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  1. Streamline2010

    The war on men

    quote from http://www.riverfronttimes.com/2011-05-26/news/suzanne-venker-phyllis-schlafly-flipside-of-feminism/ Well, as my mother says, staying home is lots easier than WORKING, for those women who just don't want to work, lol. Psychologists say that some values tend to alternate and skip a generation. Maybe that's what's happening. There also seems to be a cycle in the USA of women gaining ground in politics, workplace, and finances, and then some movement coming along to criticize them and take away their power, and push them all back in to the subordinate homemaker role. Part of it follows the economy: Booming economy with lots of jobs ('20s, WWII, '60s-'80s) favors women working, and recession/depression makes the men antsy and then women get pushed back into that unemployed homemaker stuff again, "for the good of the children, and the Family." ("You'd do it for Fam-uh-lee" except the townsfolk sing "Fam-uh-lee") But, it's really to take women out of the workforce so that men can have an easier time getting jobs, for which they might not be the best-qualified applicants, either. The shrills can keep their SAHMammahood and perpetual servitude. Personally, I prefer the rat race. I love it, as a matter of fact. I'm a woman who decided at age 6 (no lie) that almost anything is far more intellectually interesting than motherhood and raising children. And I vowed pretty much at that point to never get trapped into either marriage or motherhood. I did marry, once, not until age 36. And I had a notion when I met that man at age 32 that I wanted a child, but he stopped that. So, no kids for me. And no real regrets. I still spit on most of the "traditional values, " because they are too restrictive and they look ridiculously limiting, to me. Someone gave us Protestants contraceptives so that we can get something done in life besides childcare and housework. ;-) The problem that I run into now that I am divorced, is all the men I meet are very anti-marriage. And most of them are that way because they financially supported a SAHM and had too many kids and not enough money, and then cheated on the wife and wound up divorced and debt-ridden. And their traditional values are what sunk 'em. Well, here's a tip: Do what engineers do: ONLY marry a spouse who is educated, and works outside the home, and earns something close to what you earn, and have none-to-one child, no SAHM, and if either of you brings assets or pre-existing children into the marriage, have a prenup. Then if you split up, there's is likely to be an equitable distribution, and enough assets to split that neither person goes away empty-handed. Those child support payments are enormous in some states, so limiting to 1 kid really keeps that manageable, too.
  2. Streamline2010

    I refuse to be a fat nurse!!

    No disrespect to the OP, but I want to do a slight thread hijack here. Discrimination against overweight nurses: Perhaps you can expect MORE of it, if management concludes that fashion-plate nurses get better patient reviews. I was just on a discussion board a few days ago (not nursing or heathcare related), and a woman who'd been a patient at a hospital was doing some huge carping about how having a fat and short of breath nurse there gave her a bad experience as a patient, because this nurse obviously "wasn't healthy" herself but was out there giving all these patients advice and orders, yada, yada, and probably wasn't even competent as a nurse, because she wasn't following her own advice. Then several other people chimed in with essentially the same sentiments: Receiving health care from fat or morbidly obese nurses (and no doctors were ever mentioned in the 3-page thread) offended them, or seemed hypocritical in some way, or was seen as detrimental to the hospital's image, i.e., nurses who are themselves "unhealthy" can't provide competent care. I was steaming. I fired up Biatch Engineer and and I took out every bit of my RN school dissatisfactions on them. I told them exactly what to do with their preferences, and that nurses are hired to do specific job duties, and that it should be sufficient that they show up and do their jobs well. And (pardon me) nursing is a job that has a lot of drawbacks to it, and demanding that nurses be perfect role models and physically attractive, when that is *not part of the job description*, is just an unreasonable demand made by patients, and so far as I am concerned, all such patients can just go home disappointed. I did, however, qualify my opinion, saying that I am no longer in RN school and I don't intend to pursue a career nursing, because the working conditions are brutal, and inmates are allowed to run the asylum. Seriously. I think it's past high time that a few patients get a steel-toed boot in the pants instead of more placating. Ignorant and/or indigent patients should NOT be allowed to affect a RN's performance ratings or financial compensation. (rant mode off) But watch for those biases in the patients to start being new stumbling blocks for you.
  3. Streamline2010

    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    The actual release of Win8 might have a "classic menu" option, but I have no way to get a copy of that to test. I downloaded the Win8 free preview and tried to work with it, but in the end I resorted to Classic Shell. On a PC without a touch screen, Win8's "interface formerly known as metro" just doesn't make sense. I spent far too much time trying to find features and programs. Classic Shell tamed Win8 enough to make it usable. I couldn't make the free preview install on a P4 socket 478 PC with 4GB or RAM and a 512MB video card. I installed it on a 1st generation i3 laptop, and it runs briskly enough. But I'm not going to be purchasing Win8. I'll stick with Win7. If you search online vendors, you can still get the Win7 Family Pack that allows you to upgrade 3 PCs from XP or Vista to Win7, and it includes both the 32 bit and 64 bit disks.
  4. Streamline2010

    Classic Shell for Windows 8

    deleted double-post
  5. Streamline2010

    My fur baby is very very sick

    I'm sorry to hear about your sick kitty. On the horse boards, we give "jingles" from a curb chain, and the diamond ring board sends "dust, " so I'm sending both jingles and dust to you and your kitty. Cats can and do manage to mask very serious illness quite well, until they collapse. Best wishes for her recovery. (hugs)

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