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  1. BrandonLPN

    Winning...the economy under Trump

    Are we still winning?
  2. BrandonLPN

    Snowflakism: Is this a genetic trait, or learned behavior?

    There's just as much snowflakism on the right. I see an awful lot of people getting somehow personally offended by the clothing choices of a fictional television character (Roseanne's grandson on her new show). The habit of conservatives to get all in a tiz over who's wearing what or who's marrying who, when it has absolutely nothing to do with them is *very* snowflake-y
  3. BrandonLPN

    Go Fund me = White cargo van (No more homelessness)

    It probably won't work, but I see nothing morally wrong with the idea.
  4. BrandonLPN

    School shootings

    I was very relieved to click on the link and see that it's 70% of Americans, and not 7%. You had me worried for a second there.
  5. BrandonLPN

    The President Donald Trump Thread

    I was on the verge of actually defending Trump on this, until I saw the photo of the notes. I mean, yes, all presidents have some sort of talking point list on them at various times. But this.... this shows that it is *literally* necessary for the president's handlers to give him notes reminding him to express empathy with people whose loved ones have just been murdered. That's flat-out sociopathic. And stupid. Most sociopaths are intelligent enough to know to fake empathy with families of murder victims. They don't need to be told. I could handle my president being a sociopath. I can't handle him being a sociopath *and* stupid.
  6. BrandonLPN

    Any male nurse who RAVES/RAGES?

    I'm either too old or too young to know what you people are talking about.
  7. And I really hope this tragedy finally calls out all the people who wave Confederate flags on their house. People who do so are either ignorant or racist. No, you do not get to admit slavery was wrong and then turn around and say but it's okay to display the Confederate flag because it's "part of your heritage". That's BS. It's part of your *history*. And there's a difference between heritage and history. Heritage, by definition, implies something that is valued by a culture, something passed down. Of *course* the Confederacy is part of our history. That sure as heck doesn't mean it should be part of our heritage. And please don't tell me the Confederacy was mostly about states' rights. When the main "right" in question was the right to own slaves, the conversation is over. There is absolutely no difference between an American flying a Confederate flag in 2017 and a German flying a Nazi flag in 2017.
  8. What really bugs me are all the people who defend the Confederte monuments, saying they're "just history", and don't endorse anything. They certainly *do* endorse slavery and confederate war aims. There's a reason they're called "monuments". And saying dismantling them is "destroying history" is just silly. After ww2, Germany got rid of its monuments to Nazism. And, trust me, they know more about the history of ww2 than anyone. Likewise, we have a moral obligation to dismantle monuments to the confederacy. Germany got rid of their Nazi monuments after the war for very obvious reasons. No one would think it would be okay for there to be some giant ww2 era swastika satatue still standing in modern Berlin. It should be equally obvious why it's not okay for there to still be statues honoring the Confederacy in modern America. No "knowledge of history" will be lost. I daresay that the people fighting to remove the statues are better educated and know more about history than the people fighting to keep them.
  9. BrandonLPN

    What Science Tells Us About Trump Supporters

    Maybe "Spanglevision" posted a video about it on YouTube.
  10. BrandonLPN


    That headline makes my eyes hurt.
  11. But if YouTuber "Spanglevision" reported it, its as trustworthy as though reported by Reuters or the BBC!
  12. BrandonLPN

    Donald Trump as GOP hopeful: Take him seriously

    If *that's* the worst Hilary's detractors can dig up out of this Wikileaks email dump.... they may as well focus their energy on something else, cause they aren't going to get much traction with this. No wonder Trump is always super vague with in his endless blabbering about "the emails". There's nothing specific worth mentioning.
  13. BrandonLPN

    The Walking Dead

    Well, I really enjoyed last night's episode. It seems they listened to fans' complaints about the show moving too slow in previous seasons, and are ramping things up. (spoilers, obviously) Loved the cold opening tonight. One of the best, and this show has had some great cold openings. When the mom said something like "we see them honey" when Enid warned her walkers were coming, it was both funny and kind of heartbreaking. How many good, decent suburban, middle class parents just like that died in the zombie apocalypse because they were just way out of their depth? I'm guessing a lot. Not every housewife and 9-5 dad are going to transform into Carol-esque badasses when it hits the fan. And that turtle scene? Gross. We've seen worse on this show, to be sure, but that scene grossed me out more than most of them. And anyone else notice that those turtle bones made no anatomical sense? That turtle sure had a lot of chicken leg bones in its head. (Nitpicking, it was a great scene) The Wolves' attack on the town was excellently acted and directed. But I'm getting a little fatigued with the whole "crazy group attacks and destroys sanctuary, proving humans are more dangerous than the walkers" motif. I'd like to see the Walkers be the primary antagonist for a while. My predictions (none of which are based on spoiler-ish comic book knowledge): - Rick's group manages to re-direct the herd back to the road and carry out their ill-conceived original plan. But someone will die in the process. I'm thinking....Sasha. - Enid was some sort of sleeper agent for the Wolves. She practically said as much to Carl this ep. before they were interrupted. This would explain why she kept sneaking out of the town and how the Wolves knew the perfect moment to strike. Maybe she had to do this as an initiation of some sort, and next time we see Enid she'll have a "W" on her forehead.
  14. BrandonLPN

    The Walking Dead

    I really liked the actors in the Fear series, but thought the plot moved a little slow. But it was still entertaining. Looking forward to second season, which will likely have more of the whole collapse of society fleshed out
  15. BrandonLPN

    The Walking Dead

    I thought last night was an okay season opener. And we can't say there weren't a lot of walkers this episode, which was a big complaint last season. i honestly thought rick's plan for the herd was way too dangerous. But it's a great set up for next week. Looks like we'll get to see Carol and Carl go into B.A. mode to defend the town, that'll be fun. Anyone watch the Fear the Dead spinoff?