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jtmarcy12 has 20 years experience and specializes in Med-Surg,Oncology,Neurology,Rehab.

BSN RN License Florida A&M University 1998

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  1. jtmarcy12

    Minimum wage to $15.00/hr are you kidding me???

    WELL SAID!!!!!
  2. jtmarcy12

    Minimum wage to $15.00/hr are you kidding me???

    Herring_RN: this is just incredible that you took the time to upload this I love love love this so much so inspiring, and this IS the face of America! Thanks so much!!! You should send this to each member of Congress and the House because I think they has lost touch with what Americans go through. Thanks again!!!:wavey:
  3. jtmarcy12

    Minimum wage to $15.00/hr are you kidding me???

    Brandon: Thank you for this information. I had sent OP a reply but forgot that the USA helped Japan to rebuild after they bombed their country( b/c Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor). Thanks your posts are always so informative.
  4. jtmarcy12

    Minimum wage to $15.00/hr are you kidding me???

    NDXUFAN: Thanks for the information, well said. I learned something today!
  5. jtmarcy12

    Minimum wage to $15.00/hr are you kidding me???

    NDXUFAN: Thanks for this information, and well said!! I learned something today. Thanks!
  6. jtmarcy12

    Whats on Your 'Bucket List'?

    OP I did sNew Year in Times Square in 2001, it was a blast!! you will love it!! I say everyone should do this at least once. I want to win the lottery, too but need at least $500,000 to pay off student loans, bills and travel to Paris, buy a small home.
  7. jtmarcy12

    Reversal of Fortune

    Viva: I am so happy for you!! I wish you the very best in your new position!! God Bless!!!:wavey:
  8. jtmarcy12

    Minimum wage to $15.00/hr are you kidding me???

    Viva..I agree somewhat with what you are saying, I think that maybe 12.00hour would be resonable. I think some of those who work the fast food industry have made this their only income to support their family which is why most have to still get food stamps and other subsidies. I know the employees at IN N Out burger in northern Ca usually make close to 12.00 hr, this company seem to have better employees because of the better pay (love IN N Out burger).
  9. jtmarcy12

    Raspberry ketones

    Hi blacksunflower: Please, please don't waste your money. This is just another "fad" to get people to waste their money on something that is useless. I am really sadden that Dr. Oz is promoting this knowing that this stuff just does not work.. I told my primary care doctor about how I wanted to use this and looked at me said "this stuff just does not work". Dr Andrew Lessman who sell his vitamins on HSN even said how it just does not work and to follow the "money trail". I believe someone may have put his info on u-tube about these "fads". Personally I feel Dr Oz has become nothing more than a snake oil salesman. He should know better. But these companies shove this stuff on him show him some "studies" where a few people may have lost weight and that is suppose to do the trick. Nothing is new. You still have to exercise, watch what you eat in order to loose weight. These companies are hoping to become rich. Just like with Oprah, when different companies would send her hundreds of products just so that she will have it on her show, once it appeared most made tons of money. Now these companies are using Dr Oz to do the same thing. I know someone said he does not endorse these products well by having it on your show, that is almost the same thing because people are going to associate this item as being approved by Dr Oz. Trust me, save you money. Last year it was African mango, then rasberry ketone, coffee bean extract. I bought the african mango and the only thing I lost was my money, so please save your money.:no:
  10. jtmarcy12

    I Don't Go To Church..

    Based of John 3:16 " if you confess that Jesus Christ is Lord you shall be saved". I don't believe she is going to "hell". She may not be keeping all the commandments of God one being "don't forsake the assembling of yourself together". But, with some Christians not treating each as The Lords wants us to; I can see why" GODISTHERE" and many others do not want/like to attend church.:o