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  1. Trekfan

    Front load washers

    I am going to go look at washers because mine has broken . I am thinking of getting a GE Profile or kenmore. Do any of you have these and hove do you like them ?
  2. Trekfan

    What happen to xtxrn ?

    Just wanted to know what happen to xtxrn ? I am guessing she passed ( I think she had cancer ) or got banded . Hay she haited my gusts but I still just wanted to know what happen to her .
  3. This is a few months old but wow I can not be leave this!!!http://www.theepochtimes.com/n2/china-news/chinese-officials-steal-pregnant-womans-fetus-reproductive-organs-261075.html?fb_action_ids=355172554569160&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_ref=.UF52JgBA_OY.like&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=246965925417366
  4. Wow ! I would love to know how many people have died because of cell phones ?
  5. Trekfan

    Looking for Cruelty free makeup

    I am looking for Cruelty free makeup and makeup for people with allergies does anyone know of some good brands?I also want to find some cream eye shodow that wont make me swell up . I tried powder And my almost swelled shut and still hurt .
  6. Trekfan

    Do not buy pet treats from China

  7. Trekfan

    My new hamster keeps biting me ?

    I just got a baby hamster and he keeps bitting me . Does anyOne know how to get him to stop ? Also do I need to take a hamster to the vet for rabies shots like a dog ? I do not think he has anything but still I do not like that he's bitting me ?
  8. Trekfan

    Texas Woman Shoots Husband To Protect Cat

    Love it !
  9. Trekfan

    Can't sleep ! Having nightmares About pain

    "Does it cover that issue of unexpressed pain or your unconscious mind dealing with the pain?"I never heard of pain dreams before this ? But it something I will talk to her about . When my dad was diying and was out he seemed to cry in pain when my service dog jumped on him to kiss him. And I though that was odd because he was almost in a coma at that point .
  10. Trekfan

    Can't sleep ! Having nightmares About pain

    I was dreaming I was on a cruse ship and I was hiring so bad I have to use a zip line to get off the ship so I could go rod the pharmacy ???? Wow what a deam.As for my supper NEW bed the matress always slides half off and takes me with it to . As for meds my doc. Olney does spinel injections and does not give anything pain pills but tramadol if you want stronger meds you have to go to the er .
  11. Trekfan

    Help save these kittens

    Gorgeous Cats and Kittens at Shelter up for Adoption (Nashville NC)Date: 2012-11-04, 9:34PM ESTReply to this post wc6dp-3362148201@comm.craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?]The Nash County Animal Shelter is one hours drive from Cary NC. These beautiful cats are awaiting new homes. Do you have room in your heart for one of them?Additional information and pictures of these cats can be found on the Nash County Animal Friends Facebook Page. Please note that Animal Friends is a volunteer organization working hard to save as many of the shelter residents as possible. They do not make decisions as to if or when a dog or cat is put down.Possible Ways to help them Adopt - Donate - Foster (See Below)Adopt: The adoption fee is $50 which is refundable if the adopter gets the cat they save neutered / spayed. Certificates to neuter / spay can be purchased on line from the SPCA for $46 / $56. Also look for low cost spay / neuter mobile clinics in your area.After the cat is neutered / spayed, you would receive a refund of $50 from Nash County Animal Shelter. The address for Nash County Animal Shelter is 921 First Street Ext. Nashville, NC 27856 Phone (252) 459-9855. Email: AnimalShelter@nashcountync.gov Hint turn left on 1st St coming from the highway. Shelter is at the end of a dirt road on the right.Hours for Adoption: 1:00 to 4:00 PM Mon -- Fri(Cats are safe through the weekends Sat & Sun)Shots can be obtained at a reduced package rate at Pet Supermarket and Petco stores. A mobile unit comes once a month to each store. Check your closest store for dates, times and prices. You may want to get the shots done this way before scheduling the spay / neuter operation since vets often require shots before the surgery and this could save you money.Donate / Pledge: Toward Medical Expenses to encourage a rescue:Show a vote of confidence for:Bigzbee: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/4NQdaBiggs: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/dNRoeBella: https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/8NRz0Kit Kat https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/fNaG9Bradley https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/8NZt9Betty https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/8NZo9Bekka https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/fNZj2Ziggy https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/6NZMdMost rescues operate on a shoe string budget and many pay expenses out of pocket. When a rescue to knows that help is available to give the dog at risk the medical attention he / she deserves, they step up much faster. Our donors have been critical in saving dogs at Nash County Animal Shelter.Donations go to neuter / spay, heart worm test, worm treatment, shots, microchips and in extreme cases surgical care, treatment for mange etc. After that should any funds be left over (rare) they can be used for pet food, gas expenses for transport etc. by the rescue group that rescues each cat.Donations can be made toward medical expenses for each cat on the Chip In site. This money refundable if the one you donated to does not go to a Rescue Group. The donation goal is $200See Link on Nash County Animal Friends Page on Facebook - If a new listing may not be set up yet.Temporary Foster:The key to saving animals at this shelter and most shelters is empty cages! If an animal has found a rescue group and they need to arrange transport or vet care before the animal is delivered, a temporary foster takes care of the animal during that period of time. Can be 2 to 3 weeks. This would be done through a rescue group that has made a commitment to a dog and by communicating with Nash County Animal Friends on facebook. If interested send a message to the facebook page mentioned above to be put on a list of volunteers. Location: Nashville NCit's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
  12. So hears a new one, I am now scared to go to sleep because I have a bad disk in my back and at some point durning the I end up sliding half way off my bed witch puts me in extreme pain and the last 3 night in a row I have had nightmares where I am in pain and then I wake up in so much pain a I can not move . I have never heard about dreaming in pain .
  13. Trekfan

    What do blind people see?

    If you where think about trying to see out of the back of your head that's what NLP is also people that have gone blind forget what things look like after a few weeks/months .Also I was fully blind for a short time after a messed up eye surgery and all I saw was white light it was stoning .
  14. Ok all, I need some help, I the kind of person That will give you the shirt off my back ,But this is getting nuts . I have 4 friends of witch olney 2 have jobs and one of those people just got a new home health job but has not been paid . Over the last two months I have loaned out about $2000 on top of that my friends pt is poor and about to be homeless and she what's take him and his pets in until she can make room for him at her house . I of course said yes but I really do not want a pysc pt in my house that I do not know . I am now 4 grand in deat and I can not pay my own bills . I just can not say no to helping people .
  15. Trekfan

    Did I brake a mirror ?

    So this past week has been nuts you name it ,it's happened. Monday : was opening a box (on the stove small kitchen )and somehow turned on the the burner on then i smelled something burning and got to the stove in time to pull the paper towels that had fallen over. I then went and ordered a fire exstangsher . Tuesday : woke up and found both my legs had broken out in a the worst itchiest rash there ever was I tried everything and nothing helped .Wensday : all the lighting stopped working in my kitchen and I still trying to get the contractor to come back .Thursday : apt ran 3 hours late and I also almost got left by my driver ,then the dum ass drove 90 mils an hour ( x police car) and about scard the - out of me to make up time . Friday : ac man came to put on new controls for ac now it does not work (grate) also Found out I need a new $500.00 fan . Oh did I forgot to say my refrigerator is also broken And the repair guy is coming tomorrow after waiting a month !!!!! I then ran into my new nabor from upstairs ,a nice old woman who then said "oh hi dear ,I came to say HI and welcome to the bilding I stoped by erler then those nice fireman where hear because of the gas leak !(WHAT) i had come home the other day and found the dead bolt locked (which i never do ) and could not figer it out . Well I just spent an hour in an oatmeal because I am STILL covered in the rash from hell so I am going to bed . Good night !