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  1. grandmawrinkle

    It's not our place to judge a patient

    These kinds of attitudes from nurses frustrates me to no end. Why even bother with a profession that has at it's goal to help and care for people if you are so full of hatred? If you cannot at a minimum tolerate other's lifestyle and views, IMO you have no business being in nursing. There are all kinds of people in the world and most of them have to access a healthcare system at some point. I almost went off on an RT that called a co-worker a "retard" the other day (not DD, the RT just thought she was stupid) -- I find that a highly offensive term and POV as well. I bit my lip.
  2. grandmawrinkle

    Need an algorithm for quality time

    From my experience -- if you get the feeling that BF doesn't want to spend time with you, he probably doesn't. I can't really say from your post that I get an idea why you drifted apart, but it appears that you have (or, at least, he has.) It's the whole "he's just not that into you" thing. If you've only been together for 9 months and you aren't still so wrapped up in each other you can't stand it, things probably aren't going to change now. My advice -- put yourself back on the market.
  3. grandmawrinkle

    Receiving a Six Figure Estate, then Begging for Money

    Leslie, I did not know you were a loner. To the OP -- I, too, find this incredibly tacky. If this "benefit" actually happens, I hope no one attends. Likely your friend is in the dark, though (as another poster already mentioned) regarding the distribution of funds from the estate. I agree that the money to cover her father's debts will be taken from his own funds that he left on this earth. I don't understand why your friend thinks she is entitled to this money when his debts are not paid off. Does she not think, as the sole inheritor, that if these debts are left unsettled, they are going to be coming after her next? Does she really think his creditors are just going to drop it? I would be very cautious with your friendship if you do attempt to selvage it. Money truly does change everything. Your friend's outlook and priorities may be completely different now, and not in a good way.
  4. grandmawrinkle

    Anyone want to be diet buddies?

    OK, there have been no posts in this thread for two weeks. Where are you people? Time to post some updates! I am down 8 pounds!!!!!
  5. grandmawrinkle

    Parenting time expeditors

    What I should probably do is post on a divorce board. I would probably get a lot more feedback that way. If anyone knows of any good, active ones, please pass that info on.
  6. grandmawrinkle

    Parenting time expeditors

    No. It's someone that resolves parenting time disputes outside of court. They are used usually in cases where mom and dad are not amicable and can't agree on the interpretation of the parenting time order. Usually they are former or current family law attorneys. It has nothing to do with my child needing an advocate.
  7. grandmawrinkle

    Parenting time expeditors

    Anyone have any experience with these? I have one, it is court ordered. I didn't want it. Are they worth anything or is it just going to make my life miserable? My ex just recently called her for a dispute we are having. She has been appointed for a year and we haven't used her yet. I am so tired of my ex making my life miserable for me. Any advice?
  8. grandmawrinkle

    9/11 - Nine Years Later

    I live far from Ground Zero. I was working in my first job at a large academic medical center at the time on a stepdown unit taking care of a young heart transplant patient in with R/O rejection and CHF. He was watching the news and actually pointed it out to me -- "Someone blew up the Pentagon!" Pretty much all of us were glued to the TV after we got wind of what was going on. I remember watching the Twin Towers collapse. I didn't actually understand that what was happening was an act of terrorism at that immediate point in time, although that rapidly surfaced in the news -- I just thought it was a tragic accident. It felt surreal, like it was somewhere else and wasn't really happening. I still haven't really internalized it. I have only been to NYC twice and I didn't know anyone that lived there at the time. It might as well have come from another universe for me. Although I now understand the magnitude and the impact of the attacks, I think I am one of the minority that still feels that way about that horrible day.
  9. grandmawrinkle

    To love or not to love, that is the question.

    I have worked with many co-workers that have met at work -- even on the same unit -- and subsequently married. There are a lot of nurse-nurse couples out there. You might want to check with your HR department or your manager on what is/is not allowed in the workplace. I don't think that they can get involved if you completely keep it on the down low and outside of the workplace, but often, if a couple gets married, they don't let them work together. One place I worked I did work with a married couple on the same unit, but they were forced to work opposite shifts. Don't throw away a relationship just because you work together, as many posters have said. "The One" is hard to come by. Best wishes to you .... it is so nice to hear from happy people on here once in awhile! :redbeathe
  10. grandmawrinkle

    Anyone want to be diet buddies?

    Well, I finally lost a little weight. I am down 5 lbs and it's been about a month. :anpom::anpom::anpom::anpom::anpom:
  11. grandmawrinkle

    Christians...help me out here......

  12. grandmawrinkle

    Anyone want to be diet buddies?

    I am feeling a little better. It's amazing that when your mood improves a little bit you stop craving food and are more engaged with the rest of your life. I haven't stepped on the scale in awhile. I'm ok with that, I'm trying not to snack and watch portions, for now. Life is stressful. My husband bought me a new MacBook Pro before I started my fall semester...little did I know that he put a pirated version of MS Office on it. I downloaded some updates last night and it asked me for my key....well, I obviously don't have one. LOL!!!! I have an assignment due in tomorrow night. Crapola. That made me want to raid the fridge for sure, but I caught myself. Happy LD weekend and here's to hoping everybody has a successful month with their health and wellness goals. It's a new week, time to start fresh!
  13. grandmawrinkle

    Nothing to do with anything (banned books)

    Hey, just an FYI, if you want to post non-nursing stuff, you can go to allnurses central. There are almost as many threads there (as far as I can tell) as there are on allnurses about all kinds of different stuff. It's fun to read through that stuff too once in a while. And yep. That banned book list has a lot of good, useful stuff on it, and it has for many, many years (since I've been in elementary school.) The Scarlet Letter is on it now though? I remember reading that in high school. I wonder what they found wrong with that one?
  14. grandmawrinkle

    Anyone want to be diet buddies?

    So, this is the shout out: HOW IS EVERYONE DOING? ANYBODY LOST ANY WEIGHT OR MADE ANY OTHER GOALS YET???? I have not, I have had a couple of bad weeks (reference my "nurses with depression" post) but I've been doing pretty well for 3-4 days. It seems like alcohol sometimes is my downfall. When a glass of wine is only 100 cals or so, why not? But then, I have 3....
  15. grandmawrinkle

    Anyone want to be diet buddies?

    I have used a free web-based computer app that is similar LITERALLY for 12 years...it's been around a long time. It's called fitday.com. These days you can purchase a membership with more features but I've never done that. Those programs are good if you use them, but they can be time consuming inputting all your food, etc. Fitday lets you know how your are doing meeting your RDAs as well and you can track your activity if you want to.

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