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    IV infiltration on a dog???

    While I'm no sure why I need to explain myself to you, I will. I'm not trying to argue your point but I am telling you what was going on with MY dog. I helped hold my dog while they put the IV in, IV is intravenous so it wasn't being delivered to her sub q tissue. 1000 ml per day is a full bag of fluid and would make my 5 lb dog weigh double by the end of the day because the body doesn't get rid of fluid in the sub q tissue as fast as it does in the circulatory system. She was in acute renal failure due to a NSAID overdose so the goal was to flush her system of the drug and get the kidneys working more efficiently, this wouldn't have happened fast enough using the sub q route. While I can't comment on whether or not fluids are given sub q in animals or not, it was not given that way to my dog.

    IV infiltration on a dog???

    She was getting normal saline through an IV, about 1000ml per day so it wasn't sub q, but I did catch it after only 5 minutes so she is just fine. She was in acute renal failure but came out of it and is now her normal spunky self. Thanks for the replies :)

    IV infiltration on a dog???

    So I know everyone on here are mostly people nurses but I just have to ask to see if anyone has any knowledge in this area. My little Yorkie got a hold of a Ibuprofen the other day and is pretty sick and in the vet hospital overnight for fluids. I went to see her and I noticed the IV was infiltrated, I told the tech and she just said "oh, well I guess we will start another one". So I just went ahead and clamped the fluids myself since it was obvious it hadn't struck her to do so. So I informed the vet as well before I left, but my question is.... What kind of effects can an IV infiltrate have on a dog? Is it about the same as a human? I'm just worried because they have far less tissue to absorb the fluid and my dogs are like my kids, I just worry too much. All responses are welcome and appreciated.

    Stress eating/snacking

    This just made go get a snack! :yelclap: Obviously have the same problem, not just with stress but when I study as well!

    Nurses dating Doctors

    I can't believe you went into nursing to marry a doctor, and that you said it out loud, this is crazy! Please just say this is a joke!