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  1. Kooky Korky

    Trying to get pregnant between UDC3 and 4

    Well, here goes. Just my old-fashioned view - wait until your life is more stable. What I mean is wait til you are committed enough to a man to walk down the aisle. And make sure, as much as humanly possible, that he is as totally committed to you as is humanly possible. No, it doesn't have to be an aisle-walking wedding. Exchange your vows in the pastor's study (or rabbi or whoever) or at the court house. But make those vows. When the going gets rough, and it will, you will be able to reflect on your wedding day and, hopefully, find the strength to persevere in your relationship with the father of your child. If you were asking me for a job as a graduate nurse, I would be reluctant to hire someone who was already pregnant because I would know that you were going to go out on maternity leave soon and might be limited in lifting, etc. before you go on leave. If I had other nurses to choose from, I would almost certainly hire one of them instead of a pregnant new graduate. Just my view. You asked, sorry if it sounds harsh or is not what you were hoping to read. BTW, there are many what we used to call "elderly primips" these days. Many women give birth in their 30's and there are still "change of life" babies. Best wishes.
  2. Kooky Korky

    Not nursing.. sort of a breakdown pls help?!

    As good as you have been to your nephew, he is now running afoul of the law. He could very well end up in juvenile hall without some strong discipline and guidance. Boys and Girls Club, churches, police Explorers all come to mind as organizations that help young people who have the problems your nephew has. Both of you could meet some new friends and he could possibly be turned around before anything more serious happens. Your mom, I am sorry to be blunt, is a criminal. She knows it, too, and she knows she can take advantage of you. Seriously consider reporting her to tax authorities (the IRS and your state department of Revenue if your state collects state taxes on income). I know you don't want to report your mother, but she has really been taking serious advantage of you and has been breaking the law. You need counseling. There is likely some free or low-cost counseling via your County or places like Catholic charities, Jewish family services, or other religious organizations, no matter what religion you personally are. These groups get federal funds, I think, so they have to provide to anyone who asks, not just to adherents of a particular religion. Your local universities might have a school of Social Work and might provide counseling through this school. You are understandably angry and upset because you have allowed your family to take serious advantage of you. I hope you get some assistance with life in general and regarding school. Do you want to become an RN? best wishes to you and your family. Take action tomorrow by going to church and meeting the pastor, elders, women's ministry leaders and youth leaders. Do not delay another second.
  3. Kooky Korky

    Ketogenic Diet

    What do you know about the ketogenic way of eating? Have you ever done it? Why or why not? What was your experience with it? Pros and cons? Are you an exerciser? How much and how often, what type? Did this eating program help or hinder or not effect you one way or the other? I think it's basically the Atkins' plan - very low carbohydrates, significantly higher fat intake (from dairy, from olive oil, from avocado and coconut, the skin on fish), moderate protein intake (from fish, nuts), lots of leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables. Thanks for your input.
  4. Kooky Korky

    I think coworker is in witness protection program

    But I think her coworker has already said too much about himself.
  5. Kooky Korky

    I think coworker is in witness protection program

    You never know these days. The world has changed a lot since we were more agrarian.
  6. Kooky Korky

    period talk, a little embarrassing

    Invariably our supply of ABD pads goes faster than just about anything else. LOL
  7. Was her father alive? Demented? What if she didn't even know who her father was? What if he had been a convicted felon? Child molester? Rapist? Or otherwise not around or not qualified in the eyes of anyone with even a smidgeon of gray matter? Old habits and old attitudes die awfully hard. You've come a long way, baby.
  8. It might not have been only Christian pharmacists. And probably a lot of Chrisitian pharmacists would figure it was the lesser of evils - prevent an unwanted pregnancy or force a woman to be pregnant against her will and force a child who is the product of rape to live. No offense is meant to anyone who has ever been involved in a situation like this. I know this is a delicate subject and someone is bound to take offense where none is intended at all. I know nothing about Texas and its issues, sorry.
  9. Devil's advocate here - suppose someone really does believe homosexuality is a sin and that it does violate that person's religious views to treat homosexual persons. What about the sins of gluttony, murder, and lots of other sins? Maybe someone has a problem treating these sinners, too. Now what? Recall the pharmacists who believe it violates their religious beliefs to sell the morning after pill and refused to sell it. I think it's OTC now, so no more issues with it. Whose rights and beliefs get priority? Suppose a woman has no husband. She's a widow, divorcee, never married, husband is overseas and not reachable. Is her father or her brother her head? Does this rule treat her like a child or does it "only" take away her right to privacy? (Please note the parentheses, indicating that I think her right to privacy should not be violated). As a very new nurse in the OR, I thought we were doing D & C's. Guess what they really were (abortions) - according to a fellow nurse, who mentioned it several months after I'd participated in more than a few. I am very angry to think I was not informed and was not asked if I would be OK doing them.
  10. Kooky Korky

    Hillary Clinton regarding nursing

    I doubt she will, BTDT, because it will be just that nurse's luck that HRC''s loved one will die or get sicker. I remember she said it, too. I think her MIL was a CRNA, wasn't she?
  11. Kooky Korky

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    Too bad so few think a fetus or embryo deserves the choice to not be burned, sliced up, decapitated, born alive and left to die, stabbed in the neck, thrown in the trash, or sold. I dare say that, while pre-verbal, most pre-borns would choose to not be tortured to death.
  12. Kooky Korky

    Thank you Planned Parenthood!

    I'm glad things finally turned out well for you, Heron. I can't help but wonder if some form of birth control could have prevented your pregnancies. Yes, I know it's legal, but I have seen too many people use abortion as birth control, not after rape or incest or other unplanned or involuntary intercourse. Maybe you planned intercourse and maybe you didn't. Maybe birth control failed you. I am not wanting to jump to any conclusions, as I don't know what your circumstances were. I am so sorry for the upbringing you had, too, and I am very glad that your son and his family are doing well. XNavyCorpsman, it's the way you said what you said that is so insensitive. You make it sound like having a baby and raising a child are just a snap, no big deal, no sweat. You're either not a parent or you have plenty of help raising your kids. I apologize in advance for any hurt I might have caused by expressing my thoughts here. It's a terribly controversial and delicate topic. People get defensive even when no one is criticizing them, they read things that aren't really said. Anyway, my apologies in advance if I have offended anyone.
  13. She might need to take a sleeping pill or Benadryl, Melatonin, warm milk. Why don't you speak directly with the person in charge of the renovation work? You will probably get farther talking to that person than to your landlord. Is there a call room at the place she works? Maybe she could sleep there. But I would start by talking personally, very nicely, with the person in charge of the renovation. Good luck. I'm so sorry you guys have all of this mess.
  14. Kooky Korky

    Pro Life

    Maybe it IS God's appointed time. What should we do with those who can't/don't/won't live within the bounds of a civilized society, those who trample on and violate the rights of others? Re: abortion - what about the baby's right to life or to, at a minimum, the right to die with dignity and without being burned, sliced up, sucked to pieces, or stabbed in the back of the head?
  15. Sounds like serious lawsuit material. Get a lawyer STAT. Retire. Sounds like sweatshop conditions, real disrespect of workers. Things like this are why unions came to be.