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  1. There is one positive out of all of this negativity that resulted because of inaccurate political hate. Mrs. Sherrod has helped a lot of people and the public will learn from this and know who she is as someone who has helped hundreds of families of all races, ethnicity, and cultures. Not everyone is perfect but I respect individuals that help others and learn from their own views and correct their own weaknesses. I am actually glad to see how race has been a much more open issue since Obama has been in office. Race has been a hot issue since the day he decided to run for presidency. It is more out in the open even though some people are being defensive about it. I think it needs to be out in the open and not hidden in the closet. We must all decide to talk about injustices of race, ethnicity, and religions (ie. the increase hatred of Muslims is unwarranted you can't blame a whole group because of VERY small section of it). I hope that more people will discuss race relations and religious persecution at the dinner table. Just because a topic maybe considered taboo does not mean one should not discuss it.
  2. Cherish

    first paycheck as RN... what did you do/buy?

    What's a cocktail ring? Is that the same thing as costume jewelry?
  3. Cherish

    What's your zodiac sign?

  4. Yea it did look like she was hand-ling him with care LOL. I immediately thought of that when I saw it. But overall I liked the show, I will continue watching and put it on DVR. What else is there to watch at 9 on a Tuesday? Now onto Real Housewives of New Jersey...
  5. Just started watching it. I DVR'ed it and was watching something else. So can't look at what else people are writing lol...big time spoiler alert y'all LOL.
  6. Cherish

    Nurse Jackie TV show reviewed by AJN editor

    I think people fail to realize these are drama's (TNT is all about drama LOL) or dark comedies (Nurse Jackie). If you want something real, change the channel to discovery health. You can see the REAL lives of the medical community there. There are a BUNCH of reality series from the 90's to early 2000's like Hopkins, etc. One of the reasons Jada is doing that show is to kinda honor her mother who happens to be a Nurse. But it's tv, to keep the audience as a whole who will most likely not all be nurses, things will not be realistic. I doubt secretaries or people who work for office supply stores look at The Office as a reality tv show :D , or that law enforcement or the justice field look at Law and Order as realistic, it's entertainment.
  7. Cherish

    Nurse Jackie TV show reviewed by AJN editor

    Here's a link to a Yahoo! TV article on the subject: http://tv.yahoo.com/contributor/28873/news/urn:newsml:tv.ap.org:20090614:us_ap_on_tv_showtime_s_nurse__ER:61751 Has anyone heard of the new NBC show on nurses called 'Mercy'? First time I've heard of it.
  8. Cherish

    Got my ass handed to me yesterday.

    It's funny how you say that yet he said that she is being fair in the process of this divorce. I wouldn't assume anything about someone you don't know. I guess in your assumption the only way people divorce is cause their adulterous??? A fair divorce is not usually how divorce is. Usually its harsh and consists of fights. If they go through their divorce with respect for one another and being equal and fair, that's better than most of the divorces out there currently. Erik: Sorry to say but when one wants a divorce, that's basically it. You can try to work things out but it'll end in divorce why prolong the wound. If she wants it and you are willing, why fight it, she'll hate you even more especially since you said she is being fair right now. Sorry to hear about this but a fair divorce is better than a nasty long drawn out fight. You will get better and the feeling of distrust will go away, since right now I KNOW you are hurt (I am a divorcee so I know what your going through). Then you'll come to a point in your life where your like ex-wife who? Just be as amicable as you can right now and hope this divorce is a short equal non fighting one. I had one that was 2 1/2 years long and thats WITHOUT kids. If I could of settled for a fast speedy one I would have LOL.
  9. Cherish

    HawthoRNe: New medical drama feat. a NURSE!!

    Can't wait I love Jada Pinkett (B-More girl in the hiz-ouse LOL). I've got it set on my DVR, guess there's something on to watch on tuesday besides The Real Housewives of New Jersey (which I am addicted to) lol.
  10. Cherish

    Happy Saturday...August 4th 2007

    WOW congrats!!!! :balloons: :spin: I remember seeing that guy wasn't he in Melrose Place? I think he was also in Lifetime movies, probably a Daniel Steel movie. This weekend is tax-free weekend here in NC, so I will be going to the outlets and stocking up on clothes and stuff for school.
  11. Cherish

    Happy Friday, June 1st

    LOL Zoe my comment was to Grace Oz (about a comment she left to me on yesterdays thread) no one else...LOL. So don't feel sorry you had no part in this at all:spin: . NurseyBaby your son is absolutely adorable...new Gerber baby huh?
  12. Cherish

    TB infected traveler

    His father in law is a CDC TB research doctor. FIL said it would be no problem to travel and his own father (a lawyer too) recorded his doctors meeting with him before he left. Really stupid idea to travel but is this strain contagious by air or some other way or not contagious at all?
  13. Cherish

    Happy Friday, June 1st

    Jnette-Glad your son is coming home. One of my bestfriend's just finished basic and technical school and is arriving in town today, he's an airmen. I took my endocrine test yesterday and received a 99% on the test...I'm very happy with that. I actually loved learning about the endocrine and actually understood what was going on, it was pretty fun.
  14. Cherish

    Happy Friday, June 1st

    Good Morning everyone.. Yup I guess I'm intentionally insulting my FELLOW soldiers:uhoh3: . I in no way was insulting or harming anyone. I have served in the U. S. Army since I was 17! Been to Iraq and Afghanistan so how in the h+ll am I insulting my fellow soldiers...MY FAMILY! You must know better than me about being a soldier and being in war. You have me EXTREMELY heated. I do not judge my family (army). Having a CIVILIAN making those comments at me??? I am REALLY peed off right now! I will not comment to you any further! :angryfire I need to log off so I can calm down...sorry everyone but this individuals so called assumption has me extremely angry to say a comment like that. Hope everyone has a great Friday.
  15. Cherish

    May 31 2007...last day in may


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