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  1. tyvin

    New York health plan costs down 50%

    If you believe that I got a bridge l like to sell you. It certainly is sad that Obama has chosen to not uphold the law and let the employer mandate not go into effect until (he says a year, lol). So all those people who would have been covered by their employers are bring forced to buy private or pay the fine. This is all a bunch of incredible bull...it's also unconstitutional, discrimination, and illegal. Unless he changed his mind... .
  2. tyvin

    Gay Marriage Becomes Legal In England & Wales

    I Alright England and the queen. It has (and is) an arduous journey for them to get the rights and benefits that other couples are currently entitled to. I too say "Yaaaay!"
  3. tyvin

    Wife moving across country for nursing school

    Since you asked...yea; why did she apply so far away...facility employers really don't care but schools do. If she wants to teach then it's a good idea. I remember my one professor always throwing in about how she went to Yale...no one cared but she felt it necessary to bring it up every class period. Your wife will regret leaving the kids (or maybe not). I'm shocked that she would go so far away from her kids for so long while they are so young. It is a BSN program and has she done any prereqs yet? The kids could see her every night via Skype but how would that be when the kids can't hold mommy. Is this in the best interest of your children is what you should be asking yourself. Then again, if she didn't go she might blame you and the kids since she's OK with leaving anyway...you asked.
  4. tyvin

    What is up with this? "So,..."

    When I attempt to write an intelligible post on an open internet forum sometimes bad syntax comes with. I'll go over my written posts to look for syntax errors but that usually constitutes a couple look sees. So many posts, so little time. So...there you have it. This isn't school and no one is being graded. I've taken a few blows from the language arts police on this forum. When it happens I think "To err is Humane; to Forgive, Divine" (Alexander Pope).
  5. IMO it's not the same. You're comparing when they already got the benefits to them applying for them. Once they got the benefits I think restricting their choices is wrong. I know that the choices that a few of them make aren't so good but perhaps that's where teaching intervention comes in. Look at what New York is doing haveing legislation in their house to restrict the size of soda being sold. I read that after that they're going after pop-corn sold in movie theaters and milk-shakes. So I think big brother is going to be doing the shopping for many of us real soon. On another note; state teachers...they were about to be made to drug test but the ACLU stepped in and stopped it (at least in my state they don't have to pee) something about being unconstitutional. Where was the ACLU when we were being confronted with all this? Oh well, as someone said it's over; we're in too deep and it can't be stopped now. There is talk about trust but that boat saled a long time ago. I agree...if I have to pee to give them the money I would want them to pee to spend it.
  6. tyvin


    My response deals with the non-verbal part of communication though I have absolutely had all that before; haven't we all. As a nursing student I was in clinical. I was in the ICU and I was with two RNs in this room observing an 82 year old man who had just come in with a triple A. He was unconscious, I was standing at the foot of the bed, the RNs were at the head of the bed on either side of him bending in over him. One said to the other " Yep, he's circling the drain...won't be long." To say I was stunned isn't even close so I questioned them when we got out of the room. I said that he might be able to understand you and it wasn't appropriate what was said. They both huffed at me and told me it was impossible for him to understand. Long story short, even though it wasn't required I took a communications course called intro to non-verbal language. If anyone gets the chance a class like that can change your whole perspective on communication. There are many theories abounding but the one I agree with says that over 78% of our communication with each other is non-verbal. Other theories go higher and some lower but it is clear that we communicate with our non-verbal side more then with our verbal side.
  7. The ACLU is getting involved and the topic is hot. The pros and cons to drug testing welfare recipients are many. Are the states that institute welfare recipients to get drug tested set up with programs, rehab, therapy, etc... for those people who test dirty? Consequences for testing dirty? What happens to the chidlren? Are they prepared? North Carolina and New Jersey both have bills in the house that would require welfare recipients to perform community service; perhaps that's the way to go... or should things remain the same?? http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/story/2012-02-17/welfare-food-stamps-drug-testing-laws/53306804/1 What do you think?
  8. tyvin

    Opinions on Obamacare from healthcare workers?

    The main reason your health care and the health care in European countries is free is due to the high taxes. I believe Obamacare will prove to be unwise if it continues as is planned in the bill. Remember; the Supreme Court is rendering a decision on it by the end of August is what I understand. I think it would be great but how is it all being paid for? For starters they're taking $500 million from Medicare. Oh my goodness now the hospitals and doctors are expected to take less then they are already. I think Obama wanted somehting on his record to go down in history as the best president. It's not going to happen. He pushed that thing for a whole year while America was going jobless...now if he had put that energy into the economic state of the union we would be a whole lot better off. As it is, our debt is totally out of control...that's just my opinion.
  9. tyvin

    Need help with Sleep Training a Baby!

    I'm glad you realize that perhaps the snoring and trips to the bathroom could be causing part of the concern. Does your husband flush the toilet at night...if so maybe don't flush it. Put a sprayer of bleach and water at the toilet side and when and he's done he can spray a slosh in the toilet. Also, why (if he's a younger man) is he up at night going to the bathroom? Hmmm; anyway please and anyone else reading this "never" let the babies cry it out. Maybe too many fluids before bed...your husband I mean? Cuddling, picking up, just plain loving is never wrong but take a piece of advice from jadelpn. The baby is looking for comfort and is now starting to realize that it's a seperate body.. The baby wants reassurance that they're not alone. Of course gently check to see if a diaper change is needed and then the rub on the tummy and little song (short). Get close so they can smell you and hear your voice. You could also set up a baby monitor so that after you leave you can still hear the baby. Also how about a 2 way monitor then you could sing to the baby from your room, reassure etc... That might work. Also (IMO) it's too late to introduce a pacifier. I used one on my second child becasue he started to suck his thumb. Everytime he would sleep that thumb was in the mouth so at 2 weeks of age we started the pacifier so that we were able to control the situation. It worked well and at around 2 years of age he started to give it up by himself. We were the ones who couldn't go anywhere without it. We finally realized it one night when we were hafl way to an event and I realized we didn't have the pacifier. So after turning around to go back home to retrieve it we looked at him and realized that it was us not him that needed the thing...funny and it worked out well. They also have cribs and bassonettes that have vibration features on them. My first son was in the habit of falling asleep in the car. I would take him for drives to help him fall alseep. We found out later that he was lactose intolerant and that's why the colicky behavior. Another tip for new moms; if you're not breast feeding use soy formula. Anyway, my husband joked that perhaps he should put an engine underneath the crib. Lightbulb! I searched the internet and found a beautiful little bassenette that had 3 settings of vroom...with a timer setting. It was the greatest thing on earth. Finally at 6 months he had a Dx and could sleep through the night. I can't remember who makes the bassonette but it was fantastic! He also grew out of the lactose intolerance by 3 years of age. To conclude always make sure that you've ruled out anything physical that could be causing the wakefulness before trying out the wonderful ideas brought forth in this thread.
  10. Droid Razor...I recently upgraded from a Droid X2. Always loved the droids and have been with Verizon for a gazillion years. I have 2 med apps on it. If I was currently employed I would prefer to have a tablet as oppposed to an android phone for work. The last place I worked required the charges to carry the companies cell while on duty...I always had my own cell as well. It all depends on where you work as far as p&p with smart phones at work. As far as reception it also depends on what part of the facility you work at...imaging and surrounding areas do not get reception as far as I know. Also, some places have their own hot spot and you can access the internet via that if that's what kind of plan you're on. The apps will be dependent on the internet to work but if you're working why not use the hospital computer for info...employees should have their own email and access codes for that. But if you want to look up info on your own cell it depends on the area of the hospital and also the availibility of your carrier to deliver service to the area you're in. Ask your fellow workers what works for them.
  11. tyvin

    Political correctness

    Good luck with the suit...I mean really; are people acutally taking it seriously.. .there is no suit. Your facility is really bad if they are entertaining her threat. I can't imagine a judge or jury that would award damages to this person. What are her actual damages? I've done it all...congratulated women when they weren't pregnant, addressed a female as sir and a male as miss. There is no case. Take it to Judge Judy...
  12. tyvin

    Workout thread...

    Free weights every other day, pilates ring (it's amazing what you can do with that thing), basic stretching, bands and whey protein post workout (I like myofusion). Fluids, positive attitude with lots of fresh fruit, B-12, fish oil supp, Ca+ with mag, and filtered water...I feel great!
  13. tyvin

    Twenty years ago tonight........

    Right on girl...right on.
  14. tyvin


    Testing, testing ... everyone can have an avatar; great!
  15. tyvin

    Don't burn bridges, they all say....

    As in curiosity killed the cat but I say ... satisfaction brought it back.