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  1. SouthernLPN2RN

    Is Chapstick Habit Forming?

    I agree and I know many others who do also.
  2. SouthernLPN2RN

    Daughter heading to Iraq.......I'm devastated!

    I am so sorry Marla. I'll keep y'all in my prayers.
  3. SouthernLPN2RN

    Gallbladder out tomorrow

    Thank you all! I came through very well and am only having a little pain, most of it from the inflation, lol! Some bleeding too, but that's because this pt is bored and can't sit still, lol!!
  4. SouthernLPN2RN

    Gallbladder out tomorrow

    I don't know what time my surgery is scheduled for yet, but it's tomorrow. Wish me luck!
  5. SouthernLPN2RN

    Military people, I need help please

    Perfect! Thanks so much!!
  6. SouthernLPN2RN

    Military people, I need help please

    I'm working on the wedding program for DH's cousin. Her fiance is a senior airman and MP and one other fella is a petty officer 3rd class. How do I write this? TIA!!
  7. SouthernLPN2RN

    Anyone take Phentermine for weight loss?

    I'm taking it now. It does a wonderful job of suppressing my appetite. I lost 14lbs the first month, but the second month hasn't been productive at all. I've gained 2 lbs back, BUT I haven't been eating like I should at all.
  8. I once put a recorded Roy D Mercer message on my voice mail. Shocked the church lady who called the next day, lol!
  9. SouthernLPN2RN

    g'mornin thur feb 15

    It's 0230 here. I'm awake finally. Hope everyone has a good day. I have a critical care workshop at work today. I'm looking forward to it.
  10. SouthernLPN2RN

    your favorite recreational website

    I find myself here on allnurses all the time.
  11. SouthernLPN2RN

    I'm old, fat, and out of shape. And Hungry!

    Sue, I'm glad things are going well! I gained 30 lbs during school and of course I vowed to lose them. I didn't really anticipate the kick start I got, lol! Where I now work at, my coworkers are fitness buffs, one even teaches classes at a local gym! Talk about a kick in the hiney. I've lost 6 lbs in 2 and a half weeks, and I'm pleased. I bought a yoga/pilates video for $1 at the dollar general the other day and I've only tried to do it once, and I only made it through 17 minutes of it. OTOH, this new job has me on my feet going constantly, so I'm hoping that'll help. I've also cut down a bit on the food. Once I get the weight off, I plan to kick the smoking habit too.
  12. SouthernLPN2RN


    ((((Mary Ann)))) I'll be praying for you!
  13. SouthernLPN2RN

    My DH got laid off.... :(

    (((Hugs))) I'm sorry y'all are going through this.
  14. SouthernLPN2RN

    Good Morning Jan 2, 2007 tues

    Hey everybody! Hope everyone's day has gone well! I start my new job in the ICU tomorrow, I'm really excited and scared, lol!!
  15. SouthernLPN2RN

    Happy New Year - 2007 -

    Happy New Year everybody!! I rang it in sewing curtains, lol! I got sooo mad that I missed the ball drop. I always watch it, but DH didn't know what channel it was on and I got so involved with my sewing that I didn't realize it was midnight until dispatch came over DH's walkie wishing everyone a happy new year. Then I stayed up until 0430 reading, lol.