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  1. roeth

    Are you happy being single?

    Poi Dog - I've been single since '09. I had a short relationship with a guy who got married to another woman shortly after I broke it off.
  2. roeth

    Are you happy being single?

    I'm happy being single, but I do crave "the other half" because I really enjoy doting on a significant other. I'm not looking to find someone, but I think about it. I see my other friends with husbands/boyfriends/girlfriends/wives as well as small kids and think "good thing I can do whatever I want, whenever I want." Don't get me wrong - I love children and I would enjoy having a partner if I found someone. I haven't found anyone and if it's meant to be then it's meant to be. Until then, I will continue doing what I want, when, and how I want it. :D
  3. roeth

    Can a fat nurse be a good nurse?

    To answer your title: Yes, fat nurses can be and are effective nurses. Slender, slim, thin..whatever kind of other nurses are not necessarily healthy or promote healthier lifestyles just because of what others see from the body type.
  4. roeth

    Hospice - Misunderstood and Underutilized

    This is a wonderful post. Next week on June 24th will be three years since I watched my step-dad leave this Earth while under absolutely amazing Hospice care. We had an incredible nurse who I will forever remember. He was in a lot of pain from the cancer spreading throughout his body. On the day Hospice came to the house, he was finally able to lay down and relax. His kids came to visit from out of state, he made phone calls to family on the East Coast to say farewell. It was so emotional yet relaxing to know he was not going to spend the rest of his time in agony. He passed away about two weeks later with me right by his side. Tears still form when I recall his passing, but I am so happy we had Hospice. Right after his death, I became a Hospice volunteer and it helped me heal. I continue to volunteer and have the greatest love and appreciation for Hospice and Hospice nurses. Thank you!
  5. roeth

    step-parents and the holidays

    I am a step-kid. My mom remarried the first time when I was 7 then my stepdad passed away after a number of years. She is currently married once again to a really great guy. One of my first negative memories of my first step-dad (the one that still sticks with me today) is him trying to discipline me right off the bat. I was very resistant as he was not my biological father though I'm sure it varies from kid to kid and depends on age too. His kids were grown and out on their own and we never formed a "sibling" bond. Currently, my mom is a step-parent to my step-dad's 3 children (they live out of state). They are ages 11, 16, and 19. For the holidays, my mom welcomes them with open arms and with a big smile on her face. The kids are mean to my mom after she bends over backwards to provide whatever they needed to be comfortable for the holidays. My mom has never tried to fill in as their mother because they obviously already have one. I have zero tolerance for anyone being absolutely disgusting to my mother so there have been times where I told them their behavior and language is unacceptable. I love my step-siblings, but being a blended family does not give anyone the right to be full out disrespectful especially if they are old enough to know better. As for my relationship with my current step-dad..it's great! We get along really well and whenever my mom and I end up in an argument, he never swoops in and takes her side even if she wants him to. He will llisten and give his opinion if we ask, but will remain neutral, which I love. I recommend this for other step-parents.
  6. Does anyone use Bobbi Brown? If so, which products do you use daily or on the go? What is your skin type? The make up is definitely more expensive than what I normally use (a lot of drug store products), but I hear great things about it so I'm considering switching over completely. Are there certain things like mascara or a moisturizer that is better left to the drug store instead of spending a ton of money from this make up line? Any input is welcome! Thanks for reading! :)
  7. roeth

    As nurse's do u believe in the death penalty?

    While I am not a nurse, I do have an opinion on this. I oppose the death penalty. To me, no human being has the right to decide if another person is to have his or her life taken away. I do understand murderers do this very thing, but what good is it to turn around and do the exact same? Has putting others to death really deterred criminals from actually following through with a crime? Maybe for some, but not the majority. Sometimes the person who is put to death ends up being innocent. The system is not perfect and I do recognize the other side of the argument.