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  1. Angela Mac

    The Alphabet Game--part 7

    Icing- lots of creamy buttery-chocolate icing you know I am a chocoholic............. yum
  2. Angela Mac

    New Game! Post something about the person above you

    Tony provides us with her humorous input and caring points of view. Oh yes- and Tony is a New Year's eve baby........too
  3. Angela Mac

    The Alphabet Game--part 7

    G= Ginger my favorite when canning lemon/ginger pears and holiday baking
  4. Angela Mac

    Dementia and the Voter

    I am so glad that you posted this. It is scary, I know. What is even scarier to me is the fact that most of our congressmen are elderly, some are really old, and are making all the decisions to govern our country. I can't imagine that all of them have 100% of the much needed cognitive skills needed to make these decisions. Wisdom does not necessarily improve with age. :o
  5. Angela Mac

    Tips for Jazzing up Burgers??

    If you are interested in something snazzy for next year's party- mix ground venison (deer meat) with onion and bacon My kids love veni-burgers more than beef for this party however, mix a little minced onion, pepper & basil into an egg white and rub it in to the patty. The egg white will help keep the patty together too. ENJOY
  6. Angela Mac

    Good Tuesday Morning---Sept. 21,2004

    Good early-afternoon what a simply gorgeus day- it is around 70 degrees here in SW VA. Think I will take a long walk with Tonka around the lake. Will be working the next few evenings. I would take this early fall weather over any other season. Have a wonderful day to you all.........................peace, Angie
  7. Angela Mac

    My beagle eats my cats poop!!!!

    my dearly departed "MAX" the rottweiler who passed away this March- used to go under my rabbit hutch and eat his poopies. The dog was not under-fed by any means. He would also eat the cracked corn I put out for my chickens. Luckily, however, he never messed with the other animals. Now I have a 4 month old Samoyed puppy "Tonka"- who eats newspaper, toilet paper, envelopes etc.... and he is well fed also. In a way, I wish I craved to snack on paper- less carbs.....ha ha ha
  8. Angela Mac

    Funny license plates

    In Massachusetts there is one that reads- IBCNU (I be seeing you) I saw one that read- folome (follow me) and I remember RVing with my family- I saw another RV that read- 2CUSA (to see USA) very cute............mine & hubby's have our initials on them
  9. Angela Mac

    Part II Word Association Tag--continued again

    goofy co-worker stooger
  10. Angela Mac

    The Alphabet Game--part 7

  11. Angela Mac

    much to do about nothing

    an inch-thick strand of spider silk can withstand up to 148,000 pounds of pressure
  12. Angela Mac

    The Alphabet Game--part 7

    M= Masectomy
  13. Angela Mac

    The Alphabet Game--part 7

    K+, potassium level to be drawn
  14. Angela Mac

    The Alphabet Game--part 7

    :hatparty: new catagory medical tests, surgeries & procedures a= appendectomy :o
  15. Angela Mac

    The Alphabet Game--part 7

    Zootalures by Frank Zappa & the mothers of invention

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