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  1. Go to Home Depot or Lowes and get TWO types of ear protection: 1) the soft foam ones that you "squish" and then insert in your ear, and then some "noise protection" ear muffs, the over the ear kind that look like the stereo headphones from the 70's...then use BOTH...your wife won't hear any work noise, she'll just have to take a few minutes to get used to hearing her own heartbeat, etc. This will set you back $20-40.
  2. Reader007

    Forty and fat, looking to get fit

    :roflmao: Sorry, this just struck me as very funny. To the op, this forum is very supportive Community | Reboot With Joe , it's for those that follow the diet from Amazon.com: Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead: Joe Cross, Kurt Engfehr, Stacey Offman: Movies & TV (it's on netflix too, give it a watch, you may find it inspirational)
  3. Reader007

    The Question Mark Equation

    I was more impressed with your lack of paragraph spacing.