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  1. Asystole RN

    Hillary Clinton regarding nursing

    You have a hard time believing that Clinton believes what the majority of the country believes? Think of the first 3 or 4 nurses in TV media that come to mind...are they closer to your vision of what a nurse is or closer to Clinton's vision?
  2. Asystole RN


    Some of us actually prepare for disaster and invest in decent health insurance, and have more than once policy. Plus a savings account. Plus life insurance. Plus disability insurance. Plus car insurance. Plus renters insurance. Plus AAA. Plus malpractice insurance. Plus we store food. Did I say a savings account? :eek: The kindness and grace is the bankruptcy but it is not absolution. A part of being an adult is being prepared and taking responsibility for the things that you did not prepare for.
  3. Asystole RN


    I'm sorry, were you under the impression that the FBI, corrections, or employers that would require a security clearance do not employ nurses? Nurses deal with an extremely vulnerable population, its a no-brainer as to why someone might want someone with at least a marginal credit rating when dealing with their patients. It is best to make good on the promises you made and honor your contracted debt and do what you said you would do. If you cannot, for whatever reason, then by all means file bankruptcy. Just please do not whine about people judging you because of it and/or not hiring you. Bankruptcy is not a freebie.
  4. Asystole RN


    Because it resolves a couple of issues with one stone. It verifies employment. Potential employers can avoid the potential drama of people with terrible drama. Individuals with poor credit are a higher risk of financial abuse. Is it 100% true? Absolutely not but try to get a job with the FBI, getting a security clearance, or working for corrections with poor credit.
  5. Asystole RN

    Photos as avatars: A cautionary tale.

    I wish it was, then I wouldn't have to repeat myself so much.
  6. Asystole RN

    Photos as avatars: A cautionary tale.

    Some of us do not say anything online that we would not or do not say in person. ::Shrug::
  7. I find it odd that he would not just perform the cesarian. It's not like it is an uncommon procedure. I wonder if he had time constraints or something.
  8. Story in its entirety: http://www.kmov.com/news/local/Lawsuit-filed-against-local-clinic-after-baby-decapitated-during-birth-173379051.html Dear God... I cannot imagine the hurricane of feelings those parents are having... To finally be able to have children, then to have the baby die, then to be presented with...dear God... Bad news all around.
  9. Asystole RN

    As nurse's do u believe in the death penalty?

    The involvement of medical professionals in the administration of capital punishment has been debated for decades. Some physicians, and the majority of medical associations, say that participating or facilitating capital punishment is professionally unethical. AMA views that a physicians goal is the preservation of life where possible. To counter this sentiment, a more modern professional ethical view, is that the physicians duty is to help their patients. The physicians that participate in the executions typically state that their main goal is to limit the pain and suffering of the condemned. The medical party stance would say no, the individual physicians would say yes.
  10. Asystole RN

    Program requesting essay for residency application?

    They asked how you will align yourself, not how you have demonstrated alignment in the past. I am sure all hospitals have noble missions but they all have unique missions and they would like you to tell them how you will align yourself to their unique values.
  11. Asystole RN

    Program requesting essay for residency application?

    1/3 to a full page is already consumed by your introduction and conclusion. A 700-1,000 word essay is actually a pretty short essay. You need to first research the mission statement, values, and strategic plan of the facility and reflect about how you feel about those things and how you might endeavour to fulfill those goals and ideals. Your resume demonstrates your experience, they want to know what your future is. Here I will lay make the outline for you; Paragraph 1 Introduction Paragraph 2 Mission Statement and how you will align yourself to it Paragraph 3 Corporate Values and how you will align yourself to it Paragraph 4 The Corporate Vision and how you will align yourself to it Paragraph 5 Conclusion
  12. The two assailants pleaded guilty and were sentenced according to the laws of their peers. Not knowing the particulars of the ruling and the laws of their jurisdiction, how have her rights been violated after the ruling? Considering that we do not know the particulars of the sentencing, how do we know that justice has not been served?
  13. Asystole RN

    Saw scary situation on TV. Is this a concern in real life?

    We are not the doctor's servant, if we act like a servant and cave into their pressure to act in an unsafe manner then we do not belong in a position where people's live depend on us. Just because a medication, treatment, or procedure is ordered DOES NOT mean that we have to carry out those orders. We have been educated, trained, and instructed to be able to assess the situation and decide if the prescribed medication, treatment, or procedure is safe, prudent, and reasonable. There is a reason why we are registered nurses and not monkeys. Every wonder why they do not just hire lay-people to be nurses?
  14. Asystole RN

    How many of you use iPads vs iPods?

    A tablet would be a little big for floor use... Personally I just use my phone, same software, same programs, one device.
  15. Asystole RN

    Smartphones and nursing...what is your pick and why?

    Medscape, Epocrates, and Skyscape are all available for Windows but Windows is by far the weakest of all platforms. I would not consider a Windows phone under any circumstance. Their OS is terrible...