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  1. Do you think these people will simply give up power in an election which they are certain to lose? There's too much money to be made! If there just happens to be a terror attack near Nov. 2, when Bush is down 60% to 40% in the opinion polls, well, "we must delay the voting because we can't let terrorists influence the election the way they did in Spain." And I can think of quite a few Americans who would agree.
  2. bukko

    Former President Ronald Reagan Dies at 93

    post removed by admin. please do not post offensive and cruel post.
  3. bukko

    Nurses for Bush ...thread #2

    Don't forget to vote! And don't be afraid to change your mind, if the facts on the ground dictate...
  4. All the better pretense to cancel the election...
  5. bukko

    Bush Knew About Leak of CIA Operative's Name

    The reason nothing sticks to Bush is because the scandals happen so fast. There's a new outrage every day. People can't focus on the last one because something worse has taken its place. Like the $700 million his adminstration swiped from Afghan reconstruction and spent on Iraq war preparations. That alone could be an impeachable offense. When Congress says you must spend money one way, you can't just go spend it somewhere else. We have checks and balances, separation of powers, not a kingdom where the man at the top can do whatever he wants to. But that issue was barely a blip on one 24-hour news cycle. The problem that Nixon, Reagan and Clinton had is that they got hung up on ONE major issue -- Watergate, Iran-Contra, Monica... Bush has adopted a strategy that is unprecedented in my political knowledge -- stay out of trouble by getting into more trouble. We can't see the forest for the trees. Except that more and more people do see that there's a forest of horrors out there, even if they can't zone in on one particular one. I have faith that there is still a majority of Americans who can think, and they'll cast out this demon. Then the investigatory commissions will have a field day dissecting the Bush administration's misdeeds, one by one -- including the outing of Valerie Plame. My question is, when (or if) should President Kerry pardon Bush the way Ford did for Nixon? One last thing -- remember when Deep Throat leakers REVEALED government crimes? Under Bush, Deep Throat is COMMITTING a crime...
  6. bukko

    Nurses for Ralph Nader

    I too am a nurse for Nader, although I'm not voting for him this year. Did that in 2000, in Florida no less. I'm sorry. It's too important to waste a vote on Ralph this year. I agree with his stance on corporate malfeasance, pollution laws and most other issues. I also think he should be allowed into the presidential debates to keep the other two honest. That won't happen, just like in 2000, because this country is a duopoly, run by parties that are opposite sides of the same coin. Unfortunately, the head on the Republican side of that coin is seriously flawed this year, and should be re-cast. I'm not worried about Nader taking votes away from John Kerry. Nobody I know who voted for Nader last time is going to do that in 2004. The idea of another four years of Bush is so scary that they'll vote for the person most likely to defeat him. The Republicans are the ones who should worry. I believe a lot of principled conservatives will not be able to stomach pulling a lever for this radical now in the White House. This summer will see more revelations and actions that will disgust the McCain-type Republicans. They won't vote for Kerry, but the WILL vote for Ralph. My prediction is Kerry 57%, Bush 40%, Nader 3%, with 2% of that being registered Republicans and 1% being people who reject the two-party system.
  7. bukko

    KKK Plans to Protest 'Gay Day' at Dollywood

    The posts about polygamy and Muslim marriages illustrate a point that undercuts the blather about "the sacred nature of the holy union of marriage." That is, there's no such thing. Marriage is a man-made custom (and I mean that in several senses of the word, because women didn't have much to do with the institution) not something that springs from God. And people can make marriage whatever they want it to be. In addition to the Muslims and Mormon spins on marriage, what about the practice of arranged marriage? It's common in India and many African and Asian countries. Girls and boys younger than 10 are promised to others as part of a business deal. Marriages started out as dynastic deals between powerful families. In the Middle Ages, according to articles I've read on the history of marriage, poor people didn't bother with formal marriages. My point is that all the talk about what a God-given thing marriage is is bunk. It's a typical American perspective -- take what white, middle-class people do and project it as the standard for all of humanity. White middle-class Americans are a minority on this planet. We take ourselves too seriously. WE made marriage, and we can make it into anything we want to, including the gay variety. God will not be bothered.
  8. bukko

    KKK Plans to Protest 'Gay Day' at Dollywood

    "Harsh-core" Christians know about these things because they're all over Christian TV shows. The San Francisco news channels don't show that stuff because it's well, old news. BOOOORING! Occasionally I stop channel-surfing on Pat Robertson's "700 Club" (or as I like to call it, the "666 Club") or something similar. Good to keep up with what the other side's seeing. Same reason I watch Fox sometimes. THAT'S where you'll see gays making out in public. The "harsh-core" Christians can't get enough of it! It's even on Christian TV commercials. "Please send us money so we can fight to stop this sort of thing..." Condemnatory Christian TV shows it because it stirs their passions -- and I think it stirs 'em in more ways than one... I apologize to the decent-minded Christians for originally lumping them in the same handbasket (the one that's going to you-know-where) with the hate-minded ones. That's like combining all Muslims with the suicide-bombing ones. There are many Christians who remember Jesus's message is about love and forgiveness, which is what separates the Christian New Testament from the harsher Old Testament. And I didn't amend this because of the moderators, either. I just got to thinking that I had tarred too many people with the same brush.
  9. bukko

    KKK Plans to Protest 'Gay Day' at Dollywood

    I want to know whether Jaa would prefer to have a white sheet or rhinestones to cover his Super suit. If you had to choose one or the other, what would it be, guy? It says a lot about your secret nature...
  10. bukko

    KKK Plans to Protest 'Gay Day' at Dollywood

    I totally agree! Let's get hateful about clothing. I think someone ought to throw a white robe over Dolly (to protect the children from her blatant mammaryian suggestivity) or put rhinestones on the Klan kostumes. Imagine how they'd sparkle in the burning crosslight...
  11. bukko

    KKK Plans to Protest 'Gay Day' at Dollywood

    Dahling, if more than 50 percent of the body surface area is covered in rhinestones, especially in conjunction with peroxide hair, that meets the DSM IV (Directory of Style Mavens) definition of "tacky." Don't make me call the Fab Five in for a fashion consult!:roll
  12. bukko

    Christians look to form 'new nation' within U.S

    I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you, that no one has mentioned Texas as home for this Christian secessionist state. The landscape of west Texas is somewhat Biblical. (Hot enough that bushes might spontaneously burst into flame. Hey, I like that idea -- if it applied to the Bush named George!) The Lone Star State is already home to many separatist minded Christians, so they wouldn't have the trouble of renting U-Hauls. And there's lots of room for all the others who would want to join them! Texas was once its own country (for all of nine years) and they've spent the following 160 years reminding us of it. Losing Texas would make the rest of the U.S. a more peaceful place. Our country has had three presidents from Texas and each of 'em has dragged us deeply into wars!. So let's let Texas become the Christian nation it wants to be, and split California into two states (Alta and Baja) so we don't have to order a bunch of new flags.
  13. bukko

    KKK Plans to Protest 'Gay Day' at Dollywood

    I haven't seen this addressed on the thread -- WHY would gays want to have a day at DOLLYWOOD? She is SOOOO tacky! I can see her appeal to the minority of gays who are into the campy/glammy thing, but otherwise... I live up the hill from the Castro district (where, as Stevierae can tell you, every day is Gay Day) and I'd wager that the buff, stylish people there would have nothing to do with Dollyness. And country music -- how un-gay is that? I'm not saying gay taste is all about show tunes. At the Gay Pride parade (love those Dykes on Bikes!) most of the music coming from the floats was techno/disco. I didn't hear the first twang of country. Maybe it's different in the South and Midwest, but the gay people I know would shun Dollywood on the grounds of bad taste. Then again, San Francisco is notorious for its "hipper-than-thou" snobbishness... And for the few that have complained about sexuality being inappropriate for Dollywood, what is Ms. Parton if not a sex-bomb? I mean, without her most outstanding attributes, she'd be nothing but another Loretta Lynn or Patsy Cline (better singers IMHO) and you don't see them having theme parks. So Dolly's park idea would seem to have sex at the base of it. (I've never been there -- do they sell souvenirs of her, uh, famous features, or maybe marshmallow treats in the shape of? Now that's an idea! Melt them on top of your hot breakfast cereal! Ever plop a Peep onto some hot chocolate? But I'm rambling here...)
  14. bukko

    Nurses for Bush ...thread #2

    Speaking of the president and the military, I wonder what our contingent of veteran Bushbackers (I'm a Bushwhacker myself) think of the military men who have turned against the Commander in Chief. One is Anthony Zinni -- excuse me, U.S. Marine Corps General Anthony Zinni. Bush thought enough of Zinni to make him our envoy to talk to the Israelis and Palestinians for the "roadmap to peace." Now Zinni has that book "Battle Ready" that he wrote with Tom Clancy. Excuse me -- best-selling author of books including "The Hunt for Red October" Tom Clancy. These guys are hardly pansy prancing liberals. But they've written a whole book saying how they think Rumsfeld & Co. have screwed up the Iraq war, gotten our troops killed needlessly, encouraged terrorism and made the United States LESS safe. Then today I heard Col. David Hackworth on Al Franken's liberal radio network show. Hackworth fought in WW II AND Vietnam. (He signed up in 1945 when he was 14 years old.) The guy is now a newspaper columnist who writes mostly about military affairs. I would come across his stuff occasionally in newspapers when I lived in Florida but I didn't usually read it because he was so rabidly right-wing. So I was shocked that he was on pinko radio. And HE is saying the same as Zinni and Clancy -- that Bush is wrecking the military! It's disconcerting, this convergence of opinion between left and right. Disconcerting because the military guys almost never grasp the truth like us leftists do. Do you military nurse guys listen to Zinni/Clancy/Hackworth? Any ripostes, or have they swayed you? Permission granted to think freely, soldiers!
  15. bukko

    KKK Plans to Protest 'Gay Day' at Dollywood

    I guess it's only fitting that a thread that started with gays would get around to discussion of "experimenting" and "topping"...