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UpinawayRN has 25 years experience and specializes in ICU,ED, Corrections, dodging med-surg.

I really do care, Maybe too much.

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  1. UpinawayRN

    Am I the only one that doesn't "get" book clubs?

    I am on committment overload, so the idea of having one more thing added to the list is not my idea of a good time. Love to read, just don't give me a deadline! Sounds like a good idea if I were kidless!
  2. UpinawayRN

    What happened to good babysitters?

    For many years, I paid 50$/day cash for 13-14 hr days. 3 women would rotate comming to the house, all friends as to be able to swap in emergencies. I had 3 little ones, and these gals were great. It came by word of mouth, and they understood when I got home from my shift, is when I was able to get home from my shift. It was by far the best, as I have done the whole "get everyone up before dawn to drop them off and not see them til the next day." Not so easy these days.
  3. UpinawayRN

    Are Credit Checks Keeping Jobless Out of Work?

    Yeah caliotter, probably not eligible for that either. Must have more drama into the mix.
  4. UpinawayRN

    Are Credit Checks Keeping Jobless Out of Work?

    So, what if the keeper of the bills is your spouse who you've entrusted a lifetime to gets laid off or let go, then you get let go, and have a family to feed, and are not living extravagantly. A sudden medical emergency wipes out your entire savings. And now, trying to make things right again, you are judged as being a negligent person? Some of the best, committed workers are those who have landed on tough times. Next thing you know, you will be asked to list your assets and a budget breakdown. Bad things happen to good people who WANT to work and appreciate ANY opportunity they get. Bad scores can happen to the most well meaning people and should not factor into getting hired. What is this field comming to?? Should we all just start marching to the welfare lines?
  5. UpinawayRN

    Random Thoughts

    Trek, can't you just call the EMS company that responded to get one?
  6. UpinawayRN

    Random Thoughts

    What a great evening Brookeelou. I can't remember last getting "hit" on. Tonight I mustered up the energy to hit the mall, because I had a a "10 dollar free money coupon" at Victoria's Secret. I thought maybe, I would buy something a little sexy (to try to get my groove back) but ended up catching a glimpes of myself in the mirror, amongst the many "young girls" and just hurried out of the place with some lipstick, as I could not foresee myself buying anything "sexy" at this time . Did end up buying a nice sweatshirt at Pennys though, along with a few kids clothes.:icon_roll
  7. UpinawayRN

    First word that comes to mind.....

    Willie Nelson
  8. UpinawayRN

    Post a picture of where you AN from

    Looks a bit more contemporary than where I used to work.
  9. Poi, that brings back memories of my brother and I playing with matches early am while parents were sleeping, and started a little carpet fire, but put it out with .:uhoh21:.napkins?? smoke alarm went off, mom and dad jumped out of bed(known for sleeping very late) and all I could say is .."Now I know how to get you guys up!" "Whap! Whap!" Wasn't exactly what they wanted to hear.
  10. Vacu- form.. could that be Shrinky Dinks? I loved those too!
  11. UpinawayRN

    First word that comes to mind.....

  12. Loved the Easy bake ovens with the light bulb cooker. Used to make cakes with friends for the boys we had crushes on!
  13. UpinawayRN

    What music/songs affect you?

    "Take This Job and Shove It"..."I donwanna work, just want to bang on the drums all day" kidding aside?.., love The Frey.."How to Save a Life" too. Almost brings tears to my eyes.
  14. Barbie, of course with the endless wardrobe/shoes, lite brites and colorforms. I wish they still had colorforms (for my kids of course):coollook:
  15. UpinawayRN

    I have been in many places ...

    Ever been in Decent or in Coherent? Me neither.