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  1. tyvin

    ethical issue

    Something doesn't sound right here. The doses were so low that I've never seen even patients who were not opioid tolerant never react like that. Being snowed is part of adjusting to the opioids but the doses ... again, so low. There's definitely more to this story then meets the pinpoint eye.
  2. tyvin

    Are you getting older --lol

    26. You close down restaurants instead of bars.
  3. tyvin

    I admit it - I did it, I'm guilty...

    I love Scrubs! Carla rocks with her rolling eyes and quick comebacks. The docs are funny as well and it has a certain reality to it. That one nurse who always makes the new interns look helpless (lol) just cracks me up with her matter of fact voice while staring at the doc asking if he really meant to write 5,000 mg morphine prn and how did you want that given? :lol2: House is OK but I don't watch it unless there's nothing else on. As for the rest there's just too many, and I don't watch TV that much. What I've seen of Hawthorne makes me wonder if they have an RN adviser on the payroll because so far it's more of a comedy then a drama. Greys is nice but I prefer Scrubs. Yes ........................... you made me look! :yeah:
  4. tyvin

    Patient Dilemma after Discharge

    You just never know how people are going to react. Years ago when I was working in a very high end long term care facility this resident, a women, passed on. It was an expected passing and her daughters from out of state were there etc... When I came time to clean and clear the room the daughters were there trying to figure out what to do with their mother's white leather lazy boy type chair. It was brand new and cost about $1200 so they didn't want to just leave it for anyone to have. They approached me and asked if I would be interested in buying it. The one daughter told me if I gave them $100 I could have the chair. I was flabbergasted because I wanted the chair. I protested about the amount saying it was far too low and they said to please stop they just wanted to give the chair to someone who cared for their mother. I excepted and gave them a check for the amount. Later that day when I had my friend come in to help me with the chair my boss busted a gasket over the situation. My boss said I couldn't purchase the chair that it was unethical. It was insinuated that I took advantage of a situation because the chair was worth much more then what I paid for it; like I held the daughters hostage over the chair. In the end the daughters tore up my check and made it a gift to me to satisfy my boss. It was such a hassle and had I known I wouldn't have put the daughters through that. I see our situations paralleling. This women was a former patient of yours and only paying utilities ... hmmmm, what a deal huh. I say it's alright but I'm trying to show you what it looks like to others such as happened in my situation. Why do you need to tell anyone anyway? Are they going to automatically associate your new address with hers? Maybe, but you don't have to tell them everything. This is a grey area as mentioned before; a slippery slope on the ethical scale. Also; can you trust this women. I mean what do your really know about her anyway. Just sayin ...
  5. Please remember how competitive getting into any nursing program it. You have to have more then just a few pre-reqs done. Especially if you're going to take on a full class load which you will have to if you want to finish your pre-reqs. There are pre-nursing students out there right now with it all done waiting on the waiting list at your community college. What I'm saying is I think you need to be prepared for the competition.
  6. tyvin

    Regarding my 13-year-old daughter...

    Don't give it to her for her birthday but draw up a contract concerning any future piercing like "bound to only 2 until the age of 18 etc..." The fact that all her friends have it lends me to believe it isn't something outrageous that no one else is doing but is common where you are. Where I live the girls all have double piercings as far as the ones I've seen and they don't look tacky but nice when the right studs are applied. In your contract specify that she must maintain the piercings as well as not wear anything not approved by you (too much; I don't think so). In fact talk to her and find out what kind of jewlery she intends to wear and put it in so she doesn't deviate later with foot long hoop chains from one piercing to piercing).The contract is a good idea because it sets limits that she must abide by in order not to break the contract; and of course it will be considered a legal paper. She is getting older and needs to feel that she is being treated fairly. What better way then to negotiate a contract that she must adhere to. It could be a life's lesson on negotiating and following through on things. My son turns 13 next month as well; good luck to you and your family.
  7. tyvin

    Question for Atheist nurses

    Depending on the education and location it's only a matter of semantics. Religion can be a synonym for philosophy, belief, etc... Some people consider eating a religion.
  8. tyvin

    As nurse's do u believe in the death penalty?

    It costs more to put them to death; in fact it's an astounding cost of money. Let them live among the inmates who usually without fail will doll out their own justice. Once they're dead their troubles are over (unless you believe in Hell); so I say let them live and pay for it every day they are alive. To be clear I am in favor of the death penalty if it were done in an expedited manner. No longer then 5 years to appeal. And the proof that it's them in facto and not an innocent person would have to be solid with DNA and other advanced technological methods.
  9. tyvin

    Test yourself on religion

    I'll be honest; 3/5 and 13/15; and I thought I would score high. It's those detailed questions about the Bible that always throw me. As for the questions I didn't know; I missed. No luck for the wicked.
  10. tyvin

    How to get Kudos

    What I don't get is when someone starts an extremely interesting thread that receives multiple replies for or against (and the OP didn't give an opinion either way) it's almost always the case that no one gives kudos to the original post. I try to but often times forget. When I first joined I didn't know that you could tap the kudos button to signal appreciation. As for you Mr. Do; you'll have to do better then this to get a kudo from me. There is a circle of thought that dictates it's inappropriate to ask for kudos.
  11. Back in school we were required to observe two circs; each one using different instruments. Made my skin crawl as the infants screamed during the procedure. One was with the ball/screw and the other was a clamp but in both procedures the infants were strapped down with arms and legs in restraints. Instruments Used for Male Foreskin Amputation I had one son at the time who was circumcised; but after watching and seeing what really goes on when I had my second son I wouldn't circumcise him. I couldn't bring myself to inflict that experience upon him. He's just fine and him and his brother have never laughed at each other because one is different. Never has had any "foreskin issues". I am not for banning the procedure but to educate the population about it. They can go ahead and attempt to ban it but in the near future the health insurance companies aren't going to cover it anymore anyway because it is medically unnecessary.
  12. (CNN) -- In the California city that banned Happy Meal toys,outlawed sitting on sidewalks during daylight hours and fined residents for not sorting garbage into recycling, compost and trash, Lloyd Schofield wants to add a new law to the books in San Francisco: A ban on all male circumcisions. http://www.cnn.com/2010/HEALTH/11/19/male.circumcision.sf/index.html
  13. tyvin

    Is it just me?

    Much depends on education IMO (lol). I'm old school and at first didn't like it. After 2 years of college level English Composition it was hard to take seriously anyone who didn't capitalize their I's or put u for you. Anyway; I was introduced to the word of texing and my outlook has changed (yes I know I put tex instead of text). I still capitalize my I's (it's a habit I can't break) but use the more popular tex speech such as lol, IMO etc... I won't abbreviate words such as U and I will not let my kids do it either. If they want to tex they have to do it like me in an abbreviated manner still holding true to the cap rule and only using the more popular abbreviations for short sentences but still typing out the whole words (reinforces their spelling). Much of it started when a few years ago you were only allowed x amount of characters in a cell phone text message therefore defining the start of shorthand text messages. Now I have unlimited texing and can practically write a book on my cell phone tex to send so it's not neccessary to abbreviate everything anymore if you have that type of service. With the virtual keyboards that they have now days all you have to do is put the first couple letters and the keyboard software offers you a display of options to tap; it's great. I love my virtual keyboard and I use some shorthand but not much. I will say that at first I wouldn't tex thinking it was a stupid kid fad but Holy my when I started doing it; "Somebody stop me!" I suddenly got the commercials where the kids were texing each other in a house and the couples texing each other over dinner but that is an extreme and of course shouldn't be done except to joke around. The other day my son and I were taking a taxi (long story) and I told the driver I was paying by credit card and the driver told me he couldn't take my card because his machine didn't have any paper in it. Hmm so we're driving along and I get this tex; it's from my son who is sitting in the front seat and it says "The driver is lying there is paper in the machine" snapppppppppppp! It turned out well but just an example of how we utilized texing while still in the same area. FYI; we've been using abbreviations and acronyms for centuries. I agree that some people take it way too far but I usually can understand it. Whenever I have questions about something I see I look it up in the online Urban Dictionary; SYL.
  14. tyvin

    As nurse's do u believe in the death penalty?

    I am against it simply because it costs more to put someone to death. I just saw a special on this and this one guy had been on death row for 18 years until his appeal process wore out. During this time that they appeal they are housed in costly ways as there security is heightened due to their status. So you have all these expenses that go along with it. It turns into a monetary circus. I say life in prison without privileges. I mean, have you seen "Lockup"? Special programs and TVs, recreation programs etc...and we wonder why it's so expensive to house prisoners. I'm not saying no programs for prisoners but come on; some of the things I see on lockup is ridiculous. Of course if it was me in there I wouldn't think it was ridiculous. Anyway.....whatever hat I'm wearing this is my opinion
  15. It is good practice to "not" lend money to co-workers. Say no; you owe no one an explanation. As far as being a team; that type of thing only gets in the way. As far as going to your boss; I think that was a bit much, you should have advised him to go to her for the $.