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  1. multi10

    Weight Watchers

    Prevention is the key. Just like any chronic disease, obesity sneaks up on you. When I was a kid I was fortunate enough to live adjacent to a schoolyard with sliding boards, jungle gyms, monkey bars, etc. We were always climbing and running and exploring outdoors. There was a basketball court on the schoolyard outside my house. We also played softball, endless summer nights, and came home exhausted. To this day, I have the physical infrastructure that was built on these athletics. My bones and muscles were forged as a child. My parents had a ritual: Dinner every night at 6 o'clock. I could hear my friends outside and I couldn't wait to finish dinner and go outside to play.
  2. multi10

    unwanted discussions regarding religion

    Is she talking about her church as her community, or trying to proselytize? Maybe her church is her "family". Just as lots of nurses love to talk about their children and husbands, this nurse may want to talk about her church. It wouldn't bother me if, for example, a nurse in the workplace told me that her church's choir sang "The Messiah" for Easter. It would, however, bother me if a co-worker tried to influence me to believe in her church's teachings. I would draw the line at that and walk away.
  3. multi10

    Weight Watchers

    This is how I maintain my weight: I use herbs and spices to make my food deliver a punch of flavor. Such enjoyment! In my kitchen are saffron, cinnamon, nutmeg, basil, oregano, lemons, lemongrass (to mention only a few). When I worked ICU with two patients per shift, I didn't move around very much and had to watch my weight. When I worked LTC I ran around in a facility the size of a football field and lost weight so fast I had to eat more to keep weight on. I went online and entered my height, gender, and age to determine my basal metabolic rate and the calories needed to maintain. So, for example, I need 1800 calories a day. It's easy to figure out the calories in foods. I prepare most of my food at home because I love spicy and savory food. I have a stationary bike in front of the TV and use it.
  4. multi10

    A few thoughts on politics and civilization

    To mariebailey: I would not like to be pinched. Pinches hurt (ow!!), plus I don't like bruises and all the makeup I have to wear to cover them. I would not want someone to step on my foot. It's painful. It could break my toe and then I would have to limp around for awhile. It would not be pleasant to limp around as a nurse. I'd like to know why you would prefer deliberate physical assault and battery to eye-rolling and sarcasm.
  5. multi10

    Tis the Season -- for Domestic Violence

    I sued my batterer in court. It's all about evidence. From the moment you, or your child, or your pet, is first abused, if you are stuck in the relationship because of marriage, children, finances, religion: Start collecting evidence right away: Anything you can use to protect yourself when it becomes your word against the abuser's will be critical. Pictures of bruises, etc., threatening texts, nasty voice-mails, emails, anything and everything. Keep these in a safe place along with your keys and money. Then get out the best way you can. You have to fight with everything to get away from these people. Use every resource at your disposal. Don't be silent and don't be passive. Don't give up. There are many resources available right now to help you.
  6. multi10

    I have cancer

    gonzo1 You're not gonna be dead. Nu-uh. I'm sending hugs your way. Fight the good fight. I know you can and will. You will prevail.