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  1. OCNRN63

    Can a human resource department do this?

    Deleted; already posted.
  2. OCNRN63

    Can a human resource department do this?

    Deleted; already posted.
  3. OCNRN63

    Prayers vs "Good Thoughts"

    Kind of like when something bad happens to a person and someone who means well says, "When God closes a door he opens a window." Not very helpful to the person in pain, and kind of gives God a bad rap. I'm comfortable saying, "I'm thinking of you/You're in my thoughts," but I am not comfortable with saying I will pray for someone unless they're a friend or family member. It's too personal for me.
  4. OCNRN63

    How many out there aren't religious?

    Twelve? I had no idea the Ten Commandments had been amended.
  5. OCNRN63

    The TSA

    You could write for The Onion. LOL, even though on another level it really isn't funny.
  6. OCNRN63

    Catholic Hospitals, Brothers & Nuns

    I went to a diploma program at a Catholic hospital, many moons ago. I am not Catholic, but I have to say there was something there in that facility that you didn't feel in others. It was a shame when many years later it was sold to a for-profit corporation. Now it's just a shell of its former self.
  7. OCNRN63

    Random Thoughts

    Done. Thank you for the reminder, sirI. I apologize for letting my temper get the better of me.
  8. OCNRN63

    Random Thoughts

    Newsflash: I am not one of those people who went into nursing for the money. It was a childhood dream. You assumed incorrectly, but if attempting to put me down by saying that made you feel better, so be it. That's all I have to say to you.
  9. OCNRN63

    Random Thoughts

    money - Page 5 - Nursing for Nurses See post # 906. I said what I did in response to numerous accusations from xtxrn that a nurse couldn't be a good nurse if she/her were in it only for the money, and that you can "tell the difference" between those who are in it for the money and those who do it because they love patients. You'd really have had to follow many posts to have a full understanding of what brought me to say that, but there it is.
  10. OCNRN63

    Random Thoughts

    Just so we're all clear on this, I was the one who said that. What xtxrn doesn't mention is that I also have cancer and am going through some very difficult times. Neither did she explain why I said that. FWIW, xtxrn, I decline your PM to talk to you any time about how I'm feeling. Someone who would try to talk behind my back (guess you thought I didn't post here) is not someone I'm inclined to share with.
  11. OCNRN63

    How many out there aren't religious?

    I've worked with my share of nurses who claimed to be religious but had serious empathy deficits. I think it has more to do with the individual than any affiliation with a religious POV. Florence Nightingale's Christianity is irrelevant.
  12. OCNRN63

    How many out there aren't religious?

    Whether or not a nurse is religious has no bearing on the kind of care she/he delivers.
  13. Not all Christian faiths believe in "once saved, always saved." And I believe Scripture says that faith without works is dead. It does require more than just "believing."
  14. OCNRN63

    claiming "against my beliefs" for immunizations?

    Amish and certain Mennonites refuse vaccinations.
  15. OCNRN63

    My concience is beating me up....

    You weren't personally attacked. You got the responses you deserved for being complicit to such unethical behavior.