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  1. Slemon1982

    Yes I married a mama's boy!!!

    Thanks everyone for your opinion. Yes, she does go to work everyday. I do understand everyone needs help from time to time. I even tried cleaning up her house. I think her house should be condemned(sp). Dog feces and hair is everywhere. No running water in the house. The dog doesn't get a chance to go outside ever. So you could just imagine what is smells like inside the house. After I clean she was made I that I threw away her stuff. But she had trash inside the home for years!!! I would understand if she didn't make good money. She's an IT specialist, and make more than my husband!!! We even let her come over to our home to shower, and spend time with our children. I don't know what to do now. He bought her a car a few years back, and she didn't take care of it. So, now she's looking for him to get her another car. My husband just recently got laid off from work. So I'm the primary breadwinner right now. So I don't know where to turn.
  2. Slemon1982

    Yes I married a mama's boy!!!

    I am so fed up with my husband's mom. She always wants and need someone to take of her. It's putting a lot of stress on my marriage. Because my husband helps out his mom a lot financially. He's about to cosign for her to get a car, but she can't afford a car note. He have to clean her house; pay her car insurance-for a non working car; picks her up from work; bought her a new fridge and give her money for her expenses. She wants to talk to him for hours; when we on a weekend getaway. He thinks I'm being a spoil brat. I'm thinking about getting a divorce. It's becoming to much of a burden. Do you think I'm being selfish??? :confused:
  3. Slemon1982

    This time it's personal!!!

    You can do it. I'm trying to lose weight myself. We can both do it.
  4. Slemon1982

    Bad-Mouthing Your Husband Slowly Kills A Marriage

    I'm a new member, so I'm late. But that's a great article. Thanks
  5. Slemon1982

    Nurses, would you date a CNA?

    I think if the person is great, and the two of you have a lot in common why not? But that's how I feel.
  6. I remember my ex boyfriend gave me some dollar store gifts. Wow...I remember I was very disgusted with him.
  7. My ex boyfriend had bipolar. His medication kept his depression and mood swings under control. Good luck on everything. Hopefully your husband will find the right sources to get regain his marriage.
  8. Slemon1982

    Signs you've given up on the relationship

    Hello, I'm a new member. I had marriage problems in the past. It takes a lot of hard work to make a marriage work. My husband and I went to counseling. We found a lot of issues that wasn't being addressed at home. It's making us better communicators. Good luck with your marriage.

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