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txspadequeenRN has 33 years experience and specializes in ICU, PICC Nurse, Nursing Supervisor.

Mother of many ,wife to one and nurse to all....

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  1. txspadequeenRN

    American Idol 2009

    the problem with the save is they only have this week and i think next to use it. because there is only a month of idol left. i don't really think it matters anyway because matt will go next week right along with lil....
  2. txspadequeenRN

    Very ugly cat adopted by vet

    i have 9 cats...yes i am a cat lover and i would take this kitty and love him like he was one of my own babies....
  3. can someone educated me on how this works...does just workers get $13 per week or is that per couple....is it based on how you filed the year before... i am not very smart when it comes to these type of government financial situations but this seems like a big mess....
  4. txspadequeenRN

    American Idol 2009

    big idol fan here... i like the new judge but i don't think she is necessary....what is necessary is for bikini girl to go...that was ridiculous.... i'm very excited about this season...
  5. txspadequeenRN

    A new game to drive you nuts

    ooohhh that is irritating
  6. txspadequeenRN

    RE: aknottedyarn......please read.

    i am so very sorry...my family and i will be thinking of you...
  7. txspadequeenRN

    My Aunt Died

    i am sorry to hear of your loss... have a safe trip we are thinking of you...
  8. txspadequeenRN

    Merry Christmas All - December 25, 2008

    this morning ..... i tried to edit this to make it smaller but i am a idiot when it comes to this stuff...just barley got the pic up....
  9. txspadequeenRN

    Merry Christmas All - December 25, 2008

    merry christmas all..... hope everyone has a safe holiday. i am still trying to get kids asleep so i can play santa.....
  10. txspadequeenRN

    The Shack

    after reading this thread i went out and bought this book today. i am very excited :yeah:about it and have pushed the twilight series to the side to be able to get into it...ill let y'all know how it goes...:up:
  11. txspadequeenRN

    I did not send that PM

    i got the pm but knew you did not send it. it contained very negative and nasty comments about certain moderators....somebody is sick.....
  12. txspadequeenRN

    Oh, the weather outside's getting frightful.....

    earlier we got issued a winter weather advisory...i just came from walmart and its sleeting (a little)...wooooooo hhhhooooooo
  13. txspadequeenRN

    Oh, the weather outside's getting frightful.....

    i wish it would snow here in texas....
  14. txspadequeenRN

    Thurs Nov 27th (Happy Thanksgiving!!!)

    i started cooking at 7pm last night made turkey x 2 spiral ham x1 cornbread dressing sweet potato casserole green bean casserole rolls corn mash taters buttermilk pie x2 coconut pie x2 gravy i am like siri ..pooped:yawn:
  15. txspadequeenRN

    Thurs Nov 27th (Happy Thanksgiving!!!)

    hello all...happy turkey day...i have stuffed myself silly twice ..just to the point of rolling on the floor...ugggg hope all has a safe and wonderful day...oh commuter there is no way i could work after eating all this ..i can hardly walk..i hope you got to eat during your shift. ..this is a paid holiday for me....whooooo hoooo.