

    I don't care what anyone believes. Most of those beliefs I take as seriously as a grown adult believing in the tooth fairy. Just do not impost it on me, change my society or others like it because of them, hack someone to pieces because of them etc. At least act like a civilized person. Do they really think this or other acts like it will stop the western world's OVER involvement in Israel and the middle east. I wish they would just get out of there and let what happens there, happen. Also some immigrant groups have a more difficult time adapting then others do. That is just common sense. Think of us. Where would we adapt faster/easier Canada, Denmark, Germany , or Cambodia , Somalia or China. With regards to Muslims in Europe there are plenty for generations in the Balkans
  6. anotherone

    British Soldier Hacked to death

    I don't want to have to carry around a gun because of someone's beliefs. That's what angers me. Don't like your society then leave. Don't let the welfare and food stamp checks stop you. I want to live my life in peace. Don't impose illogical barbaric beliefs on me and I wish western countries would stop catering to them .. that this happened in the soldier's own country makes it a lot worse. whether they are protecting us or not is debatable ... but centuries of american and british imperialism are why that guy was living in a civilized country with all of its bennifits
  7. anotherone

    British Soldier Hacked to death

    Disgusting. So sick of these stupid beliefs and the actions they conteibute to. so over our and rest of the westerns world's involvement in the middle east.
  8. anotherone

    The True Cost of Nursing School

    About sharing feelings. When I was a child/teen I understood how stressed out my parents were and that they needed thier children to step up. I would never tell them how I felt or my own concerns or fears. They had enough to worry about. Some children ( although your daughter was older) might "enjoy" the honor of responsibilities and helping their families etc. and then as adults become bitter over it. Like I said before I grew up with this and surrounded by this. You mentioned living in the suburbs and being a stay at home mom so I am assuming this was a big change for your daughter and not one she had other experiences with. But I wouldn't dwell on this. things may have turned out the same way even in different circumstances. Or maybe she knows she can use this to guilt you with it!
  9. anotherone

    The True Cost of Nursing School

    A big issue in these "immigrant" families and other, usually poor families where the children are forced to be parental figures or function on their own is parental authority. I grew up surrounded by this. If a child is to be a 3rd parent or adult in some aspects in the family tgen s/he will see themselves as an adult in all situationsincluding forming/chiosing romantic partners. The power balance is shifted and is NOT going back. I know plenty of girls who didn't want to "play mommy" and jumped ship. It happens. If I was to be trusted as an adult when it inconvenienced me, I was going to be an adult in all aspects. Also, your religious beliefs are not necessarily hers anymore. This relationship of hers may have been seen as some sort of escape.
  10. anotherone

    The True Cost of Nursing School

    What is done is done. too late now to dwell on the past: ai had plenty of responsibilities like your daughter did when I was a lot younger. (I am in my mid 20s now). I don't resent that ir my parents at all! Not everyone is born into the life of luxury. Some stay bitter about that their whole lives. It is her life to live and mistakes to make. This may have happened even if you stayed at home.
  11. anotherone

    Do you work out regularly?

    Yes. At least 60-120mins of cardio 3 times a week and some weight lifting.
  12. anotherone

    In retrospect do you support the Iraq war?

    I can not believe this fiasco has gone on more than 10years. Thousands of our military , and others and iraqi civilians dead. Rarely mentioned. Seriously I rarely hear about the hundreds to thousands back with amputations, ptsd etc (as a nurse I have had many ltpts back with ptsd and other injuries etc) few want to acknowledge this .Unless you know someone there or lost someone there it is actually pretty easy to forget that it is still going on!!!!
  13. anotherone

    Nurse opinion on this matter

    I do not think this is funny. I think it is stupid, disgusting, imature and possibly harmful. I am a nurse but I thought the same way as a child. I really dislike pranks or jokes like this.
  14. anotherone

    Boston Marathon

    Makes me sick/ sad. I get annoyed at the stay safe commemtary. Little civillians can do aside from reporting suspicious activity. We are all at risk everywhere as long as we keep living. Imagine being a nurse or dr there thinking maybe you will attend to at most some faintings or sports injuries next thing you know you are first responder to a bombing with major injuries!
  15. anotherone

    Steubenville Rape Trial

    I find it creepy and bizarre that so many adults idolize teenage athletes (?). I grew up in a large urban area where this was not the case at all. Cover ups involved the super wealthy or law enforcemt. Being a high school football quarterback was meaninglesS in that aspect. To parents: do any of you think your children would do such a disgusting thing even if they weren't taught? Yes, culture and parental guidance play a large role in acceptance of violence, crime, and disregard for others, but I believe some of it is nature, not just nurture in some criminals. Also social media and cell phones are just red herrings. They just allow for more evidence. Preventing them won't prevent rape. every time the infamous photo of this case comes up on the news, it makes me sick!!!!!