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  1. SouthernLPN2RN

    What types of cars do we all drive?

    I recently saw the new Falcons in a car mag and Ilove them! Too pricey for me though, and they're not offered in the states. I currently drive a hunter green 2001 Mustang, but it's definitely cramped with 2 kids in carseats. DH has a 1997 Z71.
  2. SouthernLPN2RN

    Anyone have a tubal ligation & regretted it?

    YES!!! I had mine done the day I delivered our second child last November. I was 22 at the time. I cried for weeks and prayed that I'd be the one in a million to fail. I had decided I didn't want any more kids, but I wouldn't mind more. Now I feel a little better about it. I had even asked the doc to wait until the next day. Nope. Had to be then. Then of course the spinal failed and I attempted to go through it with just a local. I couldn't hold still while he was digging through my insides so they finally gave me something IV. Anyhow, I honestly believe that if you're under 30 and/or pregnant at the time, you better wait.

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