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  1. GrumpyRN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    From CNN; "To start, Trump left no doubt that his contribution to America’s foreign policy is largely off-the-cuff. He meandered on where the US stands on NATO, Turkey, his trade deal with China, a tariff duel with France and US support for Iranian protesters. He was clear about berating Beijing and allies alike, but almost everything he said appeared to favor domestic political motives rather than some overarching US interest. (If this sounds familiar, well, it’s the core question at the root of the impeachment drama.)" "Perhaps more troubling for Trump, another trend also emerged: Foreign leaders appeared immune to Trump’s bullying style, having learned that flattery doesn’t pay." "Foreign leaders’ spines are stiffening. Add that to the fact that China’s in no hurry to ink a trade deal and North Korea just keeps testing missiles, and it’s all beginning to hint at an unpalatable truth for Trump: The self-proclaimed dealmaker hasn’t got much of a foreign policy legacy to show for all his bluster. And with less than a year before the next election, his time to make one may be running out."
  2. GrumpyRN

    Game of Groans

  3. GrumpyRN

    Game of Groans

    Two highways walk into a bar, the first goes up to the bar and says," I'm highway 66, I'm the roughest toughest and best known highway in the world. Give me a beer." The second highway walks up to the bar and says "I'm California highway 160, I go through some of the most dangerous parts of the country and everybody knows about Death Valley. Give me a beer." Then a small, tiny, thin, insignificant thread of a road comes into the bar and moves straight between the two highways knocking them aside and demands a beer. The bartender looks at the two highways and says, "I thought you two were rough and tough but he just walked all over you, what gives?" Route 66 looked at the bartender and said "You don't mess with him. He's a cyclepath."
  4. GrumpyRN

    Game of Groans

  5. GrumpyRN

    Media behaving badly

    Sorry Tweety, I so want to answer you just now but I am almost finished my second (large) glass of Merlot and I have learned (to my cost) not to mix alcohol and keyboards. I will answer your point tomorrow.
  6. GrumpyRN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    OK...... I am in the UK, can you detail or list these bad policies please. Serious request as I do not have the access you guys have.
  7. GrumpyRN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    And what do you call that performance by committee members demanding to be allowed in to the hearings when they are ALREADY allowed in? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-50166577 Also what about Ted Yoho who has never attended a deposition and was interviewed stating this when there was a deposition ongoing? https://edition.cnn.com/2019/10/29/politics/ted-yoho-impeachment-depositions-cnntv/index.html I will repeat your words back to you, "THE WHOLE THING IS FOR SHOW." Just not the way you mean.
  8. GrumpyRN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    But it was YOU who presented this to us. Not "the media." I only pointed out how biased the article and its source are. Is he a serving officer? If so surely he is entitled to wear his uniform and show his rank.
  9. GrumpyRN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Was there not a segment on Trevor Noah's show or Seth Meyers' show about him touting for votes on right wing talk shows?
  10. GrumpyRN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, At the end of the article it states quite clearly (and in red print) HELP US FIGHT THE LEFT AND KEEP OUR CONSERVATIVE MESSAGE ALIVE So I am going to guess that it is not a very unbiased publication. Also, how incompetent are your security forces if they allow someone so (according to the article) obviously anti-American to work as the Director for European Affairs for the United States National Security Council? Have you looked at the twitter page of this Hickman character? His pinned Tweet states; "A message to all the liberal, race-baiting, hateful Dems & their #FakeNewsMedia propagandists, @realDonaldTrump is NOT a racist, or white supremacist, & neither are his supporters." So again really "fair and balanced."