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  1. RuthieRN

    Good Morning Thursday Sept 16th

    Good Morning Everyone! Off to the grocery store, we have no food in the house, healthy or junk...lol. Perhaps most of you will inspire me to make something healthy this week.:) Hope everyone has a good day. Mine is going to be spent cleaning house and doing laundry....blech.:stone Ruthie
  2. RuthieRN


    Good afternoon! Its definetely not morning here anymore, but running around a work all morning prevented me from getting on this thread until now...it's my Friday, yay! Looking forward to a couple of days off. Chris- I am sure that you passed, I have yet to hear of someone failing at 75...As for the job search, most of the people in our class got hired through their preceptorship. Did your school have one of those programs? I went to the manager of the floor I was working on and she hired me on the recommendation of my preceptor. That was how I got my first job. As for the following jobs, I had better luck talking directly to nursing managers than going through HR. Also, did you have any instructors that you got along well with? They always seem to know who is hiring. I wish you the best of luck....you never forget your first job as an RN. Fairy- Doesn't Abbie know that the IV cath will give her indigestion....lol Hope she and you are feeling better today.:chuckle Hope everyone else is having a good day....Ruthie:)
  3. RuthieRN

    The Never Ending Story Part 2

    doing the breaststroke...
  4. RuthieRN

    The Never Ending Story Part 2

    get jello in
  5. RuthieRN

    The Never Ending Story Part 2

    but be careful...
  6. RuthieRN

    Good Tuesday Morning, September 14th

    Fairy, Hope Abbie gets better very soon....:o :balloons:
  7. RuthieRN

    Good Tuesday Morning, September 14th

    Good afternoon everyone! Not much new here, it has been a good day at work so far (knock on wood), much better than yesterday. I think that I am getting the hang of the day shift routine. Chris: Sending good wishes your way, though you are probably done by now. If your testing experience was anything like mine, you need the good wishes more after than during, it's so emotional when that computer turns off. Shotzie: Sorry to hear about your doggie... My Mum had to put her Yorkie down about a month ago and it was so hard for all of us, she was such a loved member of the family. :o Fran: That picture! What a shiner! WW: We just had the state here and the panic/circus that comes with it....good luck to you! Everyone else, hope your day is going well, may the afternoon fly by for those of us working today... Ruthie:)
  8. RuthieRN

    Good Monday Morning!

    A quick good morning to everyone! I am working my first day shift today and don't have the time to sit around and type like I did on nights...lol Hope everyone has a great day, Tweety I hope your doggie is feeling better! Had houseguests this weekend, DH's sister and his best friend...mucho fun to show off the new house and get to be social... Ciao, Ruthie:)
  9. RuthieRN

    The Never Ending Story

    had lost thier
  10. RuthieRN

    Good Saturday Morning, September 11, 2004

    Is this the good morning thread? I think there are a couple floating around out there for today because it is special. I'll take my chances with this one. Ari- liked the poem, it is very important for us to remember this date. Good morning Tweety- How are your doggies today? I can understand your other one being upset, my two dogs were very worried when I dropped the cat off at the vet "You took the cat on a car ride and came back alone....????". They were relieved to see her the next day. Good Morning Weetzibat- Sometimes having no plans makes the best weekend. MuShu is feeling much better today, even wanted to go outside (not yet though) It is nice to have my kitty back... Hope everyone has a good weekend!! Ruthie:)
  11. RuthieRN

    much to do about nothing

    Antarctica is the only continent without reptiles or snakes. Traces of cocaine were found on 99% of UK bank notes in a survey in London in 2000.:eek: :eek: The FDA allows an average of 30 or more insect fragments and one or more rodent hairs per 100 grams of peanut butter. Ewwwww......
  12. RuthieRN

    The Alphabet Game--part 7

    I just love meatloaf.....:) Ok...N Necatrines
  13. RuthieRN

    Good Friday Morning, September 10th

    Yay!!! :hatparty: The evil ER chart pile is no more!! I hate doing that nitpicky work early in the morning when my brain is tired.... Kim, sorry to hear you had such a bad day....(Hug) LaughingFairy- My DH is the same way about cars, we had a Bronco a couple of years back that had died and he was insisiting that he could fix it. (It needed a new engine block....) We had no place to work on it and no tools or money. Finally convinced him to sell it....and put a down payment on a new to us reliable car. he was very stubborn about it though. Hello Fran! Save a cup of Joe for me... Shift almost over, going home to play kitty nurse and sleep... Ruthie:)
  14. RuthieRN

    The Alphabet Game--part 7

    Ok, I could not find an X city, so here is Y Yof, Senegal
  15. RuthieRN

    Questions Only game--part 3

    Are you afraid she will say something nasty?:uhoh21:

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