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  1. applewhitern

    Stupid Person (

    Don't ever tick off the person preparing your food, esp. in a fast food place! You never know what might be in that sandwich.....
  2. applewhitern

    My Mother's Birthday

    Funny you posted this today. I was poking around in my files this morning and found some journal entries I made 4.5 years ago, about my mother, with whom I had a tumultuous relationship. She was abusive and I spent my life trying to get along with her. Just make a donation to the Alzheimer's Association, or send a small check for pizza to her caretakers. Since money (and possibly your health) are an issue, don't try to go 1000 miles to visit her; not at this time, anyway. You can buy a tree for 13 bucks at WalMart and plant that in her memory. Just make sure your sister knows you did something important for Mom's birthday.
  3. applewhitern

    Do you, or would you ever, own a motorcycle?

    One of my very first patients was a young man who was a paraplegic due to a motorcycle accident. Also, a drunk driver hit my son while he was riding his motorcycle. He survived, but had multiple fractures, including a tooth, and a head injury. (He was covered in leather, plus a high quality helmet, which helped.) Personally, I like motorcycles, but the general public out there on the highway has no respect for riders, or bicyclists, either.
  4. applewhitern

    makeup foundations?

    I live in a hot, muggy, humid climate. I have been using Clinique "super powder, double face powder" for quite some time now. I love it. I use it instead of foundation; it is so easy to carry a powder compact around for touch-ups. I wear it directly on my face, without any foundation. It covers everything. However, if you must use a liquid or cream foundation, use a loose talc-free powder (L'Oreal makes one called "Hydra Perfecte Loose Powder" to set the foundation. Just a little applied with a brush. Due to the humidity, if I wore foundation, BB creams, etc., my face would melt!
  5. applewhitern

    Spelling matters: it's "advice," not "advise"

    The ones that drive me crazy: Loose, for lose. And folks, it is "I couldn't care less," NOT "I could care less."
  6. applewhitern

    Nursing is not all....

    Some of you apparently have a whole lot more time on your hands than I do, and are more creative than me!
  7. applewhitern

    Do you work out regularly?

    I worked out twice this week; now I am sore and just sitting around on the computer!
  8. applewhitern

    Off topic, What do you drive?

    I drive slow because I only have to go 7 miles; plus we have lots of deer here. About half of my drive is in a 35 mile per hr zone, so no speeding there! Now in my younger years, I would go 120 across the bayway in my little red prelude. Now, I am too old and too fat, so no tiny sports cars for me anymore. I really got tired of "crawling" in and out of them, so now I drive a family sedan. Boring!
  9. applewhitern

    Nurse opinion on this matter

    I wouldn't care if they were joking around or not. There are people out there who WOULD put stuff in your drink or food. I don't see this as funny at all, esp. in a professional environment, or from people who are supposed to be professionals.
  10. applewhitern

    I need some ideas for breakfast and lunch please

    I like both oatmeal and cream of wheat. I have a problem with iron deficiency anemia, so I eat cream of wheat because it is full of iron. I really don't look at food as whether I "like it or not." I look at food as nutrition, period. I will eat something I might not care for, simply because it is good for me.
  11. applewhitern

    Would you want to be rich or famous?

    I live my life very simply. I am reserved, and a homebody by nature, so travel, etc., isn't what I am after in life. I would like to be wealthy, so that I could help those in need, but I would want to do it my way, not just give to charities. There are already certain social services in place, like foodstamps, medicaid, etc. I would want to help people with my money who needed something more, like help pay for their college, help them with a downpmt on a house, help them with a car pmt they may be behind on. As for me, as long as the few bills I have are paid, I am content.
  12. applewhitern

    Look what I found scurrying across my desk.

    I have never had rats in my house, but I have 3 cats, and have been known to have 7 at one time. Right now a robin built a nest on my carport, and so I have 3 cute little baby birds that I call my pets.
  13. applewhitern

    What are dealbreakers for you?

    Bad breath is the number one deal-breaker for me. Last date I had was with a CPA, good-looking, successful, but could smell his breath from across the room. We went to a casino, but I sneaked and called my son to come and get me! Never heard from him again, thank goodness.
  14. applewhitern


    You know, when you think about all the stuff you will have to buy, it might actually be cheaper to stay in a condo with a kitchen.
  15. applewhitern


    I agree with the one who said "Stay in a hotel instead." The last time I went camping, at the beach, the mosquitos, alligators, flys, etc., (oh, the heat was horrendous) made us miserable. Then I got sunburned, and it was soooo much worse! This was in Florida, so maybe it isn't that bad in less humid places.

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