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    To love or not to love, that is the question.

    I just want to thank each and every one of you for the encouraging and touching words. I feel so much better and reassured about where I want to take this relationship. You guys are most certainly right, a job is just a job but this man won’t be here forever (if I don’t cave in already!). He makes me happy so why should I be so reluctant for the sake of a job. I am going to take the suggestions and talk to him about the worst case scenarios, that way we will be prepared for what is there to come. I’ll start with seeing how we could get on to different shifts, test that out for a while and see how it works for us. I don’t like gossip and I always tell nurses not to bring that talk to me, and I think they respect me for that now (or deeply hate me but put on lovely smiles). I intend to keep our relationship separate from the work environment, at least for the time being, unless (and if) we got married and had children to brag about. I would love to reply to each and every one of your posts but I have a nightshift in about two hours and quite a bit of a drive. But I do appreciate all the wonderful words and the time you guys took to write back to me. I am glad to have come on this site:D Thank you allnurses!
  2. Hi everyone, I just spent quite a while looking through this site and I'm already attached to the wonderful posts made by others. I apologize in advance for being a bore and bringing probably such an unnecessary question to the discussion board. However, I do think you lovely nurses out there might be of help. I am employed in a general medicine unit filled with amazing co-workers (well majority of them) and best of all, my bff male nurse. He is just absolutely gorgeous and the sweetest person on earth. We have been good friends since the day I began working there, a little over 2 years. We spend time together outside work and share great moments of laughter and happiness but also act professionally at work (with the occasional appropriate jokes and good times with the rest of the staff). So during our OUTSIDE gatherings, sometimes with other staff too, the chemistry is just crazy and we both stopped denying it awhile back. However, I still feel uneasy about the whole situation and keep telling him (and myself) it would not work and if something happened I don't want to risk both of our professional working environments. I love my job, my staff members and my patients. And I know he loves his job for all the same reasons and more. He thinks I'm overreacting and that I should just let things happen as they may. I know I am 100% dedicated to my work and can be professional when I need to be, but I have to be realistic too. If we decided to have a relationship beyond the friendship basis and something goes wrong, how could we both work together and be completely professional? The days he's not working, I miss working with him. I sometimes contemplate switching to a different unit or leaving the hospital altogether so I can ensure we have a healthy relationship outside work but then again with this economy, I have to be rationale. So nurses, have you been in a similar or heard of a situation like this? Would you just go for it or be concerned and give up on this amazing man? Thanks for listening. "Nurses are angels in comfortable shoes"

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