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  1. Dazglue

    Off Topic, What do you drive?

    2013 BMW. And old faithful....my 2002 Grand Am. One of the worst cars I've ever owned but it's still holding up.
  2. Dazglue

    Need meal ideas

    Hi all! I work night shift and every other weekend I have to work fri-sun 1845-0730, off 1 and back at it for 2 more days, and now I need some new meal ideas to prepare in advance for my meal before work. I get off in the morning, go home, eat dry cereal sometimes and go straight to bed. When I wake up I am STARVING! I need something simple and healthy, due to the fact I am losing weight and lowering my blood pressure (and actually doing it this time...yay!) The one thing I usually fix before every work weekend is chili because it's simple and I can just warm some up before work. Oh, and I'm cooking just for one. Thanks in advance!
  3. Dazglue

    what is in your locker?

    Extra uniform, jacket, tuna, ravioli, whisps toothbrushes, clipboard, stethoscope, pads, tampons, soduku book, water jug, old alcohol wipes, flushes I forgot to return, my "nursing station bag" which holds my steth, scissors, chapstick, markers, pens, listerine strips and pen light. And on top of all that my workbag/purse. I'm sure there's a lot more in there that I can't think of right now. lol
  4. Dazglue

    Gift for nurse'sweek

    Yeah, it's mandatory that we take out the trash, clean both break rooms (that we do not use) and make a fresh pot of coffee (made the RIGHT way) before 1st shift gets in. I was told it was because their new housekeeper doesn't get in until her scheduled time (7:00 am), unlike the old one who came in earlier (4 am) and worked off the clock until 7.
  5. Dazglue

    Gift for nurse'sweek

    We got an old t-shrit, the same one we got when I first started at the hospital in 2006. And the shirt has 2006 on it. Also a coupon for a free eye brow wax AFTER you pay for a shampoo and cut. I figured ok, something I can use. I call the hair stylist and he can't style black people's hair, so that's a waste. Oh, a parish nurse came saying she was going to do A Blessing of The Hands with us. She never came back. That was is. Doctor's Week? I bet they had some fun. The staff got to vote on them (i.e. rookie of the year, best bedside manner, best all around, etc.). A lot of them got awards. They had parties for days on each nursing unit...thanks to the nursing managers. The same nursing managers that did not give us nothing, not even an appreciation email. Also, the same nursing managers that gave all kinds of goodies and mini parties for the CNA's and assistants during their respective days. Maybe it's because we have SOOOO many nurses??
  6. Dazglue

    It's Breast Cancer

    So sorry Ruby Vee. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. (And that's hard to do!) I will keep you in my prayers!!
  7. Dazglue

    April Fools!

    I wish this was an April Fool's joke on our floor. Instead, it's just a daily occurence! Lol.
  8. Dazglue

    It's my birthday....

  9. Dazglue

    It's my birthday....

    Thanks guys! Just having a day off with NOTHING to do is a great birthday for me!
  10. Dazglue

    It's my birthday....

    ...that is all!! Lol. Happy Birthday to me!
  11. Dazglue

    A nurse who was a pt has a question.

    Well, about the insurance not paying....Usually, they will pay but they have to tell you that because there IS a chance they may not pay. I'm speaking from experience because I worked in ER registration and dealt with insurance claims as well. Sometimes insurances refuses. They are actually doing their job when they tell you that (at my ER we were made to tell the patient that insurance may or may not pay due to you leaving AMA, so I really can't speak for ALL ER's.) That's how we cover our a**** in registration. You couldn't imagined how many people call back complianing and cursing at us because of their bill, when they left AMA. And yes you would have to sign an AMA form if the doctor stated he/she wanted you to stay overnight for observation. If you walked out and dropped dead from a heart attack they can get sued and it wasn't even their fault! As a nurse you should know how and why to CYA!
  12. Dazglue

    Play any instruments, anyone?

    Clarinet, Alto clarinet, saxaphone, and keyboard!!
  13. Dazglue

    How to cook healthy for just one?

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions!
  14. Dazglue

    How to cook healthy for just one?

    I really need to let go of junk food/frozen box foods just because of how quick and easy they are. Sometimes I cook, but it's rare and I just don't know where to start. I'm not an expert cook by no means so any easy ideas will be helpful. Thanks!