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  1. Davey Do

    A Llittle Senior Humor

  2. Davey Do

    Am I a Scrooge?

    I had a vasectomy in 1986 at the age of 29 just before I got married the first time. I haven't seen nor spoken to my first ex wife in 31 years. If we had had a child together, I'd probably still be dealing with her. I owe it all to a game that my parents bought for us kids back in 1965.
  3. Davey Do

    Tripping on Topaz

    Speaking of trips, here's one where cartoon character Stinky tripped me:
  4. Davey Do

    The Boredroom

  5. Davey Do

    The Boredroom

  6. Davey Do

    The Boredroom

  7. Davey Do

    The Boredroom

    These are all my versions of other creators' characters. When I put other creators comic characters into my own, the Topaz members have referred to it as "cross comics". Now I'm cross websiting with cross comic characters!
  8. Davey Do

    Tripping on Topaz

    I belong to a website whose members are illustrators, generally cartoonists, which goes by the name of "Topaz". I have a series called "Tripping on Topaz".
  9. Davey Do

    The Boredroom

  10. Davey Do

    Mental Health Checks

    I, for one, agree with you Kyrshamarks. But first, I believe we should put our focus on inhibiting adolescents from having hormonal secretions, like my parents did with me! [ATTACH=CONFIG]28122[/ATTACH]
  11. Davey Do

    How to choose a car?

  12. Davey Do

    How to choose a car?

    Agreed. Heard lots of good stuff about the Camry. Fact is.. Rooty Payne Psych Tech bought a used Camry some years ago for $2500 which had well over 100,000 miles on it. He drives it to work every shift and it runs like a top.
  13. I posted this on the Yellow side and thought you all might you all would be interested discussing this here on the Blue Side: No Stars, and others, what memories come to mind? Link:November 22, 1963 | allnurses
  14. Davey Do

    lottery pool

  15. Davey Do

    Thinking about death/dying?

    And I'm glad you brought this old thread back to life, so to speak, Hatoun_alth! As I said in my old post, low serotonin levels coupled with a stimulating subject can be a cause for rumination and insomnia. How do we get out of that cycle? We are free to choose the thoughts on which we dwell. I equate thoughts like books on a shelf- I'm free to choose what book I wish to read. But if we are focused on a thought, anything that breaks the cycle of rumination will do the trick- From praying, meditation, or just thinking happy thoughts about pleasant experiences. Here's a technique which works unfailingly for me: First, I close my eyes and focus on my breathing, inhaling to a count of a count of 8 to 12 and exhaling to the same. Once the rhythm of my breathing is established, I focus on the flashes of light I see when I close my eyes. Those flashes of light are called phosphenes caused by random firings of the optic nerve. Like seeing animals in cloud shapes, I attempt to "see" things in the phosphenes. Phosphenes are so cool- they're like a moving swirling picture collage. If I focus on my breathing and phosphenes, I invariably fall to sleep. However, thinking about death doesn't freak me out. What freaks me out is the dread of the pain of living! The best to you, Hatoun_alth!

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