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Accountant going through a career change

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  1. I have great respect for my Uncle because he has stayed with his wife for better or worse. About 15 years ago my Aunt started walking backwards barefoot in the snow and talking to trees....not an exaggeration. She eventually got on medication and she is stable, but the medication is so strong that it does have side effects. She simply is not the same person that she was when they got married. She does not talk as much, she is often in a daze, and she has gained at least 100 pounds. Once every couple of years my aunt decides to stop taking her medications, and then it gets really difficult. But my uncle has stayed with her. There is something extremely honorable about a person who stays with their spouse through the worse part of "for better or worse." Those are the people that I respect the most. You have been by your husbands side through much of this already and that is very commendable! I encourage you to stay with him. With that said, only you know the weight of the situation. I can also say as a child of divorced parents, that divorce has all but wrecked my world. Do you have children? Have you told your husband that you love and respect him despite his depression? I am no Dr or therapist, just concerned for you.
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    Christmas vs Bible... anyone else?

    Your thinking is completely rational, and that is the problem, ha-ha....most of the world is irrational. Its like I always say, if you put one sane person in a room with a thousand crazy people, the sane person become crazy and others are the norm. I have noticed the same things that you describe, and lets not forget valentines day...also originally pagan. As Christians, we celebrate Jesus every Sunday. I do not celebrate Christmas and Jesus' birthday, i enjoy the holiday as basically any other Sunday, but on steroids. My advice would be to consider things like Christmas and Halloween as just fun activities, forget that they use to have "evil roots." Lots of things have hints of immorality, but that does not make them inherently evil. Like you said, you had some crazy pastors in your day, but that does not make the church inherently evil.
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    Yes I married a mama's boy!!!

    I agree with Kolohe99. It sounds like your husband has a good heart and I think you should consider that as a huge blessing, though currently his attention may be directed at his mom instead of you. Have you talked with him about this? Does he understand the gravity of the situation? Have you talked with his mom? There are much worse things in this world to be coupled with than a man who loves his mother :) Hang in there, and make sure your feelings are communicated.

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