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  1. VioletKaliLPN

    What would you do if faced with this ethical dilemma?

    I support bodily autonomy in regards to abortion and suicide for terminally ill patients. I cannot imagine being in a place of pain, feelings of loss of control, and fear related to an undignified death.
  2. VioletKaliLPN

    claiming "against my beliefs" for immunizations?

    autism is a spectrum, as well all know, with varying degrees of impairment and manifestations. back in "the day", children with autism who were higher functioning may have been called the quiet kid, the weird kid, super geek, "not very social", these are common with aspbergers. other kids may have been called "bad", violent, retarded, mentally handicapped, etc.. i truly believe this has existed for years, but we now know it as a spectrum disorder with varying degrees of manifestations.

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