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  1. cleback

    Trying to get pregnant between UDC3 and 4

    Don't plan on delivering during the last semester. That would be no Bueno as you will have clinical hours to complete, with likely little flexibility. Also, if you wait until you have a job offer, you won't be covered by fmla until you've been there a year... and maybe not even short term disability for a while (6 months I see quite a bit). If you can plan it perfectly, I would get pregnant over a summer break, if you can financially swing that before graduation. Or immediately after graduation. Or after your first year of nursing. However, those are big ifs. It takes couples an average of 6 months to get pregnant. It took me and my husband 15 months with our first and 8 months with our second... that's with doing all the things and not having anything wrong. So surprise! It may not be that easy to pick when you get pregnant or give birth. Ultimately, it'll happen when it happens.... and you have to be flexible to an extent.
  2. cleback

    My boyfriend is being a jerk!!! Help!!!!

    If you guys were married or engaged, I'd advise to schedule some time so at least the relationship isn't completely neglected between everything you have going on. But y'all are just dating and not even exclusively so (on his part). And it sounds like his main complaint is just sex, so he can wait.
  3. cleback

    Did anyone take black coffee for reducing fat?

    I personally like cream and sugar in mine... or at least milk... so no, no weight loss.
  4. cleback

    Social media can affect your hireability

    Unless her posts were racist or otherwise offensive, I don't agree. People should be able to listen to others' opposing policital views respectfully. To screen out liberal/conservative applicants is really distasteful to me.
  5. cleback

    Dating doctor and nurse

    This made me lol. I've been married 8... maybe this is why my stomach is acting up recently?
  6. cleback

    Most Unusual Side Job

    Job during grad school... was part of "Team diarrhea" at the health department, so I called people who tested + for different foodborne bugs and surveyed their eating habits. Other than that, I have no marketable talents outside of nursing. Sigh.

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