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  1. I applaud you for trying to not be judgmental but lets be real here should the person that makes healthy life choices pay the same premium as someone who doesn't? I don't think so. I was taught responsibility and to own up to my mistakes. Given our current political climate and cultural norms here in America, I don't see any behaviors being changed anytime soon. Having a single payer system only fosters the idea of I can do what I want and there is always a safety net. The funny thing is, there always was a safety net before! Nobody can be denied treatment on ability to pay, I'm sure you know this. The system we had before ACA was fine but I am glad we extended insurance coverage to those who could not afford it (400% of poverty line, though I'm sure they hold the lions share of medical issues as well for lack of primary care). I'm able to see both sides, believe me I value personal freedoms very much but I'm frugal on economic matters. The way I see healthcare is a system where people need to take ownership and not treat it as an entitlement. We're here to help but not foster someones bad decision making if they develop an illness caused by said bad decisions. It says it right on the package! (im just using smoking as a scapegoat, there are plenty other vices that are bad for your health too). Healthcare needed reform but it needed to be a long drawn out and though out plan with members who work in the field, not the slapdash ACA.
  2. Not every republican want this. Coverage for pre-existing conditions is expensive becuase they require more care. Do you want to pay for the 2ppd smoker who develops COPD? Some things I can understand like juvenile diabetes, congenital defects, or any other ailment outside of free choice. Dont expect me to hand over dollars for someone because they made bad life decisions. Single payer also wont solve this. How would you like if Comcast was your only cable provider or any computer you wanted had to come from Dell? Multiple entities creates competition which in turn drives prices lower. With the ACA insurance premiums are HIGHER than what they were before. Why? Because im paying for the 2ppd smoker with COPD! (also i'm not registered republican, im registered independant)

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