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  1. VioletKaliLPN

    September 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    "Is it too late to get my zombie shot?"
  2. VioletKaliLPN

    September 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    " Especially on days that end with WHY?!"
  3. VioletKaliLPN

    nurses as hoarders

    I do not hoard, I collect. :P I am not BAD, I promise. I am not TV show worthy, I promise.
  4. VioletKaliLPN

    Older Nurses: What Were They Thinking?

    " i'm 61, have been nursing since 1976 (yes, a lot of you weren't even around!!), & instead of being able to retire next year when i wanted to, i'm sure i'll have to keep working - in the or, which is far away from being a desk job! at least it keeps me in shape..... " your experience is no doubt an incredible asset to each patient you serve, as well as each new nurse you come into contact with. i will 30 in july, for age reference. i grew up with an understanding that no one is entitled to anything simply by virtue of existence, be it a job, car, high salary, well off parents, or what have you. my father was a chemist, my mother a nurse, so i grew up in a two parent upper middle class family. i was taught that i am never guaranteed a job i will love at first, but that i will be able to earn the job i love through my experience at the 'bottom'. my pay at first would not be fabulous, but i will eventually earn more through my experience. i had older parents, parents who remembered starting at the bottom of a company and working their way up through the ladder until they were management or cfo, coo, etc.. my dad worked his way up, and made 100k a year back in the 80's and 90's, which was great money then for our mcol area. nowadays, many young people expect the immediate job with a high salary, no experience needed. they expect to be able to buy a bmw, 600k home, etc, all on their fresh from college job.. it is enititlement at it's finest. so amny young people want it *all*, and they want it *now*. my dad told me he did own a car that wasn't at least 8-10+ years old until he was 30-something. many of my peers would not have a car so 'old'. i am rambling.. it is the enititlement mentality that is really causing a problem with young people lately. no, 'your' first nursing job may not be what you love, it may be med surg or a nursing home/ltc facility, but dangit, get some experience, learn to be a nurse, and use that experience to find your dream position later. i am a new lpn who has a job in ltc/snf. i am learning so much in such a short period of time that i cannot believe it. i love my job, my residents, and could not imagine doing anything else.even though it was not my 'dream job', it became my dream job.
  5. VioletKaliLPN

    How do you unwind after a crazy shift?

    0.5mg of clonazepam, followed by watching "The case files of Dale Hinnman" (spelling may be incorrect) That always does the trick.
  6. VioletKaliLPN

    What would you do if faced with this ethical dilemma?

    I support bodily autonomy in regards to abortion and suicide for terminally ill patients. I cannot imagine being in a place of pain, feelings of loss of control, and fear related to an undignified death.
  7. VioletKaliLPN

    claiming "against my beliefs" for immunizations?

    autism is a spectrum, as well all know, with varying degrees of impairment and manifestations. back in "the day", children with autism who were higher functioning may have been called the quiet kid, the weird kid, super geek, "not very social", these are common with aspbergers. other kids may have been called "bad", violent, retarded, mentally handicapped, etc.. i truly believe this has existed for years, but we now know it as a spectrum disorder with varying degrees of manifestations.