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  1. commonsense

    When they just leave

    I agree with most of the ladies on this post, good riddance. Think of it from a different light, is it possible you got lucky? Imagine if this had been 5 years down the line when he decided to pull this stunt. You might have had multiple children running around and a marriage that would have had a sticky divorce. Imagine explaining that to a 4 year old boy who looks at daddy as his hero, "Well son daddy and I were having some problems so he left a note on the door that said we weren't going to be together anymore, but at least he left us the refrigerator."
  2. Stay single and enjoy your free-bound lifestyle. A relationship has it's way of finding you, if you go out constantly looking for a +1 then you're going to be setting yourself up for a lot of disappointment and heartbreak. If you are comfortable and content being single the guys will flock your way, trust me. Try to keep in mind that the only thing worse than being alone is wishing you were alone.
  3. I'm glad you guys now have everything in the open, I'm sure it will get better from here. My only advice is if he does wind up in jail, bail him out. Nobody deserves to sit in jail for an extended period of time. Make him pay his own legal fee's himself though, that's how lessons are learned. I like how you told him you wouldn't bail him out though, keep that though lodged in his brain. If he know's he's got a a get out of jail free card you can bet he'll be in their eventually.
  4. When I started reading your post I thought you might be my mom, then I realized the post date and thought about the fact that my mother is not a nurse and probably has never visited this site. I went through the same stage. When I was 17 I snuck out of my house 3-4 nights a week to visit a girlfriend, smoked pot all day long, and drank enough to kill a small horse. My parents knew what I was doing and never punished me for it, but talked to me and treated me like an adult, that made all the difference for me. Instead of lecturing me on drugs, alcohol, sex, etc. they talked to me about them logically and reasonably. I did some stupid things as a teenager but the fact that I knew they were there to support me, even in the tough times, helped me greatly. I could talk to them about anything because I knew I wasn't going to get a lecture about how I should live my life, I was going to get sound advice from people that loved and cared for me. Another thing you might try is to let your son know how much pain he is causing you. I know that in my rebellious days one thing that always hurt the heart was seeing my mother cry because of something I was doing. I put her through hell and back when I was a teenager and beat myself up over it. Your son seems like a nice kid caught in a nasty stage, but I think talking to him and treating him more like an adult instead of a child will have a positive impact. Give him his phone back and let him experience what he needs to experience to be the person he's going to be. I understand being very strict and punishing him if the problems are more serious (heroin or meth addiction) but he's just doing what every teenager does at some point. Just my 2 cents
  5. commonsense

    When is the ideal time to have children?

    Currently single Korky, you do make a good point about the gender differences though. I suppose I might have a different opinion on the subject if I had to grow a live person in my body and then push him/her out through my vagina. I'm sure if the day ever comes I'll be ready for it and do fine, I just can't think of many things I dread more at this moment than that day being anytime soon.
  6. commonsense

    Hot girls in your class

    Lucky you my man, I have about 26 women in my program and I can only think of one that I would consider "hot." Most of the women in my program are older women who are married with children so they're not my cup of tea anyways. I'd tread cautiously with dating co-students, even if it is casual. It's all fun and working until something goes wrong, then you're stuck with a ****** situation for the duration of the program. I'm not saying don't go for it, but just be aware of the obvious pitfalls that are possible.
  7. commonsense


    Obama hasn't done such a bad job in my opinion. He is forced to work with irrational people who are trying their best to destroy the economy so that they can win the next election (far right-wingers). I think he has givin in to much, if i was in that position i would have told the republicans to **** themselves awhile ago.
  8. commonsense

    nursing and marriage problems

    Makes since, pregnant women are very sexy.
  9. commonsense

    When is the ideal time to have children?

    Sorry if you're offended mcbrhw, but you're taking the quotation out of context. I said "those who should never be parents at all end up having their children at 18." I didn't say those who have their children at 18 should never be parents. Some people just aren't cut out for the responsibility, whether they are 18 or 35 when they become a parent. I hope you are accurate on your opinion of being a great mom and didn't get to upset with the clarity issues of my statement.
  10. commonsense

    When is the ideal time to have children?

    I have Kooky, back in the first week of August 2011 (seems like forever ago) I would have been way to immature to respectfully consider everyones opinions and weight the options. However, now that I'm a little older, still childless, but older nonetheless, I can respect each person's opinion to feel however they want to feel on the subject. Still got the same opinion myself though.
  11. commonsense

    How many out there aren't religious?

    They have, I spoke to God earlier and he wanted me to relay the mistake. He also wanted to apologize for the 2000+ years he waited to let us in on the mistake.
  12. commonsense

    How many out there aren't religious?

    So it looks like everyone has got their opinions out on the table, here's another question for all the anti-religious people in the nursing world. Have you ever had a patient request not to have you take care of them due to your religious beliefs? I can already see people asking, "well why would the patient know your religious beliefs unless you tell them?" What happens when a patient tells you they don't want you taking care of them unless you're religious and they ask you to cite the twelve commandments, and you reply, "sorry but I'm not religious, you're in good hands though."
  13. commonsense

    When is the ideal time to have children?

    I have decided that it depends upon the person and their beliefs and situation. For myself, I am definitely going with having kids, if at all, later in life. It seems that most of the people that posted on here that had kids at an early age found that the only benefit to having them early was that their energy level is much higher. And many of them said on their posts that they would advise waiting to have kids, but don't regret having kids at an early age. I think the day old idea that if you are a good person with a good heart, then things seem to work out for you.
  14. commonsense

    When is the ideal time to have children?

    People do dictate to others what is best for them based on what they themselves would do, and some do think they have the right to dictate others. I'm not making a generalized statement about people, I'm just saying there are a lot of people in the world that think they are right, and regardless of whether you agree or disagree with them, they will force their opinions on you.
  15. commonsense

    Thinner Wife Makes Happier Marriage

    So here it goes, I think I'm the first man to post on this issue, so ladies please don't get offended, I'm just putting my balls and opinions on the table. I do think that a thinner wife makes a happier marriage, however, a thinner and more muscular husband would certainly have the same effect. Also, being thin is not a requirement of being in a great happy marriage, it's a bonus as far as I (a man), am concerned. Try to compare it to being a great cook, or a wildcat in the bedroom, not a requirement, just a bonus. I believe the title needs to be changed though, to thinner spouse makes a happier marriage. And lastly, if you think I'm a pig for bringing up the points i have, get used to it, as this is the mindset of most men, and people in general for that matter. Would you be happier in your marriage if your husband was thinner, a better cook, or a better lover? If you deny that you would then you are simply the extreme minority, or denying it because you consider what I'm saying offensive. That's just my two cents.