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  1. momcats3

    The Mother Who Didn't Like Her Child

    Ruby, and Commuter, I have been an admirer of both of you since I started with AN. Your stories have touched me deeply. I don't know what to say except "I'm sorry". You deserved so much better. That you have both come to be such fine, sterling examples of the nurse I want to be is truly a credit to you both. Hugs, mc3:nurse:
  2. momcats3

    3 kids in a relationship 9 yrs, no marriage

    Just read this post. I dunno..........I'm sensing you're giving us lots of excuses for him. You're letting him off the hook. Otherwise, you wouldn't have written this to begin with. It's pretty simple, really. You can go to city hall, or to your local JP - or do you have a favorite clergy person? They could come to your home, and you could have a small party there. Not being able to have big party is just not a valid reason in my book. As someone said, it's the marriage portion that's important, not the party. Just my 2 cents worth! mc3
  3. momcats3

    Nurses for Bush

    I just signed up!

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