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  1. mmc51264

    Your Period and Its Spiritual Significance

    Coming from someone who is peri-menopausal, I am not feeling very spiritual. I never know if or when I am going to get a period and then when they do show up it is pure hell for about 36 hours. Been to gyn. Just have to ride it out. PS I agree, the hot flashes SUCK
  2. How can a state pass a law that violates Federal Law (Hipaa)?
  3. mmc51264

    Genetic testing - would you? Did you?

    I had a nursing instructor who had the BRCA test done d/t hx of breast CA in her family. She tested pos and opted for total hysterectomy and BIL mastectomy at 33. (already had kids). Very brave, I think. I was adopted so I know very little of my health hx, so I would have to have a LOT of tests done.
  4. mmc51264

    Hobby Lobby

    I also read that HL's 401(k) is heavily invested in big pharma companies that manufactures the very medications that they object too. Another friend posted something about the age-old argument about covering viagra and the like as well. No reason for viagra other than sex. There are other uses for hormonal medications such as the Pill.
  5. mmc51264

    What is your plan for retirement?

    LOL what retirement?? I am a new nurse in my late forties. I will work as long as I can.

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