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  1. beckster_01

    Code Black (tv show)

    I don't plan on watching it solely based on the name- what exactly does a code black refer to? We don't use the term but I've heard it as either a security threat or a DOA. How many security threats can you have a week? And watching a bunch of DOAs is just boring. I stay far away from medical dramas they drive me crazy. Scrubs is the only acceptable one I have ever seen.
  2. beckster_01

    Houston, I have a problem

    I know I know, I need to talk to people close to me about my relationship problems instead of on the Internet for all to see, but I am at work with 2 unresponsive neuro patients and can't get my mind off of this. Anyone who knows me will tell you that the two things I am passionate about in my life are my dog, a 3 year old shepherd, and snowboarding. When I met my fiancé I felt I was very upfront about this, he told me he LOVES dogs, although he prefers the smaller, non-shedding variety vs. my 80lb long-haired shepherd. He told me he had mild allergies that are controllable with regular vacuuming and an air filter. We had the "what if" conversation. What if his allergies worsened and he was miserable all the time? I told him that my dog is a commitment. When I got this dog I committed to having him till he dies. Behavior problems? Train him. Health problems? Pet insurance. To me, allergies (short of anaphylaxis) are not a reason to get rid of a dog. Over time it didn't seem like Dan's allergies were a problem. Fast forward a year. We have been engaged for a month. I love this man- he is intellectually stimulating, makes me laugh, makes me feel great about my self, we are on the same wavelength in so many areas. But yesterday we were driving to the park in my car with the dog, I look over and his eyes are puffy, his breathing is labored, he is coughing and sneezing and just looks sick. You guessed it, dog allergies. My dog is bathed, the car is freshly vacuumed, realistically it was as hypoallergenic as it will get. So I start asking some questions. Me: "Do you feel like this at my house and you just haven't told me?" Dan: "yeah, it isn't usually this bad but I don't feel good at your place." "How have we missed this??" I realized that short if the road trip to Vermont- when my car was brand new, we haven't spent a significant amount of time in my car. "Every time I bring it up you get upset." Of course I get upset! That isnt a reason to avoid dealing with a problem. he told me he has been stressing about it this whole time and just tries not to think about it. I have been straight from the very beginning- if you can't handle my dog, my house, or my car, then we shouldn't have gotten involved! In May that is going to be Dan's dog, Dan's house, and Dan's car. We are planning on spending our lives together. The dog isn't going anywhere. Is it fair to him to be banned outside, lonely and confused? Is it fair to Dan to be miserable and sick for the next 8 years or so that my dog will be around? What am I supposed to do? My dog is equivalent to my child- something I don't think Dan has ever fully understood. How am I supposed to get him to understand that I'm not making an animal more important than him. I just can't in good conscience dishonor my commitment to take care of this dog because of Dan's allergies, something I didn't even realize was an issue for a year. So here is my plan: I am getting my car professionally detailed in hopes that the bothersome dander is more from a friends pitbull (who I watched for 2 months this past spring). I am going to FORCE Zyrtec on Dan for at least a month. Then I am going to make him go to his PCP for some Allegra if that doesn't work. But I am terrified that it won't be enough. Any input/support is appreciated, I think I'm going to go cry on my Mom's shoulder tonight. (Yes I know in the grand scheme of things this is a silly issue, in hoping for some like-minded pet lovers to step in).
  3. beckster_01


    Hey, you asked This is Micah. I grew up with dogs but he is my first dog, and he is my best friend! He is a gigantic baby but has a heart of gold. Don't you just want to hug him and squeeze him and squish his cheeks? (Maybe I'm a bit out of control...) He is such a great dog though, I sure lucked out IMHO
  4. beckster_01

    "Aw, You're so Cute!" or How Not to Treat a Senior Citizen

    When I think of the way I feel when I am with my 90 year old Grandpa and the waitress spends the whole time talking about "how cute" he is, I can't imagine how he would feel if he could hear her (he is essentially deaf). My grandfather is not cute, he is a hard working family man and a stubborn survivor. If people knew half of what he has gone through in his life they wouldn't call him cute for a second and it drives me crazy!
  5. beckster_01

    nurses as hoarders

    I'm not a hoarder, but I am darned messy. I feel so out of place around my co-workers. Every single one of them has self-diagnosed OCD, and imply that this extends to their home. I like keeping my patients/rooms clean just as much as the next nurse, it gives me a sense of satisfaction and order. But when it comes to my home, by the time I get home or have a day off the last thing I feel like doing is cleaning. Give me a TV dinner and a remote control and I am happy.
  6. beckster_01

    Be a Kid in the Snow Again

    Yay! I'm a huge advocate for having fun with snow. I love winter, and people think I'm nuts. But I'm a snowboarder and I think I am in better shape in the winter than I am in the summer. If you can find a winter activity that you enjoy, then instead of being miserable you can feel that childlike joy when you watch those big white snowflakes falling to the ground. Cross country skiing, snowshoeing, making snowmen, starting a snowball fight with your kids... there are endless possibilities!
  7. beckster_01

    Snarky posts

    When I have looked back on the few times that I have been on the receiving end of snarkiness, I usually realize that I deserved it. In addition, when I see a poster being needlessly rude, I have also noticed that those same posters that are often accused of being "snarky" are the first to call that poster out on being rude.
  8. beckster_01

    What are you doing right now?

    Putting off my run by browsing AN. I really need to go before I get hungry and need to eat lunch, because that will put off this run for another two hours.
  9. beckster_01

    Friday 4th day of May 2012

    May the 4th be with you! In other news, that was a beautiful article, thank you for sharing it!
  10. beckster_01

    Workout thread...

    I just started crossfit this week. I am having so much fun! So far...lol. So I have never been a fan of monotonous work outs. A treadmill is the bane of my existence, I can only handle running for about 30-45 minutes before I get bored. This crossfit thing is perfect for me. They do completely different workouts every day. You could be doing anything from weight lifting, to pull-ups, to climbing ropes or jumping on boxes or any possible movement that you could imagine. Even though there are different levels of difficulty/intensity, everyone does the same "workout of the day" after warm-ups. I also like it because on the days I don't go to the gym I can still practice at home. Who knows what tonight will bring?
  11. beckster_01

    LUV; don't play the stupid game; I'm a different kinda

    So while we are talking about TV shows, 148 days until the next season of Dexter! It's gonna be a good one
  12. beckster_01

    LUV; don't play the stupid game; I'm a different kinda

    Are we still singing? :D
  13. beckster_01

    LUV; don't play the stupid game; I'm a different kinda

    [video=youtube;XIUB5-uUENg] Every thread benefits from a Scrubs clip.
  14. beckster_01

    Who here does Pinterest?

    I am a fan of pinterest, but it isn't the type of site that I waste a lot of time using. I see it as a "to do list" and have a limit to how many recipes/crafts that I will "pin" without actually trying them. Once I have tried a few recipes I will search for some more.
  15. beckster_01

    Monday 23rd day of April 2012

    I am jealous of everyone's rain. Why? Because in my lovely corner of NY it is snowing! And I don't mean a little bit of fairy dust. Overnight we got a couple inches of wet, mucky slush. Apparently a couple school districts even got snow days. I am pretty sure the city plows have been tucked away for the spring so we are on our own. The crazy part? It was 80 degrees on Friday. I, for one, have had enough. In happier news, the only reason I have to leave the house today is to walk the dog (who was actually quite thrilled with the weather this morning), and possibly run to the grocery store around the corner so that I can cook dinner for a friend tonight. Thanks for listening to me complain about the weather!