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  1. roeth

    Critters in your house.

    Ewww I kept cringing as I read these. I'm now thankful I only get spiders once in a while...which I still hate and run from, but I prefer spiders over everything else mentioned. I know...I'm so boring. :D
  2. roeth

    Show off your new avatar.

    :eek: Where can I get that avatar? I put up a Salvador Dali painting, but I like what you see instead! :yeah:
  3. xtxrn...I literally just realized you have this quote. D'oh! :lol2: Thanks for following up!
  4. roeth

    Show off your new avatar.

    Can you see mine? Feelin' a bit artsy.
  5. This reminds me of a quote that goes something like this: Whatever you think you can or can't do...you are right. I'm not sure if that's exactly how it was said, but that's how I remember it.
  6. I should have worded it differently. By space I mean for us to not be so close like we are. We spend a lot of time together. She has also done a couple of other things where it works out to be her being with a kid and me being without one and I'm always the one who just doesn't understand anything that pertains to children. It's a bit much for me.
  7. roeth

    I have been in many places ...

    I've been around in Considerate far too often. :anbd:
  8. Thank you for the replies! I've decided to keep some space between the two of us for a while to cool off.
  9. I want to clarify that she wasn't trying to get me to come watch her kid after driving for 4-5 hours, but thought it would have been nice for me to offer. The main issue between us is that I suggested she take her sick (only throwing up during the night...nothing else) kid to the store with her to pick up whatever she needed for him. She got offended at my comment and thought I was not being sensitive for thinking she should take her child to the store with her after he was throwing up during the night. So she decided to get mad at the world and everyone around her because no one would or could help her at the time, which is my whole point of just going to the store with the kid.
  10. You're right...it doesn't make sense. Not sure why I've been overthinking it, but it must have been because I needed a new point of view. Thanks.
  11. If I was home, I would have helped her. She never directly asked me to help her...only mentioned that her son is sick and she needs stuff from the store. If she had asked me for help directly and I said: just take your sick son to the store with you...then I could understand her point (if I was in town). Other than that, I still believe that she should have just gone to the store since she had no other way of getting what she needed for her son.
  12. Here's the story and I will get to the question at the end: I was out of town (about 4-5 hours away) on a weekend trip recently when on my final day of the trip my good friend sends me a text message asking me when I plan on leaving to come back home. I told her in about an hour I will head out and make the drive home and asked her what was up. She said her 3 year old son was throwing up all night and she needs to go to the store to grab a few things for him to help him feel better. As she put it: "It will only take 10 minutes." She said she obviously couldn't leave because she had no one to watch him for those 10 minutes while she ran to the store. She was also frustrated that no one was available to get some items for her from the store since she couldn't leave her son alone. She is a single mother and does not have a partner to help her out. Also, she is fairly new around town though she has her sister in town (whose baby was also sick at the time), a roommate, and a few close people from work. I have no children and I already had plans after my trip. I sent her a text asking why she couldn't go to the store. She said her son is sick and ended it at that. Today, we started our conversation by her expressing how frustrated she was that no one was available to help her. I asked her if some of her frustration was directed at me because that was the vibe I was getting. She said she was very shocked and offended that I would suggest she take her sick son to the store. She said she knew I was traveling, but that it would have only taken 10 minutes for her to run to the store while someone watched her child or someone could have taken those few minutes to grab the necessary items for her. She mentioned that she was trying to be sensitive to the fact that I don't have kids and probably don't understand that you don't take sick children to the store because it's inconsiderate to expose others to the sickness. I said...WHAT? If I had a sick child and no one else to help me then of course I would run in and out of a store to get what I needed. I asked how is it any different than when grown adults go to the store all sick to get medicine if they have no one to bring it to them? Also, how is it any better that you have someone else watch your child while you go to the store since that exposes the person to whatever the kid has? If your child is sick then you do what you need to do is what my opinion is. This all balanced on a fine line of her being a terrible mother and me not understanding what it's like to have kids. Bottom line: I don't think she's a terrible mother, but I personally stick with my opinion that if you have a sick child and you need to go to the store (and no one is available to help) then you go yourself with your child...in and out, get what you need. Am I wrong for thinking this way? Am I being insensitive to my friend who has a 3 year old? Was I supposed to come to her rescue right after my trip and watch her sick kid while she ran to the store? I'm not a mother so maybe I'm missing something. :confused: Please share and thank you in advance for taking the time to read this.
  13. roeth

    What are you doing right now?

    I'm sitting here contemplating how badly I want to beat my coworker upside the head. She really grinds my nerves. She's one of those people who pushes ALL of my buttons at once. This rarely happens to me, but now that I'm stuck with her...ugh. :banghead: I'm also counting the hours until I bust out of California for Vegas to visit a good friend of mine. :smokin:
  14. roeth

    It's a girl!

    Oh my gosh CONGRATULATIONS! :w00t: I'm curious about names now too. My good friend is pregnant right now (I think about 13-14 weeks along) and we're all anxious to find out if it's a girl or boy.
  15. roeth

    Thinking of geting a manicure &pedicures

    I love pedicures, but I try to save money by buying my own small little tub thing (apparently I forgot how to speak English today...), rubbing my legs and feet with lotion, and of course painting my own nails/toenails. It's definitely different (and more relaxing) when the other person does it because they go into detail and really get in there to make you feel good. There's this place around here where I've been going to for years (in Southern California) and they always do a wonderful job. Sometimes I get little designs on my toes if I'm feeling a little crazy. Haha. At the place I go to they give you a foot massage and it feels amazing. Well now I want a pedicure. Who wants to pay for it? :D