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  1. sMoLsNurse

    Help with Acne

    I don't have PCOS but my dermatologist put me on tetracycline for 4 months and I use Panoxyl face wash. I also had a Mirena IUD put in so that may have helped as well.
  2. sMoLsNurse

    Makeup that will last thru a 12 hr shift?

    I found that eyeliner and shadow always smudges and I look like I've walked through the trenches of hell by the end of a 12hr shift. I just use It Cosmetics Bye Bye Undereye, Mac Mineral pressed powder, a little Estee Lauder Bronzer, and some mascara. It usually holds up well and I don't look/feel horrible.
  3. sMoLsNurse

    Talk to me about your hair...

    If you can't braid (it def. took some practice) you can always sub the braid for a twist in the front then either ponytail or bun.
  4. sMoLsNurse

    Talk to me about your hair...

    I'll usually do a braid like in this picture and then throw my hair up in a messy bun or ponytail. I make it look a little messy but nothing gets in my face.
  5. sMoLsNurse

    Finally Get a Derm appt and Oh wait...

    Ugh, I did not have my appt. They were closed. Really bummed out now :(
  6. sMoLsNurse

    Finally Get a Derm appt and Oh wait...

    4 :eek: Who knows this early in the week though. It may not even be as bad as they say. :up:
  7. sMoLsNurse

    Finally Get a Derm appt and Oh wait...

    Incoming blizzard! Yaaaay! :mad: Maybe the office will stay open?? Maybe?
  8. sMoLsNurse

    Present for Fiance- Weight loss related

    Hi, My fiance is getting into lifting weights and working out. He uses mainly P90x. I'm trying to think of a gift to get him for Xmas that is related to weight loss/working out. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  9. I was just thinking about my friend, who last week finally got a job as a Full-time teacher. It took her two years and countless substitute teacher jobs. She waitressed and was a nanny for the two years as well to supplement her income. Many other friends who are teachers are also having a rough time, I'd almost say it's comparable or even worse than finding a nursing job. What are your thoughts?
  10. sMoLsNurse

    Best Pet For Busy Nurse

    pet rock?