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  1. Creamsoda

    Can Dogs Handle a Nomadic Lifestyle?

    I think you will be fine. It's a small dog, so even when you are working, you can train them to go on paper or puppy pads when your gone. We have 2 large dogs and they hold it just fine for 14 hours. I would recommend crate training even though its a small dog so they learn to hold it untill you take them out. It's a small dog so the exercise requirement probably won't be too bad. I got my lab when I was still a traveler, boy was that fun when she was a puppy but I made it work, lots if exercise before and after work. Now she's a lazy 60 lb lap dog. I knew a few people who had dogs as travelers and they managed just fine. Just have lots of toys and chews for me when your gone. I couldn't imagine my life without my dogs now! Just call me the crazy dog lady! You do have to plan your vacations ECt around them but its a small price to pay. I got her when I was single too, not single anymore though but it does make it easier.Here's my disclaimer/ soapbox.... Just because its a small cutesy little toy dog, please don't let bad behavior happen. Nip it in the bud.... Ex jumping on people , yapping, barking at the door at every little noise ect. From my observations people let this stuff slip because they're little and they think its cute. It's NOT. Lord I do not like little dogs for this's almost always the owners fault for reinforcing bad behavior ( often they don't realize it . For example comforting the dog when they get scared and whimper.... They will whimper when you start leaving them alone, then you say in a sweet voice " it's ok baby and hug em"... You just taught them that its it's ok and your neighbors will hate you forever :) yes this does happen with big dogs too but from what I see people let it slide with the little dogs..... Ok stepping off my soapbox now, but you get my point, train them like you would a large dog that you want to play niceObviously you've done your research, I say go for it but buy some training books and maybe go to some puppy training classes at your local pet store, dogs are awesome! And my lab was my very first dog and I don't regret it one bit. You shouldn't have too many issues with housing as a traveller because its a small dog
  2. Creamsoda

    Dating a family member's doctor

    Yes exactly- conflict of interest. What what happens when things end badly, not saying hes a bad person, but will he still take as good of care of him? I agree with what a lot of the other psoters said, kinda creepy, but if you want to go for it sure, but find gramps a new doc in the meantime
  3. Creamsoda

    Brother, and his Girlfriend, Are Driving Me Nuts!

    Well look on the brightside, at least he cant knock her up! At least for now! Lord what a mess that would be. Unfortunately its probably something hes just going to have to learn for him self. He is young and dumb.
  4. Creamsoda

    Is coffee creamer fattening?

    You can retain more fluid if you arent drinking enough water. I know when I make sure im drinking enough, I pee way more because my body is not clinging on to what water I do have. Try drinking more straight water for a few days and see what happens. Empty calories in sweet tea can add a lot of calories and it seems like you use a fair bit of creamer, Why not try 2% milk or even whole milk, still less calories overall. You get fat off the hips and thighs with general weightloss. If I were you I would start calorie counting for a week or 2 to see what you are actually taking in. You might be surprised. I use the Livestrong app on my iphone, very convienent. Im trying to lose weight myself, just about 25, already lost about 8, I know what a pain it is. Im also eating low carb, that in itself will make you loose water weight that makes you feel bloated. (its only as permanent as long as your doing low carb) And of course your cycle will make your retain
  5. Creamsoda

    I refuse to be a fat nurse!!

    How is her title offensive. She stated she doesnt want to be a fat nurse, whats wrong with that? Seems like so many people focus on feeling like they need to be offended at everything. She wants to loose weight, good for her. Unfortunately you unwillingly drew the short straw with your metabolic problem but its nothing to do with her desire to loose weight.
  6. Creamsoda

    Wearing scrub pants on non-working days for casual wear

    yuck. i can't stand it when people wear their hospital issued scrubs like they're cool or something. I've worn them for PJ's for comfort sake in winter, and only in my house, but never out and about. I don't want to be remind of work
  7. Creamsoda

    Need to vent about home life

    And perhaps sneaking in a little "lovey lovey" time when you both finally hit the sheets no matter how tired you are! You'd be surprised how much more awake you can get. You've likely put that on the back burner too
  8. Creamsoda

    Should/ Do introverts feel weird for being soo quiet?

    Your not stuck up. Your like the rest of us introverts, were just better than every one else:lol2:
  9. Creamsoda

    Should/ Do introverts feel weird for being soo quiet?

    Haha thats me too. Im not frowning, but im not smiling, and people all the time are like, why so glum? Are you mad? Often ill be thinking/concentrating so I guess people think im mad and walk past me and yell out "smile!". How bout, can I punch you in the face? :yelclap: I just say im smiling on the inside. Well im glad to see that im not the only introvert in the worl because sometimes it kinda feels like that. For the life of me, I cant figure out what these people are so darn happy about prancing around with a grin on their face. Im perfectly happy but I would feel like a psychotic crazy lady if I walked around with a grin plasterd on my face. :rotfl:
  10. Creamsoda

    Should/ Do introverts feel weird for being soo quiet?

    tyloo you sound just like me!
  11. Creamsoda

    Should/ Do introverts feel weird for being soo quiet?

    The Eloquent Woman: The introverted speaker at TED: Susan Cain An interesting talk. No I dont feel weird for being an introvert. If I have something to say, ill say it. I just pick and choose what I feel like I want to talk about. I dont just ramble on what ever thought comes into my head. Like others have said, extroverts just never know when to shut up. Hahaha. The only down side is that people can take being quiet the wrong way, and may think your a b&*$& snob when it really isnt the case. But if I want to open up to others, I will on my own time when I feel like they are worth my time. :bugeyes:
  12. Wow....I just happened to stumble upon this, im usually on the regular Allnurses side. Um, so my opinion is you need to give her space. She basically told you I want to date you but i dont want to date you. She seemed pretty clear that the time was not now. I guess my personality is somewhat different but how I interpret your post is, it feels kinda feels "clingy". Maybe thats how shes feeling. She went from one relationship, straight to a really intense one, then nursing school. She needs time to decompress, not focus on a relationship and just do what she wants to do. Forcing/begging/pleading will not make it better. It will push her away. Respect her wishes and quit communicating with her. If in a few months you dont hear from her, maybe wait till she is on a school break, send a quick email checking in to see how she is, you can guage from her response then which direction things are headed and how much to push the relationship again. She will have a clearer head and will be able to think more rationally. Clearly your heartbroken so its hard for you to think of your life with out her right now, but I think you just need to let her be and whatever happens, will if its meant to. Nursing school can be very intensive and difficult, but it really depends on the individual how they cope, how much effort is put forth ect. When I was in school, (graduated 7 years ago), a did what I had to do to get by. I had time to have fun ect, but the pay off was that my grades were only ok but I was younger and not as focused as I could have been. (that being said, I think im an awesome nurse, I get excelent reveiws ect...nursing school smarts dont always equate to awesome nurses . Your ex...lets call it what it is, clearly wants to focus and do her best. You should encourage it. Unfortunately yes you are hurt, but its not all about you here. She may just be having a freak out. shes overwhelmed. Maybe talking too much about the future freaked her out a bit. who knows. All im saying is give her time and space. I think when shes able to calm down and when shes ready she will talk to you, its not like she ended it because she thinks your a tool bag. Its just that the time is not good for her right now. so thats my objective opinion on the matter, hope it helps somewhat. In the meantime, yes your hurt, but focus on yourself, get out there and do stuff, what ever it is you do!
  13. Creamsoda

    your own personal beliefs vs pt care

    Exactly. And its not illegal. They just need to know where to go. Keep your beliefs out of it, direct them to where they can get help.
  14. Creamsoda

    My new neighbor drove home intoxicated!! He is a nurse!

    Thats a law enforcement issue. If he gets back in the car and leaves, you call 911 and leave it at that.
  15. Creamsoda

    Esme12 appreciation thread

    Haha, if you didnt someone else would. shes alwasy got great words of wisdom.