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  1. Good point. Thanks to everyone for all your advise.
  2. Hello everyone, thanks so much for your support. I am now doing very well. Things have changed in a postive way, and moving in the right direction. All your advise has been very help and kind. Once again thank-you. Take care everyone.:yeah:
  3. Hello everyone, I can honestly say that the hardest part of my life right now is my marriage. I am in the process of getting my license I have completed the first part just have to get comfortable driving so I can do the test. If my spouse has to take me anywhere it's a huge deal. It's heart breaking. I go to work and come home that is my life because I don't drive. For example I felt like going out for a nice meal just for a change and he made such a big deal I just said forget it. I'm so independent I don't ask for anything just a little help with transportation. I just don't know why this is happening to me, I haven't been married long and I wish I could turn back the hands of time I would have stayed clear of this situation. What should I do?
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to say thank-you for all your great advise and encouragement. I have made it a goal to get my license. I also agree that my spouse she not be my only source of feedback for advise or support. I don't have a lot friends because I am very sensitive and I tend to keep to myself. Thanks again.
  5. I would like to thank everyone for all your great advise. Yes getting my license has been the one goal I have wanted to fulfill in a very long time. When I was younger in my teens I got my license but I had no car to practice driving so when the time came to renew my license I lacked the experience to pass the renewal test. I have made a decision to go back and get my license. I am not sure if this will improve my marriage because there are a lot issues. I will make it a goal to start getting lessions ASAP. Thanks everyone for everything. It's amazing I have overcome a lot obstacles in my life but getting my license seems to be the greatest one. I also find myself being envious of other peoples marriages for example husband and wives that do things together. My spouse and I don't do a lot activities or travel. Believe me I have suggested several things he's never interested I really feel like I have wasted time being married and not having my license. Everything else outside of those two factors are amazing. I am very independent I don't rely on my spouse for anything other than drive here and there but even thats going to change. It's time I took back my life, I have taken a back seat to happiness long enough. Great things are happening around me but I have no way of getting involved. I don't know if my spouse and I can move forward from this I am very disappointed in him and us, he has changed my perception of him and once thats changed it's hard to go back. I mean simple things like asking him for an electronic item he says I don't need it. I have received flowers once, no gifts, I pay for everything outside of bills that we split fifty fifty, so whats the point. Thanks for allowing me to vent this morning.
  6. Hi everyone, I am so happy for this communication outlet. It's a great place to vent and get great advise. My question is do you thinks life's circumstances forces us to make decisions. For example I remember when I finished university and started my first job I the disagreements I had with my mother became more frequent to the point where it became difficult for us to live in the same home. So I got my own place and the rest is history. I have been postponing getting my drivers license for the longest time, in fact I purchased a car which my hubby drives. But as times goes on it's getting difficult to have hime drive me places so I often miss out on shopping for household items or shopping for clothing or simply going to the mall. In fact when I ask him for a drive he simply says No or gives me a drive when is upset the whole time. Well I wanted to go for groceries after work and I asked him if we could stop for groceries on the way home and he got upset stating he's tired and he doesn't know what I do all day but he works. So long story short groceries didn't get done. Also I can't remember the last time I went out for dinner or a movie, or did anything fun for that matter. I pretty much pay for all household items, we split the bills even and take turns on groceries. I buy things for him, he'll buy things for me if I ask but will not volunteer. He cooks and helps with the cleaning. So I have come to the conclusion that life is telling me to get my license and move on from this marriage as it is going no where. I guess my only think is I really don't have a support network. I keep to myself I pretty much work and come home. But I am a strong believer in God and I feel whatever decision I make he will see me through. I welcome your thoughts.
  7. Destiny12

    It's like having a sibling all over again

    I would like to thank everyone for your kind words of encouragement. I have tried to communicate with my spouse but the minute I raise my concern he becomes defensive. Forget counseling he's not interested. He thinks I have the problem. It's funny when we were friends prior to marriage we communicated very well and respected each other space when he got on my nerves I just ignored his calls. I decided to marry him because of his good nature, and at times funny sense of humour. He is also kind and respectful to others never showing anger. The problem is I like nice things, I like to travel, I like to go out to dinner, I like to go shopping and these are all expenses I pay for myself I don't ask my spouse for money. He pays half of the bills and I pay half we alternate for groceries. Not sure where to go from here. I know my spouse he will not buy a computer not when there is one in the house he can use. I guess I am tired of being responsible for all expenses outside of bills, I spend he saves.
  8. Destiny12

    It's like having a sibling all over again

    Hubby is short for husband.
  9. Hello all, I hope everyone is doing well. I have tried to reframe from complaining about this matter but it's getting on my nerves. My hubby and and I are both enrolled in courses that have assignments due. Both our assignments require that we study on the computer or write reports on the computer. A little while back I purchased a computer which has proved to be a great value. My hubby is always on my computer, In fact I have to ask to use my computer to complete my assignments. He doesn't get upset but gives me a look like I am preventing his educational goals. He keeps saying he is going to purchase a computer but doesn't he more than has the means to buy his own computer but prefers to save his money and use mine. I am not complaining of the same thing occures with the tv. I purchased a tv, and he watches more than I do, and if I want to watch something he gets annoyed, once again prefers to save his money and use my equipment. I have to keep a strict watch on my equipment if not he will not take care of it. I purchased a car, and he uses it more than I do, and he doesn't take care of it. The car is a total mess, and when I complain about the condition of the car he gets annoyed, he refuses to drive his car.
  10. Destiny12

    Signs you've given up on the relationship

    Hello all, thanks for all your encouraging words, kind words, and support. It is greatly appreciated.
  11. Hello all, I hope everyone had a nice holiday. What are some signs that one has given up on their marriage? I find that in the last several months I'm really not affected by the arguments we may have. I just feel tired, like there are so many factors that influence our marriage. I feel like I am second on the list, but I don't seem to care.
  12. Destiny12

    step-parents and the holidays

    wow, thanks everyone for all your great replies. I didn't think this area exist. I would love to know whats it like to be a step-parent. What were some of the challenges, emotions, joys, experiences. I pretty much I would like to know everything. Once again thanks the feedback is great.
  13. Destiny12

    step-parents and the holidays

    hello all, please share your experiences with step parenting.

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