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  1. Alex Egan

    CharleeFoxtrot's Trolling Thread

    I believe that transgendered Muslim DREAMER immigrants are wrong. Oh was there supposed to be a question related to nursing?
  2. Alex Egan

    Septic tank advice :)

    The tank should have been pumped and inspected as part of the home buying process. Get a copy of that report and call the company and see what bacteria product they recommend. With my house it was empty for a while when I got there so I had a bacteria powder I put down the drain once a month for a year and since then I have had excellent luck.
  3. Alex Egan

    Pile on threads that last forever, OP long gone

    It happens everywhere on the internet these days. It's a Facebook thing, or at least that's where I first started to see it. Forum etiquette is just not what it used to be in the old days. Although allNurses posters seem to expect a kinder gentler internet that what I am used to. Back in my day when the computer made a funny sound when it was online, and you couldn't make a phone call and send an email at the same time, we argued got upset and then got over it because " The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood. Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact". The big sin was not following the rules of decorum. If you wanted to participate in the community then you had to learn the rules and culture of that community or you would not get respect.
  4. Alex Egan

    Props to God, ignore the nurses

    Well at least God took a break from helping athletes win games, and finally cured some illness. Glad to hear you sister is ok.

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