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  1. I have recently learned that there is a difference between a "financial advisor" and a financial planner. A financial advisor usually borrows your money and uses it to make money for themselves and they can be a threat to your welfare and sometimes take advantage of vulnerable adults. A financial planner charges you a fee to go over your finances with a fine-tooth comb and they might see things you can't see. I have had some good luck taking control of my own money and keeping "financial advisors" at a distance. I have yet to cough up the money to see a financial planner.
  2. What I found helpful in times past was to go to my local bank and consolidate all my debts. This way, my credit cards were all zeroed out, my car was payed off, so I did not have to worry about it being confiscated, and I was given the option to pay interest only on my mortgage which was an open line of credit that I could borrow money out of. This saved me so many times.
  3. That's the whole thing. Not only is the stock market not doing very well so I.R.A.s are risky but there are rumors on the web that the U.S. government can confiscate our savings. I checked this out with a higher entity living near me who thinks it's a lot of hoopla, but this could be wrong for all I know.
  4. Then there is that rumor that the U.S. government can confiscate you savings? I see it discussed in multiple places on the web but never on the news programs. [h=3]GOVERNMENT LAYS GROUNDWORK TO CONFISCATE YOUR 401K AND IRA: 'THIS IS HAPPENING”[/h] » Government Lays Groundwork To Confiscate Your 401k and IRA: “This Is Happening” Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
  5. Saiderap

    Does anyone else have a problem with Enablers?!

    One approach I like more than this is to just go ahead and eat and then wait until you have hunger pangs. What really infuriates me is when someone sees me eating fresh fruit and vegetables from the store and they look at me like I'm stupid or make some disparaging comment or start an argument. I despise people who call me a "health nut" just because I happen to like raw foods and when I eat them to get rid of depression. I also found it helpful to move out of houses where they manipulate me into stuffing my face or where they insist on keeping junk food around.
  6. Saiderap

    5 y/o shoots, kills 9 month-old brother

    You have two choices, you can either leave guns unloaded or keep them locked away!
  7. I don't think it would be relevant here but when someone is disturbing the peace, the police are supposed to ask them to quiet down first before they actually arrest them. Then if they still don't quiet down, they can lock them up. In this case though, I felt really sorry for these people who were arrested for no reason except that someone was carried away with conceit.
  8. Do you agree with the idea that someday social security checks will be discontinued and people will need some other source of income?
  9. I was just doing some research on the web and had a frustrating time. On various websites, I've found IRA calculators but they seem to be only for ROTH and traditional IRAs which some people don't even trust anymore, and myself being one of them. I've learned that there are numerous places to invest money and numerous types of accounts that generate fixed income. I was really hoping to find some sort of calculator so I could choose an account type and type in a dollar amount to find out how much I might be able to get. Of course this isn't all you need but most of the information out there does not even tell me how much someone would have to invest for each account type. I searched for forums on finance and most of the websites I found put me on sensory overload. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I keep on hearing these nightmare stories about antibiotic resistant bugs. I also remember that hand washing is one of the most powerful ways to fight the spread of disease. Each time when I have to shake hands with someone who I don't know just to be polite, this bothers me. I don't really like to shake hands and when I hear about people who don't wash their hands after they cough, sneeze, blow their noses, or go to the bathroom, it bothers me even more. I have also seen people give hugs when they meet someone for the first time and sometimes wonder if this might be safer than shaking hands. When I'm forced into a handshake, I notice that I can't just run off and wash my hands right away. I think this might be one cause of disease epidemics. With so many other ways to express respect and with so many people who don't like being touched without their permission, why does anyone even need to shake hands anymore? I notice that not one single nurse I've worked with ever shook hands. This helps to put me at ease.
  11. Saiderap

    PPO vs. HHO

    To answer the question, you're right and this thread is connected to my other one. I might be back again with more insurance and billing type questions since this is an unfamiliar topic for me and I'm trying to tap into as many sources of information as possible.
  12. Saiderap

    PPO vs. HHO

    I have checked out several web reports and from what I can see, there have been clients who went to a hospital in their own network but there were practitioners working in them who were not in the network and so they "inadvertently" got out-of-network care and were sent the bill. A report I read also says they can file an appeal when this happens. but without doing extensive research, I would not know how often this is successful. Just because there are news reports about "heartless, bureaucratic" H.M.O.s" when one does a web search and almost no similar complaints about P.P.O.s I would not want to assume that P.P.O.s are always good. I was looking for feedback from people whose patients might have had to fight with the insurance company even when it was supposed to reimburse them. I was also wondering how many clients end up with an outrageous bill even when the insurance company did pay like it was supposed to.
  13. Saiderap

    PPO vs. HHO

    Has anyone here seen or know about PPO horror stories? I searched the web for news reports on this and found mostly good reports about them instead. I was surprised that even though PPOs only offer partial reimbursement for out-of-network care, that no victims have come forward on the media. This could not possibly mean that no one has ever had an outrageous medical bill when the PPO did not give adequate reimbursement. I notice there are lots of complaints about HMO plans.
  14. Saiderap

    Truth about Margaret Sanger....

    I don't think someone who is ready to love their baby and looks forward to having it should be coerced or bullied and pressured into having an abortion. This happens when people see the mother as being repulsive and they don't see that this is only their own opinion. This bullying and manipulation is happening because abortion is legal and they can force any pregnant mother to see the birth of their child as a situation of great enormity that they are too small to handle.
  15. Saiderap

    How do you unwind after a crazy shift?

    A hot bath. Clean clothes.

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