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  1. samirish

    Does anyone here have fibromyalgia?

    Im not so sure its pain being amplified. My husband can actually feel the horrible fibrotic tissue in my muscles. He says that is feels like my muscles have broken glass in them.
  2. samirish

    Need Advice

    I find it hard to believe there is a girl out there that doesn't wear makeup but wants to. Usually if a girl wants to wear makeup ...she will be wearing makeup. Half the fun about make up is just fooling around with it and trying different things. However, back to your point. You could buy her a spa day. When you go to the spa to purchase the certificate for her, they will ask you what you what like included on it. You could have them include: massage, facial, and professional make up application. That way, it looks like its just part of the "package" and your not just singling out a make up lesson for her.
  3. While I have seen many extremely overweight nurses, I have never seen a overweight doctor......weird.
  4. samirish

    Yes, I am gay.

    Im not sure why you feel the need to tell people you are gay. I don't care nor do I want to know. If you would keep that information to yourself (as you should in a professional environment) than I doubt you would run into any issues.