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  1. sevensonnets

    thank you

    I have a friend and coworker of many years who was actually born as Pearl Harbor was being attacked. I'm surprised she didn't correct you!
  2. sevensonnets

    thank you

    Yes, prayers and many thanks to all who served, were wounded or gave their lives so that we can live in a free country.
  3. sevensonnets

    period talk, a little embarrassing

    I work in CVI which is a close-knit community and we all know each other well. Somebody just buys a big box of tampons to stash in our staff bathroom and anybody can borrow. Somebody else may contribute a big bottle of Advil. No emergency can befall us.
  4. sevensonnets

    I see quite alot of tall nurses

    Pixierose, we are not vertically challenged at all. We are space efficient. We fit in places where big people can't go.
  5. sevensonnets

    I see quite alot of tall nurses

    I'm 5 ft. 1 in. "tall." Can I go to your school?
  6. sevensonnets

    Most Unusual Side Job

    I owned a movie theater.
  7. sevensonnets

    Shaven Pubic Hair

    Heron said it, joined today, first post. I hope folks are not still replying to it 3 weeks from now.
  8. sevensonnets

    The whole nurses eat their young debate. A neccesary perception, or reality?

    I read it already. It still doesn't make any sense and your subsequent replies are making less and less sense. Maybe you should give it up.
  9. sevensonnets

    The whole nurses eat their young debate. A neccesary perception, or reality?

    What are you talking about?
  10. sevensonnets

    Girl thinks The Disaster in Japan was a good thing

    Unfortunately, the damage has already been done. What a sick and twisted bid for attention.
  11. Well, somebody's sure got a burr under their saddle! I can think of 2 dozen more important things to get worked up about than milk, Johnchiguy. Sorry, it doesn't sound like you've convinced any of us to give up milk with our cookies. Haven't had any cookies today but I had milk with my multigrain Cheerios this morning (they don't go down too well dry). I'm gonna microwave a cup of skim at bedtime with a little sprinkle of cinnamon. Yum!! Then I'm going to sleep like a baby.
  12. sevensonnets

    Time to get in shape... what did YOU do today?!?

    Dog took me for a 30 minute walk then I pulled weeds around my koi pond and vacuumed the living room. Does that count?
  13. sevensonnets

    Christchurch Quake

    There's been such horrible devastation and probably thousands still trapped in buildings. One of the hospitals sustained quite a bit of damage also. My son has friends who just returned to Christchurch from Portland a week ago. My prayers are certainly with the people of Christchurch. Do you have family there?
  14. sevensonnets

    Looking fresh after 12 hours

    Since I'm already 'half decomposed' (thanks for the laugh Pockunit) I just go with it. A little eye gel, a little moisturizer, and always Loreal Pink Peony lipstick. It smells good and tastes good too for those days when it's all I get to eat for lunch!
  15. sevensonnets

    What's your favorite hand lotion?

    I gave up Lubriderm when I discovered Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion (unscented). Perfumey lotions make me wheezy.

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