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  1. Sheepak

    30 is too old to have children

    You sound like a good person with a good head on your shoulders. You both sound responsible. 30 is not too old to have a child. Don't worry about what your MIL thinks.....what matters is what you and your husband think about each other and the future.
  2. Sheepak

    But Kiss Me

    I love this!!
  3. Sheepak

    Bare Minerals makeup

    I bought the whole set...and it just does not work for me. It doesn't cover much. I use mac instead.
  4. Sheepak

    How much of your paycheck do you save?

    I save about 20 % of my paycheck and religiously put it in the saving account. I also used to make my bank monthly take that 20 % from my account and put it in a fixed saving account.
  5. Sheepak

    'I Can't Believe You Didn't Check the Passports'

    That is hilarious!! Good one :)
  6. Sheepak

    Prayers needed for Jnette's mom

    I hope she is doing alot better now.
  7. Sheepak

    Anyone interested in a prayer thread?

    Please pray for my sanity and that I pass all my classes and graduate soon. :)
  8. Sheepak

    I need advice pertaining to my mom...

    What a jerk!! You and your mom should be glad that you both found out what was happening before it became tooo serious. Life is hard and I wish her the best and keep her in prayers that she finds in herself the strength and courage to move on.
  9. Sheepak

    My 14 year old wants to live with his Dad

    Is it best for him?? sometimes it is best for boys to be with their dads unless he is a complete jerk and has issues.
  10. Sheepak

    Just fed up with my kid's teacher.

    I think, you need to have a talk with the teacher and if she still doesn't change. Then go over her. Follow the chain of command. My child had a teacher similar to the one that you mentioned and I got fed up with her grading styles. So I followed the chain of command and got her to change.

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