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  1. imintrouble

    Baby Boomers and Ageism

    We have a new nurse on our unit. A sixty year old white haired RN. She probably wouldn't have been hired at a major metropolitan hospital, but she fits in nicely at our small rural hospital. I asked her if she had trouble finding a job at 60, (I'm 63) and she said no. However, the only places that called her back were the ones that offered fewer benefits and lesser pay. The smaller ones like where we are. Ageism is alive and well in nursing, just as it is in most professions. My 60 year old new colleague didn't get her first, second, or third pick, but she got a job.
  2. When I see a 250 lb woman wearing glasses win, I'll believe it's no longer about looks. I'm a cynic. It's always about looks. .
  3. imintrouble

    Baby Boomers and Ageism

    I'm officially the oldest nurse on my shift/unit. The 20 something new nurses get better schedules, more holidays off, and easier assignments. I think my employer sees the 22 yr old new grad as the future, where I have only a few years until retirement. They keep the younger nurses happy at my expense, because let's face it, what am I going to do?
  4. imintrouble

    Movies You Love

    I like this list. I like old movies. Mostly it just depends on how I'm feeling at any given time. The last time I watched the same movie more than 5 times it was Lake Placid. Weird, I know. just something about that movie that makes me laugh every time. Crocs eating people. Go figure.
  5. imintrouble

    Gunmen kill at least 8 in Munich shopping mall

    On any given day I just wish I could lock my doors, and extract myself from all the madness. But I have to turn on the TV just to make sure my place is safe. Then I decide that safe doesn't exist anywhere anymore.
  6. imintrouble

    Who Do You Think Is Going To Win

    Trump, unless a third party joins in from either side. Then it's anybody's guess. Bernie's not such a bad guy, I just really hate the idea of people getting anything for free. Because we all know free is never free. Somebody, somewhere has to pay, and that's usually the middle class.
  7. imintrouble

    Who has a favorite pet?

    I have multiple cats and dogs. I love them all, and wouldn't tell any of them they weren't my favorite. My friends are at the end of their lives. Slow and old and sleepy. They won't be replaced as I don't want to be one of my patients worrying about who's going to care for my pets when I'm gone. There have been so many through the years, and they've all been my favorite.
  8. imintrouble

    Nancy Reagan passes away @ 94.

    Long ago, I read love letters written by RR to Nancy. They were beautiful. You never know about the private lives of public people, but those letters were over the course of years, and the devotion between the two of them never wavered. I hope Ronnie was waiting for her.
  9. It's not insider gossip. I'd link some sites, but I never got the hang of that trick. Is Trump truthful? If truthful were a prerequisite for politicians, we wouldn't have a government. The difference with Trump is he lets you see exactly who he is. His message hasn't changed.
  10. Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich, are playing a political game to override the will of the Republican voter. Rubio is telling his supporters not to vote for him in Ohio, but to vote Kasich, so that Trump won't win the state. Kasich fully expects for somebody other than the Republican voter to choose a presidential candidate, at a brokered convention. I have no respect for any of them. I don't like any of them. They're all playing a game of sneaky politics, and that's exactly why Trump's doing so well against them.
  11. imintrouble

    For those of us that are Republican

    I try not to be embarrassed by anybody's behavior but my own. Sometimes it's hard. Like witnessing last night's disaster. Elections have always been nasty, but this time it's a street fight, instead of a duel between gentlemen. I thought I preferred the street fight, until I witnessed it. What in the heck is going on with Mitt Romney? Could he be any more pompous and self righteous?
  12. imintrouble

    Human Beings are Vile

    I don't look. Cruelty in any form just depresses me. As I lean that way at baseline, I simply can't watch. Or look.
  13. Figuratively speaking, when the patient is dying and nothing is working, it's time to think outside the box. Consider the unusual and attempt the unconventional. I don't want the same old guy/woman, doing the same old thing, the same old way. I might live to regret my choice, but I'd regret it even more if I just voted for more of the same. I'm voting for Trump.
  14. imintrouble

    Do you prefer city or country? Or both?

    Country. The peace and quiet. No neighbors. I like the slower pace.
  15. imintrouble

    Conservative Candidates for President, 2016

    It made me cringe. I was embarrassed for him, and I'd never vote for him anyway.

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