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  1. imintrouble

    ethical issue

  2. imintrouble

    ethical issue

    XTXRN: You obviously have strong opinions about hospice as you experienced it with the death of your Mom. I'm sorry for your loss. The families I referred to very definitely medicated their loved ones to death. Morphine and Ativan every 1 hr whether they needed it or not. One family set their cell phone alarms for hourly alerts, just so they wouldn't miss a dose. The suffering of that family was terrible. The pt exhibited NO signs of pain or distress. So whose suffering was being addressed and who was addressing it? It certainly wasn't the pt.
  3. imintrouble

    ethical issue

    Sometimes what a family wants and what a pt wants are at odds. Throw hospice into the equation and you have three entities that may not all be on the same page. Managing pain means lots of different things to lots of different people. I have seen loving devoted families medicate their terminally ill loved one to death. All in the name of suspending suffering. I always wonder whose suffering they are trying to stop. Theirs or the patients. I'm not a hospice nurse. I have seen hospice order sets though, and have been shocked at the amt of drugs available at the nurses' discretion. I can only say that all participants in the dying process, family, nurse, and patient, need to be crystal clear about what they want. What they expect. The patients' needs should always be paramount. If the pt wants to remain unconscious, then by all means, allow that to happen. If the pt wants to visit with family until the last moment, allow that to happen. I think it's possible that families and maybe the nurse lose sight of the fact that the one dying needs to decide how that is to occur.
  4. imintrouble

    why is this patient not allowed to die?

    I had an easy answer til I read the last sentence. If there isn't anyone to fix her mental illness, patching up her body just seems like torture. How awful for you......and your sister. Today I'll be your sister too. My thoughts are with you.
  5. imintrouble

    My concience is beating me up....

    I respectfully disagree. There is nothing brave about the OP posting here. It is the easiest way to salve her conscience. The OP's "friend" now OWNS her. The OP is an accomplice, by not reporting the med error when it first happened. When narc counts come up wrong the OP can't point fingers and report what she knows. She has to remain quiet to protect her job. I'm not throwing stones, just making an observation.
  6. imintrouble

    Mother who withheld medicine guilty of attempted murder

    I think the problem with this situation was the child had a 85-90% survival rate if the medicine had been given. It was/is an ethical dilemma. The child had a previous history of CA, with chemo, that was hard on him and his mother. When faced with another CA and chemo, the Mom said no, even though odds were in the childs favor. After hearing this story, which broke my heart, I wondered if the Mom was the one who simply couldn't go through it again. Never would I want to have to make those choices.
  7. imintrouble

    Men: Do you find strong female nurses attractive?

    You're 19. I guess your thread can be excused.
  8. imintrouble

    Just want to share my good news

    :hpygrp: When I'm old and have forgotten half of what I knew, I think I will still remember the joy at the birth of my granddaughter. Congratulations!
  9. imintrouble

    How Do I handle Coworkers Wanting to Borrow Money?

    I probably wouldn't have lent the money. Having never been in that position, it's hard for me to understand how anyone could be forced to ask a stranger. I have two sisters who would help me if I needed it. Had he exhausted help from everyone he knew because he was not honest? There is one other thing. I don't like the way I feel about myself when someone I lend money to doesn't pay me back.
  10. imintrouble

    Things that make you go "Grrrrrr".

    And then when they die have them stuffed and put in a chair in the family room so you can continue to visit everyday.:eek:
  11. imintrouble

    Things that make you go "Grrrrrr".

    I hate it when a pt says "hurry up" after telling me what they want.
  12. Assisted suicide is by its very name not a solitary act. So while it may be one persons choice, someone else is needed for it to be accomplished. To me that demands a stamp of approval. Is that what the whole thing is about? To make killing oneself acceptable? I don't believe the hour of my death is my choice.
  13. I have so many thoughts about this issue. I have a disabled daughter. Someday, almost certainly she will develop alzheimers. She will not remember me, who she is. She will become an infant, in an adult body. All meaningful life for her will be done. I will watch her die by inches. What possible value could such a lengthy painful death be for either of us. I would no more consider killing her, than I would consider killing myself. This is my thought. I believe that we as human beings bounce off each other. We learn from each interaction we have with each other, either by directly experiencing it or by observing it. Perhaps through our long journey together, my daughter and I will teach those of you who care for us, the beauty of the human spirit. Ours and yours. I cared for a 90 year old dying man and his wife. She stayed at his bedside, and provided all care. He would cry out for her and she would pull her tired old 90 year old body up out of the chair and go to him, guietly administering to his needs. Holding his hand, comforting him. What I would have missed had I not witnessed her devotion. What a gift I was given. I bet she wished his torment would end. I bet she didn't consider one minute that she should do it herself. I know not every end of life scenario is so uplifting. Factor in excruciating pain. Neglect. Anger....... But , I believe that each stage of our life must be experienced. Sometimes we revel in our life, sometimes we simply endure. I don't think death is any different. Just my thoughts.

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