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  1. jmiraRN

    Call for help ends in death

    I live in a bordering city to the Kelly Thomas incident and everyone I know is disgusted at the turnout of the case. I personally have followed the story every step of the way since it happened and my stomach churned at the verdict. Hearing of a new story that has many similarities breaks my heart even further
  2. jmiraRN

    "Fifty Shades"

    I read the 1st one, it was good at first, but became a bit monotonous after a while. I became a bit bored with it. However, that Jamie Dornan they have playing Mr Grey should be anything but boring!
  3. jmiraRN

    What's your favorite hand lotion?

    Moroccan Argan Oil Lotion by Organix. ~$6.99. that smell is amazing and it makes my skin silky soft! I will also add that I've gotten 4 others hooked on it!
  4. jmiraRN

    Help with Acne

    although I do not have pcos, I suffer from acne. I was on a high dose of prednisone for 3 years and even though i'm free of it now, the horrible acne that came with hasn't subsided. I have found that using a clarisonic (mia 2) about 3x a week EXTREMELY HELPFUL. I also had to completely give up face makeup about 2 years ago. Except for my under eye concealer of course! I still get pimples and bad breakouts around my cycle and whenever heavily stressed. But the clarisonic helps a lot. And my face is extremely soft. I also now only use Aveeno Positively Radiant Calming as my moisturizer. The clarisonic is a bit pricey ($150), but every couple of months Ulta has a 20% off ANY 1 item coupon that would save you $30. To me the spending was justified because it helped my skin tremendously, but it will continue to be an ongoing battle. Let us know what ends up working for you!
  5. jmiraRN

    Holiday food traditions

    Of course it wouldn't!! The more the merrier! I've never had potato pancakes but they look absolutely divine! Do you mix anything into them other than cream/butter/salt?
  6. jmiraRN

    Holiday food traditions

    I just looked into Hungarian pecan cookies on pinterest and the recipe looks exactly like the one I use for Mexican wedding cookies... aka delicious! Those are always the first to go when I make Christmas cookies. A bread maker would be dangerous in this family! lol. What are kilfi cookies? i'm always up for trying new recipes
  7. jmiraRN

    Holiday food traditions

    Mmm divinity would be devoured in a flash in this family lol!
  8. jmiraRN

    Holiday food traditions

    Those looks so tedious to make! Yet so delicious
  9. jmiraRN

    Holiday food traditions

    Haha I don't think I could do chitlins wither! Collard greens are delicious though :) Is oyster dressing similar to traditional stuffing with oyster added into it?
  10. jmiraRN

    Holiday food traditions

    That gumbo must be REALLY good to forget to carve the turkey! I bet it's delicious. I hope you have a copy of your aunt's recipe!
  11. jmiraRN

    Holiday Music

    I know I may be laughed at for this... but Clay Aiken made a very good Christmas album. It probably came out in 2005 or so but I bought it on e-bay for $4 last year. My faves are "Mary did you now?", "Breath of heaven", and "Christmas Canon". But who am I kidding? I like them all! and yes I listen to Christmas music for a good 5 weeks or so solid
  12. jmiraRN

    Holiday food traditions

    What foods do you (and your family) make together for the holidays? Are there any particular foods that it just isn't holiday season without? I'd especially love to hear from various cultures food traditions Food is important in our family and is the basis of our holidays, here's our typical traditions: Posole (pork and hominy soup in a chile broth) starts in October and is made once a month or so usually until February. Tamales are made about 3-4 days before Christmas, and will last until around New Years. Abuelita's (stove top cinnamon hot chocolate) will be made at least a dozen or so times throughout the season and is a must for Christmas morning. Christmas cookies will be made the 23rd and include Mexican wedding, raspberry thumbprints, shortbread kisses, decoratable sugar cookies for the kids to get creative with, and chocolate chip. Christmas dinner will be prime rib and all the works. December 26th is when guilt kicks in, and the 27th will bring on the calorie counting and cleansing!
  13. jmiraRN

    healthy(ish) CrockPot recipes??

    check out Skinnytaste.com and also check out her pinterest boards. One of my fave healthy and simple meals from her is chicken and black bean tacos. Put 1 can of black beans (UNdrained), I can of diced tomatoes with chiles (UNdrained), chicken breast, and salt on low for ~4 hours. Shred chicken and put back into mixture; Serve in pre-made taco shells and top with whatever youd like. I like it with a bit of sour cream, tapatio, and lime. Easy and cheap!
  14. jmiraRN

    So Long as We Both Shall Live

    Such a sweet and sad story at the same time. This really tugged at my heart. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish you and your love the best from the bottom of my heart
  15. jmiraRN

    TV shows?.....I know!!!

    Mmmmhmmm! Jim Caviezel is amazing :up: Person of Interest is a very good show. Probably the only thing I watch regularly other than Let's Make a Deal lol. Jim Caviezel is my Christian Grey, no matter who they cast :D