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  1. JustBeachyNurse

    Not sure this is acceptable

    Would you ask this query in say a college cheerleader or sorority forum? Everyone is unique. If you look hard enough you may find true love
  2. JustBeachyNurse

    Relationships and nursing school

    So do something about it. Make the time. Join a dating service. Join a club.
  3. JustBeachyNurse

    I hate text messages!!!

    Perhaps you might want to mosey on over to the break room or even match.com? I've never read texts in different voices. But I am entertained often by my son's poor spelling and autocorrect vs my mother. Here's a thought if you're not a shy little girl pick up the phone and call him. Ask what he means. Problem solved in
  4. JustBeachyNurse

    Christmas gift ideas

    Ask the children what they want? What's popular isn't always what is wished for.
  5. JustBeachyNurse

    10/10 What I learned this week

    Dogs rule[ATTACH]19771[/ATTACH]. She stole the fox blanket and burritoed herself
  6. JustBeachyNurse

    10/10 What I learned this week

    I'm really pretty good at this, better when it's not my child. You can visit Atlantic City, Philly & NYC, DC. And I will ship my son to Vegas to babysit for you. He still crams himself in a dog crate on purpose.
  7. JustBeachyNurse

    10/10 What I learned this week

    People are still hardheaded argumentative about the magic 8 ball aka the Pearson Vue trick. It guessed right for me and last time I failed so it must be accurate. Oh I'm tired of fighting with my son's school staff (except the school nurse as she's awesome). I'm not speaking to the donkey of a principal until he apologizes for attempting to discriminate against a parent advocate. Who wants to come to the east coast and sit in my corner? I wish my sister would. She's mean.
  8. JustBeachyNurse

    10/10 What I learned this week

    And the nbc article says no improvement, brain damage and family was saying good bye.
  9. JustBeachyNurse

    10/10 What I learned this week

    Depends on the definition of virgin---any penetrating activity involving genitals vs vaginal intercourse. Apparently a wide spread belief among teens that you are a virgin until vaginal intercourse, hence the increase of pharyngeal chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV, herpes and what ever other STIs. I recall a penile group A strep infection as a result of oral activities. Just because the act can't result in pregnancy does not make you immune from STI, in fact non-vaginal intercourse has a generally higher risk profile The 8th grade health teacher is reinforcing abstinence among his 13-14 year old class: you aren't old enough to be a parent, do you want to live with hepatitis, HPV, HIV or herpes for the rest of your life? And yes oral genital, oral anal, and anal-genital contact can transmit all of these diseases. My son was traumatized by egg cell plus sperm cell = baby this should be more fun this year!
  10. JustBeachyNurse

    10/10 What I learned this week

    Lamar Odom Pronounced Dead At 35 |
  11. JustBeachyNurse

    10/10 What I learned this week

    Georgia Teen Contracts HIV After Getting Weave At Salon |
  12. JustBeachyNurse

    10/10 What I learned this week

    You were fair. She was bored?
  13. JustBeachyNurse

    10/10 What I learned this week

    Start here this is one https://allnurses.com/nclex-discussion-forum/how-many-questions-1018735.html Others involve flouncing
  14. JustBeachyNurse

    10/10 What I learned this week

    Today, thanks to TMZ I learned that Lamar Odom died last night. May his troubled soul be at rest. I also learned that a virgin GA teen has decided that she must have contracted HIV from a hair weave. She tested positive for HIV 3 weeks after the weave, she & her mother insist she is a virgin
  15. JustBeachyNurse

    10/10 What I learned this week

    She was called by her father to let her know that he & her grandparents were in an accident on the way to her reception. She got left her reception and arrived as her family was being packed for transport. The smiling bride with the crash scene in the background (that has gone viral) she stated was a posed photo taken by her mom. The comments on many stories are unrealistic stating that there is some law that firefighters, medic, EMTs and nurses have a legal obligation to stop at all scenes whether on duty or not. She didn't stop as some headlines imply, she went to the scene upon learning it was her family. So would I. I can deal with a party later can't replace family.