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  1. sunnyskies9

    Married to an Engineer

    Anyone else married to an engineer? How do you all do it?! We've been married a bit over a year now, together for 4 years total. I just sometimes get frustrated that he comes home from work and hardly gives me the time of day and goes straight to the computer or his projects. Literally, I feel like the only quality time we get is the 7 hours he sleeps in the same bed next to me. I wonder if it's like this across the board with engineers. How to even deal? :down:
  2. sunnyskies9

    My BF is a JERK

    We have been dating 2 years, and he just recently transferred money from his 401k to checking account to buy me a ring. He has been thinking about proposing since May of 2013. Not sure why it has taken this long. Anyhow. Tonight I did some looking through his history, and he frequents a message board style site where you can post anonymous. The past few months... He has posted about every other week anonymously just generally ******** about something I did or said etc. I honestly don't know what to think. He is never disrespectful to me in person and is really quite the gentleman. But it's like "what do you really think about me?" Idk if he is just being a baby and needs to man up. I can't really address it to him because then he will know I was snooping around in his comp. He is my first serious boyfriend. What do you all think?

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